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Saarlouis or Valencia?


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Hi guys,

Been looking at a few MK2’s on ETIS. Noticed that they were all built in Saarlouis except mine which is Valencia built. Any particular reason for this, and what decided which Focus got built where it did? Sure one of you knowledgeable people can help me here!

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Up until 2011 both plants built the Focus but Valencia moved to the larger models (mondeo, kuga, galaxy etc) after that and Saarlouis took over primary Focus production.
Tbh you'll find that prior to 2011 there was a 50/50 split for source plant.

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I don't if it applies to Focus but going back much longer eg. Mk1 Granada, Mk2 Capri era, it tended to be more common that the lower spec models were British and more common that the higher spec models were Cologne built.  In those days it said on the chassis plate the name of the factory - Dagenham / Koln (Cologne) .

I don't know if the split between Valencia and Saarlouis has any correlation to whether Style , Zetec etc. 

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