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  2. Jonro2009

    Wind Deflector Help

    It’s a common issue with wind deflectors on any car. It’s to do with the ‘anti pinch’ mechanism, the car thinks the deflector is a finger and rolls back down. You need to reset the windows. Put the window all the way down and then put it all the way up again - keep holding the up button and when it reaches the top keep the button held for 5 seconds then let go and pull the button up again for 5s and it should allow the window to remember that position/pressure as being fully closed. you might have to try it a couple of times as the window may keep bouncing down when you try it
  3. Yesterday
  4. zain611

    Things I Don't Like

    Same here. Recently been playing old rap music which would play on my old PS2 games. Also listened to ice cube and 2pac
  5. PantherBlackST3

    Adaptive Lighting Malfunctioning

    Hi all. Have this same issue on my 2015 Focus ST-3 except mines used and now outside manufacturer warranty. The dealership I bought it from give a year warranty (I've had the car 5 months now) but say they don't cover headlights as it's wear and tear. Any advice on this as they've quoted me £1700 fitted inc VAT for two headlight units... Surely this isn't wear and tear. Its not something you consume like tyres, brake pads/discs etc.
  6. I have a problem with rear wiper not returning to park position on my 2006 Focus 1.6. There is no constant live feed. No broken wires in hatch area. After several hours of removing trim panels and trying to trace the source of the wiring problem, I have found a relay in the rear wheel arch that was taped to the harness just before the connector C58 to the tailgate harness. Looks like a modification (recall possibly ?). The wire that is supposed to be constant live is live on the front side of the realy but not the other. Does anyone know anything about this ? Havent tested the relay actuator feed yet as It was getting dark. If that's live then I'll just replace the relay but if not then I don't have a clue where that wire comes from. There's no mention of it in the wiring diagram (that I can find anyway). It's a small green and blue wire. If anyone has any insight into this I'd be most grateful. Many Thanks.
  7. My theory is that the entertainment system although made up of several components only really talk to each other, the only things outside of that are the instrument cluster for nav directions, the microphone for the Bluetooth and the steering wheel for controls. Now mixing and matching bt/vc and sync components isn’t gonna work because they aren’t speaking the same language, however if you replace all the system components as long as they can talk to each other it should work. The microphone isn’t anything special and neither are the steering controls, the only thing that might possibly not work would be the instrument cluster, however it’s no great loss as all it does is repeat the nav instructions that are on screen. My thought is that above the normal bits needed for the sync 2/3 conversion you would need a steering wheel with the later layout and ideally a dash loom from a sync car. If someone is willing to buy the bits and bring there car to me then I’m willing to pull it all apart and see if it can be done. Worst case scenario is that it doesn’t work and you sell your bits on.
  8. Yes that's the one!
  9. Iv recently fitted a decat stainless manifold and done a backbox delete and iv noticed if i rev match right on the downshift it will pop now it only does it when cold and I know there's speculation on it causing harm to the engine but is there any way to do this when its warm also, without having it tuned to do so(havnt got time to have it all turned correctly at the moment)? Would it just involve some form of overfueling? Already running v power so not using the cheap stuff, any help is appreciated.
  10. BruceSouman

    S-Max 'immobiliser Active'.

    Hi Guys, I have a issue with mine also regarding (immobiliser active) however mine is a little different and before I scrap it I thought I join and ask the question. I have infact 2 ford Smax but I will only talk about the one I am having problems with. Its regarging the ecu's!!! I know man what luck do you have to have to get a car and then a few months later the ecu pack up. I decided the take the bullet and purchase like for like ecu's and replace them including the ignition barrel and key. The only thing I did not change was the cluster. Now when I turn the key I get the message immobiliser active that pops up. Could this be the cluster that is causing the problem? If so is there a fix to this or is there a company or person that can bypass the error. Please guys and ideas?????
  11. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    Seems nothing will stop the "Ding Dong" though 😂 "theres nobody opening get the ding dong"
  12. Ben_mk6fezz

    Exhaust smell

    I have the same issue but I know iv got a leak 3/4 down the system so I imagine you've got a leak somewhere as mentioned above
  13. JW1982

    My Mk3 ZS - Audio System

    ACM (Audio Control Module) is the radio itself. The MK3 audiosystem basically consists of the following parts: *ACM (Audio Control module). *FCDIM (Display). *FCIM (Control panel). *Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module or APIM (SYNC) module (if present). These modules communicate by the CANbus system or LINbus network.
  14. WES180


    That looks a decent kit. I like the inflatable bag too.
  15. Grunthos the Flatulent

