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  2. pistolpete1

    Temperature gauge issue?

    Yes.... Looking at the invoice, the part came from eurocarparts, and cost £77 for the thermostat and housing. They charged me less to keep the price close to the quoted price for the work done. Don't get that from garages too often.....but my parents have used them for years.
  3. stef123

    Eurocarparts Toolbox

    Being from Euro car parts.. I wouldn’t trust any of it.
  4. adrianjh

    torque value anyone?

    Just to wrap this up , it turns out that these pipe bolts are NOT part of the injector but indeed my problem was actually the little washer inside the injector where the pipe bolt threads into the injector. I just replaced the washer with a new one and all was fine. I'm guessing it maybe got damaged with all the cranking I had to do to get the car to start or else it's just coincidence. Thanks again to anyone who genuinely tried to help here . As for the torque , I didn't think it was a big issue once I noticed the damaged washer so I just went with a reasonable torque for the size of the bolt in question.
  5. Tdci-Peter

    where is my wastegate?

    Turbos either have an electronic actuator (eg Focus 1.8TDCI & most Mondeos), or a vacuum actuator (eg Focus 1.6TDCI & Focus 2.0TDCI). The vacuum actuator has a pipe to a solenoid valve, sometimes low down at the back of the engine. Electronic actuators have no pipe. They combine an electric motor & position sensor in one unit. The picture below seems to show both options. The Hella electronic actuator on the Mondeo seems to be much the same as the one on the 1.8TDCI Focus. There are quite a few posts in various sites about electrical problems in the Mondeo Hella actuator, that can be fixed with a soldering iron. Though this may well not be relevant to you. It makes no practical difference (in terms of replacement), but those turbo drawings look to me like variable vane turbos, rather than wastegate ones.
  6. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    @Lenny I have a question to ask you as I know you have a technical DIY mind. I was looking at pictures of my fish tank cabinet and I noticed just about all have a centre piece going down the centre of the cabinet. Mine did not come with a centre but doesn't look like the same design of cabinet I always see online. Would you say the cabinet is suitable to hold around 130kg of weight from the tank above with or without a centre piece going down the middle of the cabinet. I have some spare pieces of wood which was used for making the wall cabinets so could use that to place on the middle of the cabinet making it more reinforced.
  7. I have the same issue, looks like i have it in the wrong fuse cos it does not go off after 15 mins, have a better look and sort it out, I fitted it wrong and it cost me £130 at main dealer to fix the ***** fuse I blow (i didnt test them right) lesson learnt. Amy way looks like I will be turning the book upside down and fix it right I have to manually turn it off at the min. Thanks I will give it a look, and get back
  8. plasticpat

    Mk3 Focus Interior Light Issue

    Switches in wrong positions , dunno how/why I couldn't get them to work back then as there aren't too many options/combinations . When I took the time to look properly at the 'puddle lights' I found out they're just blardy reflectors !
  9. hi all i just bought a 1.6 petrol focus 2day, but its the most basic car, its a lx , i was just curious if its possible to upgrade the front fog lights as there are none? thank you its the car in the foto
  10. just checked and i can confirm the edge and kuga use the same kit.
  11. Hi, could possibly be the torque convertor if it is a traditional auto box - if it is a powershift box it could be anything - it may be worth contacting an auto gearbox specialist to see what they say and go from there.
  12. Tomson

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Ford Focus 1.6 Ecoboost 182 - Family Wagon, serviced and maintained properly with 52k miles. - Driven enthusiastically from time to time. Around Town - 22-24mpg Long Distance - 39-42mpg
  13. iantt

    Exhaust Heat Shield Rattle

    Only if someone notices.
  14. iantt

    Degas Hose
  15. zain611

    My MK7 Fiesta

    Look nice. The dark smoke goes well with the red paint
  16. Rob63

    ECU problem?

    Car is fixed now. It turned out that my cheap code reader was giving wrong codes. It was a faulty MAF sensor and poor earth to MAP sensor.
  17. Hello, new to the forum and first post. After looking on google through multiple threads i cannot find the answer to my question, Roughly how much from ford or local garages do people pay to have 1.4tdci injector seals done? Thank you
  18. CarlGB

    Mk6 steering wheel options?

    ok this forum is dead
  19. ludwig

    what type spark plug

    mine had motorcraft plugs and felt hesitant, i changed them for standard NGK, runs fine now.
  20. Botus

    1.6 EcoBoost loss of power

    check post on turbo failure or ecoboom facebook site I believe many get a rev dependant rattling sound, they ignore for a few thousand miles then the turbo self-destructs…. from the limited amount I've read about these its a std feature of these models
  21. HenryV

    Removing Abs Module Fiesta 06

    Hi FG, Please could you tell me how you got the blooming wiring connector off the module? I can't seem to budge mine. Regards, H..
  22. Jordan99

    Mk2 central locking mind of its own

    That’s what I meant haha, yeah I knew you could transfer the chip but due to the design in the original key the chip is built in, it would mean damaging the key to remove the chip
  23. Wagoneer

    Hard wire usb ford dash cam

  24. Update: Haven't updated for a while - but here is a list of things I've been up to with my wagon: Mountune Gearknob Focus Electric Rear Motor Mount (Part No: CM58-6P082-BA - for those wanting the mount) PERON Symposer Delete Plug New Wheel Centre Caps Recall 17S09 The Motor Mount has made such a difference to the overall drive and operation of the car - I imported the part from the US and took me just under an hour to fit. (Also gave me an excuse to get myself a couple of torque wrenches!) Future Mods: Currently waiting for Mountune to finalise their updates on the mTune 200 PCM software, post recall. Once they get back to me ill be going ahead and look to get that installed before Christmas. Don't see many Focus' with the mTune upgrade (so I'm told) so will be nice to have something a little different. But, other than that!, hope you're all well and enjoying your Fords!
  25. Mavroz

    So this happened on the way to work ....

    Saying that, it was a long while ago when someone ran into the Mrs Suzuki swift. Our insurance went up then and it was no fault of hers, she was at an Asda petrol pump and an old guy reversed backwards into her.... Going forward..... when the focus st ran into the back of the mrs on a roundabout when the Mrs had the loan St Line whilst she was waiting for hers to be built, which I completely forgot about. She insured her new st line and I remember it was much much cheaper than we expected and even cheaper than her previous fiesta. Churchill told her when she questioned it that although it was on her history and had to declare it, proven no fault claims do not any onger cost the insuree any more on their annual insurance policy. Pretty sure they told her the way insurance worked, had changed or something along those lines. Completely forgot about this...
  26. In the end I decided to just go for the regular Fiesta as I could get it much quicker than the Active version (which I would have had to wait an extra couple of weeks for, and still wasn't available in any of the colours I wanted).
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