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  2. if it fell off it would be due to corrosion around the fixing screws making the holes too big so bigger washers needed. seems a common problem on these type of thin lightweight heatshields.
  3. The Big Yin

    Flexi pipe size. Front pipe.

    They only do up to 2004. Hence me asking here. Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. oh ive driven a good 50 miles or more since - im guessing it should have re-learned by now.
  5. karl46

    Part of diffuser missing

    It's the towing eye cover, seems to be endemic that they go missing. This is a common post on here. The last poster reported that it costs around £35. However if you are near the Romford area I have a 2016 ZS diffuser with the part still attached. £20 if you are interested. PM me.
  6. stuffedhaggis

    2nd Hand Focus 1.6 TDCI

    Got the car today. All looks good just a few issues with the head unit but i think it needs updated. Thanks again for the help.
  7. Hi all, I have just bought a Focus (2014 Plate) Zetec 1.6 TDCI. I am having a few issues with Sync head set/ I am trying to figure how to update the thing. Looking at the ford site they say I have no updates. I asume I am running Sync 1.1 but I may be wrong. The unit looks like 1.1. Here is the images from the Sys info screen Does this look correct ? If not any help or advice would help ?
  8. Need some help please, as the conector is diferent from Pre-face to Facelift. Some diagram would be great. My 2016 Fiesta I count 8 pins in the conector, but only 6 pins are conected, 2 are free. Zetec S 2011 My problem is the 2 blue wires.
  9. alexp999

    Things I Don't Like

    It's some drop in filter for the accumulator with three ring seals to keep the coolant in. They reckon it was poorly fitted at the factory as all 3 had a nick out of them. Fortunately it's just under the snorkel bit at the top of the condenser so they didn't have to remove much to get to it.
  10. Today
  11. Yeah, the dealer wouldn't have known 3 weeks ago. Will be free as you say.
  12. lst

    About to look at an ST-2

    After reading another thread here, make sure the catalytic converter hasn't been removed.
  13. Darren Titanium X Sport

    Sideskirt jacking point covers Titanium X

    Seems like the way to go to be honest 👍🏼 Do you place your Jack stands on the same wee lip that you use to jack the car up or do you put them in some other mysterious place lol?
  14. Postie123

    CD player change

    Any ideas guys?
  15. Botus

    Bluetooth Communication Error

    somewhere along the line everyone worked out in 2012 how to make BT behave.... most vehicle BT systems got a fix circa 2012 and never needed it again, good to know apple works, as those lunatics have no idea how to write software or follow standards
  16. TangoDaz

    lowering springs

  17. Smartd00d

    Glove Box Ambient Light help

    Hi feel to the left underneath the dash where the light strip goes within and you’ll feel it. The end of the light strip locates in to the led recess in the module (shown above), then the module just clicks in to place in a little clip in that position. Trial and error it or try to position your eyes under to see what you have and it’ll make sense. The led is red/orange only.
  18. After two days work on car i replace engine pnba with hxda and work. I used all components from mine . I think that engine work little different ,it is little bit slower. Maybe camshafts are differents, i didn't used from pnba ,maybe in next step. My priority is to check if burning oil for first 1000km .
  19. Hamster

    Sync3 Ver 3.0 and Waze Navigation

    PM me when you have Waze H
  20. simonb65

    Sync 3 update

    Just called in my local 'family owned' dealer, because the Ford Sync Update site said my Sync3 v2.0 was the latest and already up-to date, just spoke to my regular sales guy who pulled a USB stick from his draw and went out and updated my EDGE 2016 Sync3 v2.0 to v3.0. Took about 20 minutes (and a coffee) and did not involve anyone from their service dept to do it. Cost = £0. The update is a generic Sync3 update which they use on any Sync3 Ford vehicle that needs updating to the latest (so it's official that the update is not VIN dependant). So far, no issues and all looks good. For reference, software version is now 3.0, build is 18025_PRODUCT. Gracenote is (EU-0010). The update does not update the maps (I'm still on EU 4 14). I'm yet to download Waze and give it a blast! (Sorry this is a duplicate post to another thread, but I thought it was a valid response to this one too!)
  21. robbyvrs

    Remapping MK8 Fiesta?

    Might be worth looking at tuning boxes as these aren't detectable by the dealers (if removed before servicing) as they don't alter the axtual map
  22. dezwez

    Hello from Swansea

    Hi Welcome
  23. pragmatix

    'Engine system fault'

    I would start by getting the battery fully charged with a battery charger, new batteries arnt normally at full capacity.
  24. eddiek

    Headlight bulbs

    Have a read at Hamsters post on here.
  25. Jonson

    MK8 Door Panel Squeak

    Great, thank you. So in what way was your liner not fixed properly? Not fully located or misaligned or something else?
  26. Dekker101

    Strange noise when I touch accelerator This is the sound, you hear it speeding up as I tap the accelerator faster.
  27. Rayfh

    Lowering my ST TdCi

    Hi Peeps, for my next trick I want to get my focus 2016 diesel lowered. has anyone got any good advice / part numbers of good springs? most I can seem to find is 20mm, is that the norm?
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