    Window issue on 2012 focus

    If it was me, I'd start with the wiring for the drivers side switch. Nothing wrong with the motor or anything like that. Could be something simple as a dirty contact on the button itself. Gently prise the switch out and make sure the plug is in there good and solid. Give the plug and the switch itself a good spray with WD40 contact cleaner, let it dry and see how you go. HTH
  16. Grunthos the Flatulent

    Mk2 Engine management light on

    Have a look at this. Seems quite easy to me and the part you need is available on Amazon for a lot less that matey in the video paid!!
  17. isetta

    MKIII Estate Flexi Section

    you can buy the flexi sections on ebay and weld them on or use exhaust clamps. Not checked that specific size is available. depends how much work you can do yourself. eg. buy new flexi section, take exhaust off car, take exhaust and new part to an old-school type garage and ask them to weld new part on. wouldn't take them long when doing it off the car on a work bench. In my experience they usually last longer than yours has.
  18. isetta

    1.8tdci takes 'ages' to warm up

    I had 1.6tdci fiesta, now have 1.5tdci fiesta. they take ages to warm up, glad I have a quickclear front screen so whilst I shiver I can at least have a clear screen. You can console yourself knowing that this is a sign of an efficient engine that is using the energy from the fuel to propel the car along and not wasting fuel on creating excess heat (which a petrol engine does more)
  19. Please is there anyone out there who could provide me with a detailed diagram of where all thee vacuum pipes from the anti shudder valves and the turbo including the black box under the twin anti shudder valve. I have a ford focus mk 2 2ltr tdci on a 2007 plate . I have 3 electronic vacuum valves. One on the right of the head, i know that is for the turbo actuator i think. And two clumped together near the air con compressor. I need to know know where all the pipes go starting from the main vacuum pipe to ? and so on. Also i need to know how these work. I assume when the engine starts the vacuum draws on the turbo actuator to open. How does the twin anti shudder valve work. left goes to the left side of the inter cooler and the right goes to the right side and the turbo. the left is open all of the time and the right is closed all of the time. I would really appreciate some explanation and maybe a diagram as i cant find any literature on it. Thank you!
  20. Luke Brown

    Underseal on inside of my car

    I do have a picture. It's the full floor. I will post a picture soon. Just wasn't sure whether it would be ok. Thanks
  21. fali78689

    Ford Focus Mk2 - Rear Wiper Motor

    Thanks, so where do you think I should start with diagnosing the problem ? I can't seem to find the relay, I'm hoping to remove the boot panel this weekend, if weather permits to just check the condition of the motor and see if I can find any visible faults.
  22. TimST2

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Easily. They both measure accurately but they just add 10% before displaying the speed. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  23. Robdav99

    New S MAX owner

    From my bit of research I've done, I need to replace my 8M5T-19G488-AK to a 8M5T-19C112-AN module and that should give me bluetooth streaming aswell as sorting my AUX and PHONE issues.
  24. Oliver329432094

    Ford Fiesta InteriorTrim Replacement

    Ah nice cheers man 🙂
  25. JW1982

    Is this coolant?

    If a software update is available the IDS program should ask if TSB 35/2012 (installation of the electric coolant pump) has been performed or not. Depending on this choice the program automatically selects the correct software version. In case the car already has the latest available software version the update procedure can be forced by performing the non-com procedure. When connecting the IDS program to the car make sure that the ignition is switched off. The program will still try to connect and will show several warning messages to switch the ignition on or off. Proceed but make sure that the ignition remains switched off. After a few attempts to connect to the vehicle the IDS program will offer the possibility to select the car manually by the tear tag number or the PCM hardware number. After selecting the PCM hardware number (this number can easily be found on the Etis website) the software loads the correct vehicle functionality without actually connecting to the car. Next go to the module programming section and select the function to change a module. select PCM and start the procedure. During the procedure the program may ask to switch the ignition on/off a few times. Proceed but make sure that the ignition remains switched off. proceed once the program instructs to replace the PCM module and switch the ignition on. This is acually the first time that the ignition must be switched on. Now the IDS software should ask if TSB 35/2012 (installation of the electric coolant pump) has been performed or not. Depending on this choice the program automatically selects the correct software version based on the hardware version of the PCM.
  26. avi

    Keyless entry boot issue

    I think it's a design issue that may cause premature switch failure. It's too easy to lift the boot whilst still pressing the switch rather than the small grip area just behind it.
  27. StephenFord

    Where is paint code?

    Aquarius! Now, why couldn't Ford give me such a great pointer, thank you!
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