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  2. I think you've become a bit too liniantt 😋
  3. LP pump, at the back of the HP pump, draws fuel from the tank. Than fuel pass through the filter, than LP than to HP pump, common rail, than injectors...leftovers back to the tank. When replacing a fuel filter a rubber gasket (a new one from the box) is placed between fuel canister body and the new filter. Than you tighten the lid, reconnect the inlet pipe and using a priming pump remove the air from the fuel filter case. also it's important to make sure an o-ring is sitting firm on the fuel filter lid nose (that enters the filter). Looks like that a new gasket is placed wrong in your case (btw filter insert and the lid), in this case do not reuse the existing gasket since it's out of shape and functionality. Or you may have an air leak along the fuel pipe lines. If you disconnect the inlet hose and crank the engine no fuel out....
  4. £170 ?????.....I bought both MK3.5 hoses from Ford last year for £53 retail and it is a 15 minute job to change them. 👍
  5. Bobr

    Stolen Fiesta

    You were right Roger, it is the little flower thing. Can't really see the point of it myself. Set the new car up to suit me and had a drive round to try it out. Drives like it's on rails. Got a 3 month warranty with the option to purchase a 1, 2 or 3 year warranty. I'll probably go for three. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I've been with the Sandicliffe Ford service and, in particular, with their salesman Duncan.
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  7. There is a fix if you wait for an over the air update mid next Month or if you can't wait , your dealer can apply the update now.
  8. 1) click on your forum name 2) click on profile 3) click on edit profile 4) go down to car details & change them 5) click save Job done!
  9. Is your Fiesta an ecoboost? If so, the 2013/2014 cars had a common problem of loosing coolant. I had a 63 plate that had this issue & was fixed under warranty at the time.
  10. That was an excellent display of how removing the roof from a previously decent chassis ruins the handling! As for the actual question, I don't remember seeing this issue before. Climate wasn't particularly common on the Mk2.5 overall though. I'd suggest cleaning the temp sensor on the drivers side. If it's full of dust and fluff it'll think the car is hot so pump out cool air all the time. If that doesn't work, there may be an internal issue with one of the heat diverter flaps which could be a pain to fix.
  11. High pressure pump is definitely a possibility but it's not that common on these so I'd want to rule out everything else first. Contaminated fuel maybe...there is a water drain on the fuel filter so you could try draining a bit to check there's no water in there.
  12. If you need it today then local breakers if they're still open at this time. Otherwise you'll have to buy new at either local motorfactors (again most close at midday on Saturdays) or eurocarparts.
  13. Well, I've had someone on the Talkford forum take a look, also at the brochures for 2004 and 2006, and drawn a blank. So, heres the original thread for you to read. Update this one if you find out anything further. 👍
  14. Have you checked if there are any issues with the mast/s nearby:
  15. You can stall an auto. Pull the intake pipe off the airbox and cover it with some thick material (for example, picnic blanket or hoody...depending on your age lol). Easier on cars with an open ended intake but on the Focus it originally enters below the grill. If you want to pull a safe fuse, pull the fuel pump fuse. You'd have to check which number that is in the handbook.
  16. Not sure whether Ford still put it on their cars, or indeed whether your 2017 has it, but the Pull Drift Compensation used to cause drifting/pulling problems. Many people, including myself, had it switched off. See JW1982 (2nd post down) on following link: Note: JW says "When a wheel alignment is performed on a Focus MK3 /MK3.5 the Pull Drift Compensation must be reset. Not doing the reset will cause problems like for example the car pulling/drifting to one side."
  17. Autobeam sent me the 8000k units. Fitted them and do look nice. More blue than white but I'm happy with them definitely a lot brighter than the LEDs where I can actually see the beam shining on the road. The 8000k has a blue bit on the bulb whereas the 6000k is white HID is on the left and LED is on the right
  18. We were discussing how strong the folding wheel brace on the Mk8 could be on another thread recently...looks like we've got an answer here. Must've been a tough thorn, even on soft compound Rainsports I haven't seen a thorn go through!
  19. Had the email confirming fix found. The recall letter will be coming out and the vehicles will be repaired in bought order. Fuel card still awaited.
  20. The suspension would wear out before the engine.
  21. Hey Alex, Thinking if getting my done too, how is it? Are you pleased with the super chips remap? Is yours manual or auto? Cheers, Simon
  22. When our mk 3 went in for a minor repair it was reading 64mpg after a week or so at the repair shop it was reading 6 mpg. There answer was they had to reset. I took it for a run and it slowly if at all moved upwards to 9 mpg. So I manually reset the MPG to zero and the trip odometer and ot worked fine from that day. My conclusion was that the repair shop must have either left it ticking over or tgey did actually reset it to zero and had it ticking over prior to me picking it back up hence why it didn't move much when driving until I manually reset it.
  23. Haha I hadn’t thought of that! Thing is it needs a bit of intervention sometimes, ie connecting wifi by pressing a few buttons. Other times it’ll move on itself.
  24. 2015 Style is a very basic trim level I'm afraid. It doesn't come with Sync or Bluetooth. You have the option of aux or USB for music playback. If the music is stored in the phone's storage you may be able to play it as if it was a USB drive, but I don't think you can use Spotify through the USB port. It doesn't come with the auto wipers, lights and mirror pack.
  25. Thanks, that confirms my suspicions. Will double check wiring first as suggested
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