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  2. Mk8 ST-Line X 140 early impressions

    I was wondering about the keyless start/keyfree system: it seemed to be subject to some similar confusion in the specs/options as the number of speakers. I was wondering if full keyless might have been added in by mistake before all the options were properly nailed down. Will find out what mine has on Saturday...
  3. Fuel filter

    Fuel filter isnt as much of an issue as it used to be. I did a vid on opening up one - its pretty simple inside and doesnt really clog up in modern cars - the internal synthetic card just absorbs any fuel impurities and oil. The one I opened was on a Streetka and it hadnt been changed for 11 years and there was hardly any contamination at all inside. Besides that the actual fuel pump has a gauze that filters out any large particles so the fuel filter never gets hit or blocked unless the fuel pump is damaged.
  4. Titanium boot badge issue

    Think mine will go well against the metallic black of my car. Hopefully.
  5. Cddj aux ?

    I've found this https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F141834962157 on eBay. It states that it work with cddj radio's. Has anyone had any success with these or does anyone with knowledge think it will work or not. Cheers John
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  7. One-Touch Electric Windows Problem

    From The Fiesta Manual (Page 54):- Resetting the Bounce-Back Feature WARNING The bounce-back feature remains turned off until you reset the memory. If you have disconnected the battery, you must reset the bounce-back memory separately for each window. 1. Lift and hold the control until the window is fully closed. 2. Release the control. 3. Lift and hold the control again for a few seconds. 4. Release the control. 5. Lift and hold the control again for a few seconds. 6. Release the control. 7. Press and hold the control until the window is fully open. 8. Lift and hold the control until the window is fully closed. 9. Release the control. 10. Open the window and then try to close it automatically. 11. Repeat the procedure if the wind
  8. Naw dude its nothing to do with that. Its not oil service its the major message - "engine service". It comes on and the car sometimes goes into limp home mode - switch off engine - restart and its fine no errors engine normal! 400 miles since last service the car is only used once a week now!
  9. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    oh wow, Im suprised by that. you would think that it would have height adj. too then.

    It’s hard to tell from a photo, as the lighting isn’t great, but this is my colour. It seems much lighter than one I was looking at in a showroom last week
  11. Tyre recommendations

    I would've fitted these if they were available in my tyre size. The PS3 seems good but is a sporty tyre and wears quite quickly. The Kumhos feel a bit better this morning after scrubbing in a bit more. I'll see how they go as the week goes on.
  12. Sport Grill on Titanium?

    Hi. New to the forum Did you need to remove the bumper to install the grill? Planning on doing this to my 2017 Edge Titanium.
  13. MK8 Security

    All you can do is make it difficult, if they want it enough they'll get it. It's why we have insurance. Don't really want people breaking in to your house for they keys either.
  14. spiked wheel nuts

    Although they might look good and would make the assassins look mean I would say they look dangerous.
  15. Bluefin for Fiesta ST - Still bad?

    As much as I’d love to go with mountune, I love the sound from the ITG induction and I think I want to go with Cobra for the exhaust. What do you have on yours at the min?
  16. Mk6.5 fiesta zetec s upgrades

    I am surprised what a 20mm (2cm) difference made on the stopping power. The rear beam conversion I might do might be done more for looks than braking.
  17. Cleaning/Repairing interior Door Handles

    Replaced, might have a bit of a play with the old one to see if they can be cleaned up :-)
  18. Anyone actually managed to update Sync 1.1

    It doesn’t use Linux, it runs a version of Windows Mobile.
  19. Hi Everyone, Another little thing i want to do with my focus is update the interior handles to silver rather than black. I have attached a pic of what i would like them to look like to match the other silver fixtures/fittings in the car, they are a currently black and a little marked so figured i would refurb them to silver. My question is around the paint and method to use, i wondered if anyone on here has done this before and knows the paint patch for the interior fittings and also the name of a good paint to use, dont want it to flake or anything. Cheers
  20. Hi, i currently have the original non bluetooth stereo in my fiesta. I am looking to change this to either a standard one with bluetooth or the upgraded sony one. How will i do this? What needs to be done? And what do i need? How hard is it? TIA PFA (my stereo now)
  21. 3000 miles service light

    It's worth hooking it up to a computer as the orange service now warning would have left a code. A new car shouldn't be showing this!
  22. Hi, Very loud noise coming from a hose that is slipping out of its housing - only noticeable at idle. The clip on the hose has worn down (somehow) and is now slipping under the notch and causing the rattle. I have attached a picture showing the problem: Anybody able to answer the questions that I've edited onto photo? 1. The part name of hose - incase I need to replace. 2. Could I put a plastic zip tie around the area marked in order to clasp the hose? Thanks Ian
  23. How can i check recalls.

    This DVLA is the best one and says non,the first one is good as it gives you the Recalls which i think is good. Cheers for that,another one to add to my long favorite list.........Etis i dont give you as much details as the first link on here.
  24. Leather steering wheel refurb

    I use colourlock and their leather light cleaner, conditioner and sealant. To be honest I don't think the light cleaner removes that much of that shininess from the steering wheel but it does take dirt off and makes it feel clean. I used it on my seats abs found the drivers seat to have the most improvement.
  25. Yesterday
  26. How much profit are they making

    @Michael9 don't know how much they make, but just for reference, l bought a pair of cheap lower arm's for my MK6/7 escort at £15 each 3 month later ( 1 side the rubber in the arm went other side the ball joint went ) so l bought Febi Bilstien 1's at £30 each that was about 4-5 months ago now n not had a problem with them yet, l don't believe in ford parts are the best but sometimes there's are cheaper ie: 1.8 MK1 focus throttle body gasket is roughly £5 cheaper than eBay that amazed me and the parts guy at ford stealers near me, then sometimes you have no choice maybe as nobody else or any where else does them, l do think personally thoe they probably have them made buy a high end factory/s that probably produce 50% of the good life lasting rubber as that's the main key % of rubber used if it's not very good its not going to hold out very long same as the % of steel used as there are 2 types of steel (1) pure non mixed (2) steel with many mixed materials bonded together, that's why scrap yards prices vary for different metal's but not on steel, but yet they sell it at different prices according to pure n non pure. So for going on but hopefully it helps 😂
  27. 2016 Red Edition - 27.5k done, 14k mine. All good.
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