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  2. I am sure it looked well easier when @stef123 done mines. Good job though 😁
  3. hello welcome..... I've never quite decided if I like this colour but it certainly stands out!
  4. Thanks to all for your comments. I have decided to use the local Ford agent that I have used in the past. They have quoted £270 for "full" 2 year service, replaced number plates, headlight alignment check and collect and delivery from home 10 miles away. I will contact Cazoo and ask them to contribute £200 - the least that they can do after the shambolic mess of the delivery.
  5. Hi, pulling my hair out with my Fiesta not wanting to start. Pretty sure its a fuel issue, but don't know why. The pump does prime, but the spark plugs are dry on turn over. I have a ttached the readout from the code reader. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. I don't know, programming is not something that I know a lot about, there are others on here that do. The only advice I would give is to do your homework first, read up as much as you can.
  7. It's a software update on the GPF issue. Had that on mine 2018 Mk4 Focus 1.0 EcoBoost and have never had a message "Drive to clean...etc" after that.
  8. I suppose if they sold it as an Automatic Parking Brake some people would expect it to come on when they stopped but before they turned the engine off, which might be several minutes later. In that situation you would pull a manual handbrake up, not wait until you switched the engine off and opened the door. That failsafe will only work if Auto Hold is active, which is not all the time for various reasons and is primarily to stop the car rolling if there is not enough pressure.
  9. Hi I had our 2013 Ford Ka (43k miles) MOT done at Kwik Fit today and the following was flagged after it passing: Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): Suspension component corroded but not seriously weakened rear suspension beam corroded getting close on limit (5.3.3 (b) (i)) Suspension component corroded but not seriously weakened front shocks corroded (5.3.3 (b) (i)) Rear Coil spring corroded both (5.3.1 (b) (i)) Has anyone ever had these flagged and addressed them and have an idea of cost? Kwik Fit said they would be unable to do the suspension beam, but could do the rest. Just hoping for a rough idea of costs please. Many thanks, Ant
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  11. Not sure it's shaming really, more potentially saving another member from the same expensive fate, but I understand what you mean. I've known Ashley (AJ) for over a decade and he's knowledgeable about pretty much anything electronic so I'd still keep him in mind if he's local to you.
  12. Not used the car (2008 1.6s) for couple of days , started it tonight and there was a knock/ donk noise , (like when someone taps the back of the car to make you jump lol ) I thought it strange , but assumed it's due to not using it , I drove to carpark , once laded shopping I started it up again and the noise happened again ?? Doest happen while driving , and the car does not stall or have any other issues apart from intermittent immobiliser Has anyone else had these issues or any ideas?? Thanks guys
  13. Hi, I have been told that there is an "updated" timing belt which has been fitted to some cars. Does anyone know if this is so and what the difference is to the old ones. ty.
  14. I very much doubt that "siggy_7" cares anymore, that post is 4 years old now. Also 1.0 Ecoboost engines with wet belts should never be flushed, other than by doing repeated oil changes with the normal engine oil. The use of any flushing oil will cause the wet belts to deteriorate.
  15. Hi thank you for info I have downloaded phone book from mobile all works for incoming calls but if I use voice control it says Directory empty. From what I understand I have to tell the car all names by voice and number what a load of crap
  16. Hi, I have just picked up a 2009 Ford KA, the car runs well aside from the fact that the clutch pedal is quite stiff (making it difficult to let out smoothly - it lets out in increments instead of one smooth motion), and a squeaking noise when pressing down on the pedal. Although I can't say for sure, it seems that it gets slightly worse the longer you drive it until you leave it overnight. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what this may be and possibly some things I could try to fix this? Thanks.
  17. Thank you. Will definitely do that.
  18. I always thought a nuisance minority forcing their radical views upon others quietly enjoying their life, was called terrorism ? I see these people have become more of a scourge on society than the ramblers association, with new Highway code rules coming in this week where they have priority over cars and have been advised to ride two abreast ! We have a whole raft of dangerous rules coming in, that will lead to greater deaths and misery and far more pollution scraping up idiots and getting the live ones to hospital. Whilst many deserve it, maiming them isn't the best way for them to get exercise or save the planet. For example within one mile of me, these deadly green road narrowing madness lanes, have caused the death of two cyclists squashed just like most cyclists London by lorries minding their own business and driving carefully, as some halfwit cretin rides under their wheels committing suicide because they have no common sense. Now we've altered the highway code to make the roads more congested and more dangerous
  19. Be careful, you may end up in my vicious circle of looking for a smaller car but non seem suitable. Those that look nice on the outside are horrendous on the inside and vice versa. Struggling to find an alternative to the Focus.
  20. Hi guys Dont know if anyone can help here but..Since having my head gasket don’t last year my cars never been right since it self revs to 1500-2000 when idling after a long motorway run and get a rotten egg small, also when idling at the lights. when it’s warmed up to optimum temperature and I’m driving around town and stop at the lights it judders and feels like a rough idle any ideas originally I was thinking coil pack or spark plugs. But no mechanic have little knowledge like removing spark plugs etc
  21. Have you checked the battery using a multimeter when the engine is running?
  22. I think, 2.0 Zetec used in mk1, while in mk2/mk2.5, 1.8 and 2.0 (145 bhp) petrol engines are DuratecHE. At least mine is (with MTX-75 manual gearbox). I prefer E5. Driven dozens of thousands miles both E5 and E10. Currently, over 107000 miles on clock. By E10, engine's knocking quite often. After cleaning throttle body and changed to E5, knocking issue disappeared.
  23. My first port of call would be Ford. I got a kit for my 2005 Passat and went straight to VW for it. I wasn't interested in getting it from ebay, and I doubt that places like Halfords supply them.
  24. Is there not a selection in the dash options ? I have the option on my Kuga.
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