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  2. That’s a lot of trouble to steal a 2008 focus. Chances are they’re not clever enough either. Is it an RS or ST ?
  3. Hello, looking to buy a Zetec S Red Edition in the upcoming week and have a question to ask because I have mixed opinions. I am getting the 1.0T Ecoboost (wont be able to get insured on a 1.6) however I have seen people not trusting Ford's Ecoboost due to a coolant problem causing overheating and possible fires and cylinder heads breaking. The end solution being they just replace the entire engine after the warranty has ended. Are they really reliable and is it worth getting this or swapping out for some like a Golf or something? Any feedback is appreciated, and I'm getting a Zetect S and not an ST is because they are 1.6 and I will not be able to get insured on one lol
  4. The price of Perspex! Ridiculous. I went to have a look at some PVC curtains to partition off the powder coating area of the shed and couldn’t figure out why it was so expensive. Then I realised - Covid ruins everything!
  5. It really does seem strange. I bet gas struts would add about a tenner to the overall cost if they added them to every car!
  6. Hakan What information do you need?
  7. Yes, and also if it has been a bit misty overnight, I try to remember to give mine a wipe with my fingers before setting off in the morning. Apart from that I would not want be without a rear camera one now.
  8. Today
  9. Glad you got it fixed. Possibly just an incomplete update not enabling all features. I’ve just downloaded Map V9 this afternoon. Might get round to updating the car tomorrow. I’ll take a picture of the various versions before and after to make sure I complete the upgrade.
  10. Actually, they do. I wasn't concentrating and was pushing the rear fog button.😆 Just tried it again, covered the sensor with my hand, pressed the correct button and they do come on even with auto lights selected on the main knob. One still doesn't work but as I suspected, it's the bulb.
  11. Bumper off will do it, can get the sensor out without removing the bottle. Its on the front face of the bottle level with the bumper rail/chassis rail area. Bumper is fairly easy to remove -
  12. Good luck changing the fuel filter. There isn't one.
  13. Was wondering if anyone knew what could be wrong with my car. I had it serviced August 2019 and the auxiliary belt was changed, however, I noticed a squeak come from the front of the car days after, and when it squeaks sometimes ipthe car shuddered. It’s not triggered by anything (eg. pulling away, accelerating, or changing gear) sometimes I wouldn’t even be moving. I just recent changed the auxiliary belt again as it was perished. I also noticed a loss of power not sure if that is related but something doesn’t feel right about the car. I will service it in the next few months to see if anything is noticed. The car sits at 67,000 miles so i’m guessing it’s age related, is there any common problems that are known at 70,000 miles? The car is in relatively good condition, a few mechanics always say it look as if it’s been well looked after. The squeak doesn’t affect anything apart from accelerating can be a bit slow, so it’s not in my way I would rather it not happen. Thanks
  14. That's just some propaganda to get you to go to the dealer. I've done it on a 2012 model btw, no security message appeared.
  15. Hi Everyone first post, i have a 2010 Mk1 Ford CMax 1.6 TDCI which i bought as a project and so far have had to replace 5 Valves. 2 Pistons, Rebuild the Turbo, Replace the Injectors and Pump. Now the car is running fine start and idles nice however when i drive it it has no boost !!!!! I have replaced the EGR and rest with Forscan but i dont think it has learnt the values and readling i need to get it done by Ford IDS. If i unplug the MAF then the car drives ok and boosts nicely its very odd and rather irritating. I have attached a screen shot from ForScan as the car currently is running. Any advice welcome.
  16. Hi! I just bought Ford S-MAX 2016 180hp with keyless-go. The keyless ignition works fine, but not the keyless unlock/lock of the doors. The door handles have the three stripes and driver handle has even a small picture of a lock on it. The Ford service said that it seems this car don't have the keyless locking/unlocking feature. I bet there are experts here who can tell me if it is even possible not to have the keyless entry if you have keyless start and the "keyless entry" handles on the doors? How I can check if the my car has or has not the keyless entry? There are no key holes on the door handles and the key fobs do not have any blades. The unlocking/locking of the doors works fine when pressing the buttons on the key fobs. Thanks for the info!
  17. There are airbags everywhere these days! Dash, seats, doors, pillars, even the roof! Best way to diagnose is to use Ford specific diagnostics. Forscan is ideal for the DIYer.
  18. Hi, Thanks for your input and experience details. Ive not done rotations with my previous cars and looks to me its not worth the hassle of tyre rotations these days and wont bother. Take care and happy driving.
  19. im getting this aswell got the keys wiped and reprogrammed now it just spams up immobiliser malfunction service now so annoying!
  20. I would put rivet nuts in instead so it is easy to replace in the event this happens again.
  21. Did they charge for that? How much?
  22. I know that it shouldnt do it but with only 27k on the clock, standard steels, good Michelin tyres, new belts a few months ago and no signs of wear in the CV joints I wondered if the 'wrong' PAS was causing it?Usually notice it under load, turning on the spot with A/C on. I once had an SType with 130k on it that did the same and never solved it. Just put it down to wear and tear, but that's not the case here.
  23. Wings were changed on the facelift to accomodate the new lights.
  24. Hi Mike and Claire, Did you sort out the TCM replacement with ford dealer? I have the same problem with my 2013 focus and am not sure if Ford can cover the replacement cost for this,
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