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Guide To Fitting Additional Boot Light In Ford Focus Mk2 And Mk2.5 (Part 4)


And Other Models like Fiesta too.

Once your connections have been spliced you will have power running to both light sockets, when fitting the led bulbs in the units if they don't work first time you fit, take them out and turn them around, they will work the second time, as LED bulbs have a positive and negative one way feed, unlike regular bulbs which will work in either flow of current.


Also when connections are spliced and crimped, wrap tightly with the electrical insulating tape to waterproof the connections, followed by mummifying the loom with the fabric loom tape,


Now for the strip of cable across the car, using the Double sided sticky pads, trap the cable between two of the pads, then peel off one side and stick to the body as seen in the picture, perform this action as many times as desired to retain the cable from flapping around inside the panels.



Once securing the cable has been completed, give a light Hoover around where the interior trim sits on the body to ensure there are no pieces of cable or dirt, that may affect them going back in to place properly,

First piece of trim to go back in are the two corner (elbow) panels labelled Part: 02 line them up with the holes and gently push them in to place. Also ensuring that the trim above it. The pieces that support the parcel shelve; ensure this overlap on top of Part 2 prior to pushing Part 2 in to placement.


Next push the side panels back in to place, (Panels that support Parcel Shelve) Firmly push all around the panels with the palm of your hands ensuring a snug fit and examine for clips not resting properly, or gaps in the trim, prior to re-inserting the 2 screws in both sides of the car.


Final Piece of trim to be fitted is Part Number 1, align it up with the sockets in the body and gently press with the palms of your hands all around the panel inch by inch ensuring a tight fit, followed by re-inserting the 4 screw like plugs in to the rear of the panel.

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