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  2. If it’s cold air coming out the vents when it’s 24c outside you definitely have AC. If you still have any doubts that it’s working well enough the best way to test is to stick a probe thermometer in the centre vents on a warm day and see what temp it is.
  3. Hi I've recently ordered a cobra exhaust for my mk7 ford fiesta but I'm struggling to find a st rear diffuser to go with it and was just wondering if any one knows where I can find one thanks
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  5. Chaps, Sorry for bringing this back up. I had another threat and was linked to come here. I have a 2017 edge, only 1400 miles. Has every Spec it could have had apart from the LED lights. No idea how a 40k plus car comes with poor halogen lights. tried to buy the lights in the threat but some are not available anymore. I’m an absolute noob with this stuff so was hoping someone might be able to help advise the 3 bulbs I need? many thanks in advance.
  6. Yes, last battery I had to replace was on one of my Mrs's cars - it was 9 years old by then and not holding a charge for long. She'd only done 33,000 in it so it rarely got a decent charge, plus it was a diesel, so I think that was pretty good going!😀
  7. HI there, I would like to find out whether the front headlight units of a ford st 2006 are compatible with ford fiesta 2004?
  8. Just wanted to know if there's any suggestions on where I can get a new updated number like the St one or something for a Ford fiesta 2004 any help thanks
  9. For me, the pump had failed and sent ***** into the injectors If that's the case, you should think about cleaning or flushing out the fuel lines and the tank or the **** may simply recirculate and reblock your injectors.
  10. I don’t really know for sure how it works. I didn’t think the regen would carry on. But I thought the theory is: when doing a regen it is chucking loads of extra diesel into the cylinders. If engine stopped before regen finished then extra diesel sloshing around oozes down into sump, but if you restart engine and thrash it, the extra diesel hopefully goes into the exhaust before oozing down into the sump. But I don’t really know if that is what actually happens
  11. I used to be sceptical about electric handbrakes. Since then I've had a couple of hire cars and now the Mondeo with an electric handbrake, and to be honest it's no worse than a regular handbrake. Electric handbrakes are pretty simple, and manual handbrakes can still fail - cables stretch, mechanism wears, or you can be a bit too enthusiastic about applying them. My driveway slopes down to the road, and the electric handbrake seems to hold it better than any previous manual - plus I've also noticed that it doesn't bind after the car's been left for a while. On the original topic: you'll struggle to fit a pushchair and a weekly shop into the Focus boot. That's one of the reasons I switched back to a Mondeo - the Focus boot just wasn't cutting it for stuff I needed to cart around.
  12. Did my update to 3.4 a couple weeks ago - I saw it now supports turn directions in the instrument cluster for android auto and maybe CarPlay. Has anyone got this working in CarPlay? When I get a call through CarPlay now I see it appear in the instrument cluster but Apple maps / google maps don’t seem to show directions.
  13. Me too! exactly the same problem. would be helpful to hear if anyone were able to solve it without replacing the injector.
  14. Thanks nicam, I’ll pop down tomorrow and see what I can find!
  15. 🤣
  16. Hi. If you need any help with insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
  17. I guess due to no replies. Seeing as dealerships are still closed I wouldn't expect there would be. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  18. You don't live near Wattisham do you? Either that or near a training area? Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  19. Looking to buy a intercooler to run alongside cp2 map. Any recommendations?? Seen a CEUK stage 2 one any good?? Fiesta ST MK7
  20. Unless it's got a dodgy MOT. Have you checked any of those problems listed to see if they are still present? A bulge in the tyre and low brake pads should be pretty easy to see.
  21. It could well be the strut bearing they can knock when worn out. They are relatively cheap to replace.
  22. @TomsFocus don't for the love of god use any balm infused tissues on anything but your nose
  23. Hello all I`ve a 2008 S max titanium with the blaupunkt sat nav and radio and other month it give up the ghost not happy!!!! Can i put a non titanium radio in place of the current radio or does it have to be the sat nav option that was fitted when new and was this a option or as standard with it being a titanium model can anyone help me ?
  24. Hello all i`ve a 2008 smax 2.0 tdci 143,000 miles on clock and still going strong brilliant ford!
  25. what’s the easiest way to find out if it’s got the module upgrade cheers mate
  26. Can someone help what's the best product to use to get the ground in dirt from the brake calipers many thanks
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