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  2. Oh it's not like other cars when those belts snap you can drive without power steering etc
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  4. Yes, you need the modem for some features such as unlock/lock and I also believe it was only fitted to 2019 onward models.
  5. This is from the Ford Focus MK3 Wiring Diagram. Official Ford Workshop manual. Basically, Pin 1 - Power Pin 2 - N/A Pin 3 - N/A Pin 4 - MM_CAN+ Pin 5 - MM_CAN- Pin 6 - Audio Line Out+ Pin 7 - Remote Sig (Steering Controls) Pin 8 - LIN Pin 9 - GND Pin 10 - Remote Set (Steering Controls) Pin 11 - GND Pin 12 - Audio Line Out- According to other information, if you do not connect Datalink to the ACM, you won't get traffic warnings (TMC). Everything will work fine and NAV will be ok, but you won't get any traffic notifications. For example, sometimes
  6. I tried taking out a fuse and when I did I think it shorted my 2015 CMax out. The instrument cluster, radio and air conditioning won’t turn on. I tried replacing the fuse that controls it and it didn’t do anything. Anybody have any ideas?
  7. Sounds like broken earth cable, normally the one under the battery tray
  8. This is interesting, usually superchips give a smaller gain. Do you have a diesel engine, and/or is it a turbo? These types of engines have a much larger gain than petrol n/a vehicles. I don’t think you are wrong to want more power, do what ever it is you want to do with your own car, and don’t let any one tell you different. Where did you hear about dyno tune? I have enquired myself, but as it seems, not so many rolling roaders have the software to “live” tune Fiestas or even get into the ECU to use rollers.
  9. How did you get on with the swap was it straight forward or do you need to modify the rear seats
  10. Hello all, The motorised power folding mirrors on my girlfriend's Fusion are worn an produce an awful clicking noise. I'm assuming this is because the plastic gears inside have become worn over time. It looks like the only way to fix this is to replace the entire unit. Is there a way I can disable the folding mirror feature for the time being so that she can still remote lock it? A fuse I can remove, perhaps? Cheers.
  11. Hopefully your new ones are a bit brighter. The std ones are shockingly dull, for a puddle light.
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  13. I am about to get the fuse changed on my ford/blaupunkt Travelpilot FX in my 2010 Mondeo mk4 1.8tdci titanium pre face-lift. I am crossing all my fingers that this will result in it switching on again, as it has no power to it at the moment, no lights behind the buttons etc. But, if the fuse is replaced and it still won't turn on, and the unit has died: Is there a head unit sat Nav I can buy that will still show the menu options on the convers+ steering wheel display? Right now all the convers+ is showing is the trip computer. It used to show navigation choices, my phone
  14. And now for the real news, no fake news here. X-Ray technician, 60, dies after getting second dose of Pfizer jab Tim Zook, a 60-year-old X-ray technologist at South Coast Global Medical Center in Santa Ana, died on January 7, according to the Orange County Register. Two days earlier, after receiving his second jab on January 5, Zook wrote on Facebook: ‘Never been so excited to get a shot before. I am now fully vaccinated after receiving my second Pfizer dose.’ However, within hours the father-of-three reportedly suffered an apparent adverse reaction, telling co-workers he ha
  15. Yeh my old style 2008 came with a black spoiler and the car itself was silver too.
  16. I mean, the USB port would be kind of pointless if you cant charge a phone through it. The only other thing you'd ever plug into that USB port is a memory stick, and they require way less power than a phone...
  17. Im searching for a secondhand rear bumper for my 2017 mk8 fiesta. I’ve found the exact bumper I’m looking for, however the listing states that it is off of a 5 door model, and mine is a 3 door. Does anyone know if there are any design differences as to why it might be different or might not fit? I believe they are the same just that the body is different further forwards. If anyone could give me any help it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  18. Looks like I need to get a steering wheel lock 😬
  19. Thanks for taking the time and providing this excellent advice much appreciated. I will source a fuse box with compatible reference numbers as start off. I wasnt sure what you meant when you referred to cable and inputting config files so googled it and found product ELM327. Is this what you were referring to ? Does this allow me to get files from current unit using this and transfer to donor fuse box ?
  20. Yes - ideally we would have noticed it on delivery. But, the driver had driven it here so we assumed everything was fine. Also, surprisingly the Ford "Inspection" doesn't include a check on the underneath of the vehicle. My local dealer is pretty good - they have no connection with the garage I bought the car from, so they'll be impartial. Initially when I called their Call Centre to book it in they said nothing was available till Feb 4th. Then I found a number I had previously which went straight through to the local Service Dept. When I explained the situation she found a spare slo
  21. There are many, many causes for that light to come on. To be able to help, some more info would assist: What engine. What are the codes (DTCs) stored. Any standard code reader will read some codes, but Forscan is the best system for some of the less common codes behind the Engine Systems lamp. Check the battery terminal voltage at various times, to see if it could be an alternator fault, not charging the battery properly.
  22. Hi,just seen your ad ter.i would be interested in the exhaust if u would be interested in selling it?
  23. A few months ago, I clipped my spoiler on my shed's shutter while reversing out. I pulled the spoiler off and ripped the brake cable in the spoiler. I'm left with two ripped wires coming from the car and two loose cables with the brake lamp connector on the other end. I've finally gotten around to repairing this. What would be the best way to fix this? I guess I could figure out the polarity of the cables coming from the car by stepping on the brake and using a multi meter. How would I find the polarity of the loose torn wires connected to the lamp plug? I've pulled old spoiler off
  24. The air con compresser does need unbolting. The aux belt is not stretchy so it's just a case of turning tensioner and removing belt.
  25. Hi Everyone, Driving home today, i was just coming off a red light in second gear, when i heard a loud bang coming from the engine bay where my steering shook a bit, then a warning came on with engine malfunction, the car still drove fine the rest of the way, but seems a bit louder and a bit jittery under acceleration. I've checked the car dtf, which shows no errors, the warning message is now gone. What could it be?! I'm getting an odb2 reader tomorrow, but i'm not sure if i should risk driving it again. Edit: to clarify i'm driving
  26. Hi all Ive got a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium (UK) that currently has the Non-LED style headlight assemblies. Could anyone tell me if and where I can get the Headlight assemblies replaced for the LED DRL types that are on the Ford Edge Sport? Cheers Andy
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