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  2. Never had an issue with the handbrake, and it was firmly on. I normally always give the gear stick a wiggle to check, even though I never leave it in gear so why I didn't this morning, I'll never know. Kind of just accepted what happened, happened but it was so strange. I also assumed it would just go straight backwards but it's lucky it landed where it did. I honestly thought I'd need to have my foot on the accelerator for it to power back so quickly, shows how little I know about cars. And it's all ironic as normally my car cuts out when I am reversing as I've endless issues with the lambda sensor over the years.
  3. If you don't mind this is slightly off topic? I've got a relatively new Titanium X (2020). Are newer Fiesta's also prone to rust developing in the same places? Is the cause of the rust made worse by mud etc. thrown up from the road? If so would front mud flaps be a good idea? BTW, genuine Ford mud flaps seem very expensive for a couple of pieces of plastic!
  4. Hi thank you for your reply I'll look in to it thank you very much 👍
  5. They're usually beyond repair and need replacing. Expensive and hard to find in silver (chrome) though as most were body coloured. You'll see plenty just taped on if you start looking at other Mk2.5s!
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  7. There was a PTM update/ recall on the mk4 Focus last year but I think that was for the Ecoblue (Diesel).
  8. Sounds sensible, although I use Autoglym or Rainx. Never suffered from block washer jets apart from Fairy Liquid in a MkII Capri..... So no suggestions, I'm afraid
  9. I have my parents' Ford Focus MK1 for sale. They bought the car in 2007 and have owned it for the past 16 years with only 1 previous owner. In that time, it has been well looked after, always kept in the garage, anything that needed doing was been done. They've finally decided it's time to get a new car so sadly this one has to go. Full service history included, plus 2 original keys (including the master). MOT August 2023. It's the 1.8 Petrol Ghia model Genuinely low mileage at almost dead on 55000 Ghia trim level means fairly high spec Front and rear fog lights Full electric windows Electric adjustable and heated mirrors Quickclear windscreen (honestly the best thing since sliced bread!) Driver's armrest colour coded trim on doors (as opposed to grey plastic) 15" Ghia alloy wheels front and rear 12V sockets complete with space saver wheel in the boot. Car drives great, never let them down, the car still looks pretty sharp too, I'd say this is one of the better colours for it. Currently SORN'ed, so off the road. Bad points: The clutch is a bit high - it'll be alright for a while, but will need changing at some point, just worth bearing in mind. The boot struts could do with replacing There are probably 1 or 2 marks around it, it is a 19 year old car after all, nothing hugely noticeable though. Needs a wash! Will try and do this if I get time. Looking for £1300ono Photos available here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/dPFQ1EpXoMTsHuVk8
  10. I doubt you will get a reply as neither of the above have visited the site for over a year. You may be better starting a new post with as much information as possible ie what year engine etc.
  11. I've noticed that speed cameras are no longer showing on maps after this update, checked settings and alerts are still turned on. Anyone else noticed this?
  12. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me! LOL
  13. If you have deleted all phones then the icon will disappear you need to plug your phone back into the USB to re-pair your device then the icon will come back on
  14. Ford Focus owners handbook. Section: Wheels and Tyres - Sub section: Changing a Road Wheel https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/vdirsnet/OwnerManual/Home/Content?variantid=7665&languageCode=en&countryCode=USA&Uid=G1929923&ProcUid=G1929931&userMarket=GBR&div=f&vFilteringEnabled=False&buildtype=web
  15. See Ford Focus owners handbook for details of all airbags: PAGES 52 - 56 https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/CG3784en-202008-20200908080223.pdf
  16. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll try to check and get back to you. Might take a while though.
  17. Not air deflectors, this was fords answer to stop the edge of the sill from getting battered to death, the early Fiestas have open sill ends which is no good, stones hitting the edge soon gives you rust, leading to rot, later variants ford altered the inner wheel arch protector and added the lower bit, price for these modified parts was £56 each, ford should have fitted these modified parts on all the early Fiestas but they never did.
  18. Thanks for confirming that, It seems to be on par with my OBDLink MX so if I need to replace it at any time then the vLinker will not be a downgrade. I was also Interested that your Battery Temperature PID was there. My one used to be but just before my warranty was up a lot of my Modules were updated including the PCM and BCM. That also coincided with an update to FORScan and ever since then that PID has disappeared despite creating a new Profile and further updates to FORScan, so a Module update must have removed it on my car. I'll leave you to Interpret the Live Data yourself, the only thing I would add is that there is a PID for Charging Mode and although it always starts in Conventional, occasionally to will charge in Refresh or Regeneration and the charge will be different.
  19. Have a read of this thread, it has the part numbers of the drip trays:
  20. You need a new cable, it shouldn't have a bend and that white clip shouldn't be snapped.
  21. Knew I should of bought the Titanium spec, there's no way that handles gonna fit the St Line X 😉
  22. Ahhh ok makes sense! Thanks 👍🏻
  23. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has had any luck resolving this. I have a 2017 SMax Vignale and the fault where the ESC service warning light flashes, ABS warning light flashes, traction control light flashes and hill start assist light come on and the car goes limp for a second or so, happened to me also. Happening 2 - 3 times every trip in the car now. As above, goes off itself after about 2 mins but is becoming infuriating. I've tried charging the battery, and this made no difference. Any assistance greatly appreciated.
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