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  2. alonimous

    Looking to swap bumpers for RS bumpers?

    Yeah they're a straight swap Sent from my HTC U11 using Tapatalk
  3. Zico

    Ford Sync Updates

    I vaguely remember having to use a different USB drive when I upgraded to 5.9. I don't recall any issues of having to rename or move files on the USB drive when I got things working. Have just finished getting 5.11 installed. This time round I made sure that the file names and paths were as per @Maovi's post: In addition to this, I went into the Disk Management option under Windows 10 and deleted the partition on my USB stick and made it so that it was 2GB in size and formatted to Fat32. Finally after this and the file remaining as above, it worked.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Your help would be most appreciated, people. Thanks. I need this plastic rear-pillar moulding part with the boot tray hook on it. Driver’s side.
  6. Dee_82


    Not sure it uses the pump though, you need to manually prime it changing the filter so im pretty sure the sender is little more than a float device and a filter sock
  7. Like the pinstripes. Is it easy to remove the mirror covers? I applied some permanent trim dressing on most of the exterior plastics and that has darkened them that I'm not sure if I want to get them sprayed now. Have to say your centre console looks clean and this is coming from someone who is a little OCD when keeping their car clean 😂. Mines full of dust. Been years since I've been sewing probably the last time was back in secondary school and I'd always worry that the needle would impale my finger whenever I'd use the sewing machine 🤣. @Jonro2009 try searching clean your, I bought their snow foam lance whilst it was on sale I think for around £30. Could also try slim's detailing as they have their own branded one. Don't get those cheap Chinese ones as they aren't reliable. If theres any other cleaning products you're planning on getting just let me know so I could tell you if it's good or not or better alternatives. Hope you enjoy your holiday in majorca. Been there a few years ago and was nice. Luckily didn't stay in magaloo as I heard that's where the young adults like to mess about and you know what theyd mostly think about eh ehm 😂.
  8. Dee_82

    Mk4 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Limp Mode

    lol, I know, computer systems designed to make cars easier to identify problems just end up making things more complicated to diagnose. the TC warning light, turns on when it enters limp mode but not at any other time. Im actually wondering if those ABS errors might be related to the vibration problem ive had on bumpy roads! lol or maybe the cruise control problem which I just fixed today. I fixed that CC problem today and all DTCs have now gone and remained gone. Im pretty sure I can replicate the limp mode by being steady on the throttle and cruise at 65-70 in 6th, tomorrow im going to try use cruise control in 6th at 65-70 and see if it limps, If it limps on CC then I know its nothing to do with the accelerator sensors as they read 0. The Throttle valve opens cleanly, registers fine. im going to monitor the EGR side, detach the ground points and clean them up and swap out the MAP for a new one.
  9. KugaEdge

    Roof Bars

    Nightmare with pan roof. Your only option, and it really is your only option, are the Yakima bars as mentioned above or the Cruz bars. The Yakima bars are sold under the trade name Whispbars and the only UK distributor is who also sell the Cruz bars. The fitting for both is ugly, a bracket that goes under the doors. I've got mine (The Yakima Whispbars) in the garage but have yet to fit them. The Cruz bara looked cheap and nasty to me. Depending on which bars you want it's going to cost you at least £180 For Whispbars.
  10. Do you find it useful at improving your MPG, or do you turn it off and have the engine running at the lights?
  11. Pebbleheed

    Replace Titanium grills with ST grills on 2015?

    Do you know the part number?
  12. mjt

    Cooling fans

    To what switch are they referring? Also, when you say the engine is still running hot is this when running at normal roads speeds or when stationary? What reading are you getting on the temperature gauge? It should not normally be necessary for the fan to come on when the car is moving, even in the current hot weather, but the engine temperature will rise as soon as you come to a standstill and the fan should then come on. It's worth mentioning that the temperature gauge is not driven directly from the temperature sensor, it's driven by the ECU and does not necessarily relate to the actual engine temperature. I think there's a way to display the actual temperature using the trick outlined in this thread. FWIW I don't favour bypassing the car's control systems and switching the fan manually. There must be an identifiable cause of your problem that can be fixed.
  13. Jonro2009

