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  2. Hi Would a 2017 build Titanium have option to turn off keyless entry? Paul
  3. Hey people, I’ve just got myself a 2016 ST-3 with 29k miles on it, does anyone have any info on when the timing belt needs doing on a 2.0 (250ps) is it even a timing belt? Or is it a chain? many thanks
  4. I had a similar issue on a diesel w124 Mercedes. On that the car would run fine until the fuel tank got down to 1/4 then it would cut out and not run. In my case it turned out to be suffering from "diesel bug". It is an algae that lives in the diesel and is mostly a problem for marine engines and usually caused if the diesel is left for a while in a half full can or tank where condensation can occur. The algae blocks the fuel filters - I never found out why the car ran OK with over 1/4 of a tank but the problem was completely cured by draining the fuel system, washing the tank out, replacing the filters and adding a treatment for the diesel bug. Check your fuel filter to see if it has any crud in it.
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  6. If you can't figure out what brand you have, you don't really have a chance at getting the same ones again. Then again you can either just buy the most common lowering springs for your car and hope that's what was fitted previously. Or measure the height of your car now and compare it to the standard ride height.
  7. Hi all. Just became an owner of a 2017 Focus ST-Line 125 Ecoboost in black. Very pleased with it so far. Looking forward to many years of ownership. The photo is from the dealer, I will upload better pictures in future posts. Have a great weekend everyone. Martin.
  8. Where you say rotten pins, not sure how bad, eg is there a bit of pin left. If it was mine I might be tempted to cut plugs off and solder wires direct to the pins if there is enough pin left. I can do soldering so I know it’s easy for me to say that. Without seeing it with my own eyes I don’t know how realistic this suggestion is.
  9. “True, and how do you fit the new sensor ? cut the plug off that and then join it back together?” I was thinking this: old one potentially very tight so open ended spanner not a wise choice, but open ended spanner probably fine for doing up the new one.
  10. And what about B12 pro kit? Does it make the car too stiff? Will issues occured? Especially at plastics? Does it loose all car comfort?
  11. Turned out to be the wiring from arch to sensor had rubbed and shorted. Cut, repaired, all working.
  12. You're not gaining anything by narrowing the width of the tyre and increasing the profile. The "55" profile is just 55% of the 205. By going to "60", that would be 60% of 185, which is pretty much the same value of around 112mm. If you left the width at 205 and increased the profile to 60, then you will have increased the overall circumference of the wheel, which will throw the speedo out by a few mph. The only way to get a bigger profile (and not affect the speedo) is to make the rims smaller. Wider tyres will (in theory) have better stopping power, as there is more contact area with the floor. In reality an extra 10mm won't make much difference on a bog standard car. I also wouldn't recommend fitting narrower tyres to fatter rims as stretching tyres is not the safest thing to do.
  13. I want to put lowering springs on my ford focus mk2 07 plate. Any ideas what size i need buy please and what make are the best ones. Thankyou
  14. Hi Guys I just bought a 2006 Fusion 1.4 tdci. No service history. I been told that 10w40 oil is fine for this engine, can anyone confirm this? thanks
  15. After 20 years of not using a name they can put it on whatever they like, they were going to use puma as a version of the escort in the 70s. Ford don’t use use the mk thing anyway.
  16. I do have an air impact wrench to undo the crank bolt. I'm wondering why the official Ford service manual relies entirely on the crank position bolt (with the cam position plate removed) as the way to lock the crank when torquing up the new crank bolt.
  17. I’ve done it! With the exception of both passenger side doors I have full keyless. The Mrs locked the keys in it also the house key so took me 2 hours to break into my own house, but regardless I’m buzzing! if anyone needs info now or in future, just ask
  18. Was anyone able to update on this post I have the exact same issue on my 2013 1.6 tdci any help would be greatly appreciated
  19. Well the good news is that I finally got the interrogator to run. Didn’t download the log file first time but did the second. Uploaded to Ford site which now shows map up to date. Bad news is that when I start the car it is still sometimes saying “Installation in progress……” without any usb stick inserted. Also, although F10 map is installed (and was from first interrupted update) ther Gracenote version is blank. I’m hoping that in a few days the Ford site will offer another update to resolve things. Meanwhile I’m liaising with Ford.
  20. Hi Paul, as already said above the Ford anti-freeze is Red. It does not mix well with other types or other makes so flush the system and use the real Ford stuff. Ford Service "Super Plus Premium" Antifreeze/Coolant Ford Specification WSS-M97B44-D Part No. 2 361 569 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203547955341?epid=14038326072&hash=item2f6467508d:g:K68AAOSw-oFhCkou
  21. Ask a local car detailing company what they would recommend and what the cost would be. If the clear coat has been eaten away by bird droppings left on the paintwork then no amount of polishing is going to restore it.
  22. The connection will get hot if there's any resistance, it would be progressive. Just replace it all will be well.
  23. Premature wetbelt failure on a 1.0 ECOboost is not uncommon at all. This can have several causes: * Incorrect engine oil. * Not respecting the service intervals. The Ford WSS-M2C948-B engine oil is known to deteriorate quite fast (and can even form a sludge). Especially when the car is often used for short distances or in case of low annual mileages. These conditions require a reduced service interval. * Performing an engine flush. There are still idiots (including garages) that think this is a good idea. In case an incorrect engine oil is used by a professional garage you should have the engine oil and filter replaced as soon as possible and demand a written and signed statement that the garage in question is responsible for future premature wetbelt failure.
  24. Clockspring : AND761002D I purchased the clockspring and stalk assembly as a complete unit. Something like this :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2015-Ford-Focus-Indicator-Wiper-Light-Stalks-Unit-F1ET-17A553-BA-5065797-/142148468175?hash=item2118b57dcf If you already have cruise I'm pretty sure no programming is required.
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