    Sync iPhone connection issues

    Good news! Thanks for the update 😁
  14. Layout this year and a PDF version (From Ford Fair site) FordFair_Silverstone_2018_ClubMap_A2_v2.pdf
  15. 666Damian666

    Motorway Drone

    Hi all, Can anyone confirm the best ST exhaust which doesn’t Drone on the motorway or the least amount in their experience ?
  16. i tried viewing video but for some reason my tablet wont play it. will try with my phone later.
  17. pragmatix

    Engine malfunction on dash

    Get forscan a free download and buy a elm 327 lead making sure its amodified one like this, probabaly the bestt here is
  18. mk8 is indeed an auto with toque converter
  19. robbyvrs

    MK8 ST-Line mods

    Wonder if this would fit as it looks like it sits in the cup holder? - if not they might bring 1 out for the 2017>
  20. Mkoenigshiem

    Front bumper 2012 removal how?

    Hi all - 2012 s-max... Had an accident and need to replace the bumper holder. I removed all screws/mounts under the bonnet Removed lights. Removed the screws from the wheel well. But. On both sides there are 2 T8(i think) bolts (access from tyre well by pulling the plastic back) ***** the bumper into the wheel arch panel. I have tried unscrewing these damned bolts and nothing happens? They don't get loose. I can't see anything happening - my only theory is that the metal female thread is spinning in the plastic holder - there is a black plastic support between the bumper and panel. Has anybody done this/got and advise? It is too tight to drill them... Thanks in advance Mike
  21. dghackett

    zetec s 140ps 1.0 eco remapping issues?

    I got my Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 100 bhp model remapped within a week of buying it. I made a great difference to it and had no (fingers crossed/touching wood) issues to date. It is a 2014 year and I have had it now for just over two years. Wife thrashes it everywhere and mpg is only mid 30's for town use but I get low 50's when I take it for a run. Nice car but I prefer diesels over petrol for the torque.
  22. It’s a 1.8 petrol, should of specified that sorry! coolant level is lower than it was prior to this happening, oil looks okay, normal brownish colour. It’s not been overheating on temp gauge but has been very hot to touch bonnet. thanks I’ll have to see if I can get a compression test done
  23. dezwez

    Hello all

    Hi Welcome
  24. Seems that its in many European countries of course. Here in Greece it affects focus, c max, kuga, Mondeo, s max, Galaxy, Transit connect from 8/2012 to 6/2016 with 1.0, 1.5, 1.6 Ecoboost engines 6th speeds). In some German forums they say that they somehow test the clutch( put 6th gear and see if engine stops) and reprograme the pcm to recognise any abnormal temperature raising in the clutch plate and so to reduce the performance of the engine. Στάλθηκε από το Redmi Note 4 μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk
  25. dghackett

    So Rude

    Sorry all I joined earlier in the week but did not venture to say HI, Hello or any other welcome. HI !! All Just to let you know I have just purchased a low miler (46,000) 2011 Mondeo Estate Titanium X 2.0 TDCI 163 Powershift. Blimey that was a mouthfull. What a great car. I had driven a few MK3 rentals a few years ago and thought they were good but this is something else. It is a shame really that I will be racking up the miles but it should last me a few years. I just hope that as it is all singing and dancing things do not start going wrong. I will be getting a full service and gearbox oil/filter changed soon by OC motorsport out at South Woodham Ferries. Essex. Ollie is a great mechanic and person
  26. does anyone know where I can find a aftermarket replacement for the above item? I’ve just snapped the clips on mine taking it off to change the badge so I’m taking the opportunity to upgrade it while it’s off. I’ve looked on eBay and Amazon etc and all I can find is like for like replacements. Thanks in advance
  27. dghackett

    Mk4 tit x Noises

    You need to try and locate where the reverse bleeper is and look at it to see if it has a volume on it. I know a lot of after market ones do but not sure on factory. I wear hearing aids most of the time but even when I do not put them in (normally weekend) I am still able to here both the front and rear bleepers.
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