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  2. Hi, I hope im posting this in the right place, My 2009 focus 1.6 zetec petrol has just had both the yellow engine management light & traction control light come on and rev counter also has stopped working. Other than that the car seems to be running fine? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Mavroz

    Mk8 ST-Line X 140 early impressions

    Our Gps issue is firmly in the hands of Ford now, they have taken over and are looking to replace components. It appears they are changing GPS modules and Antennae on affected vehicles which allegedly is showing positive results across a range of vehicles. If this is the fix, they will ask us to book the car into the dealership to have said fixes made..... With goodwill gestures a plenty of course. 👍 Have asked the question about the auto updates and was told it will only update the software over Wifi if the engine is turned on at the Wifi location...... Doing this while engine off is a huge drain on the battery, so the car will not perform the updates.
  4. Gary Fowles

    Mk7 Boot Open Warning Coming On

    Picked my car up yesterday after having the wheel locking nuts removed and on the way home I had the boot open warning start intermittently. Woke this morning and it had triggered the alarm in the night. It had never done it in the 3 months I had owned it until the garage had it, but can't see how removing wheel nuts could effect the boot.... very annoying.
  5. Hello Trying to Upgrade from Sync 2 to 3 But ford update page says VIN is 2015 ? , when car was first registered in 2016 , so i should still be allowed the free upgrade as stated on the website But im not getting any luck or replies from ford Is there another way ? many thanks
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  7. karl46

    Disklok size for ST

    A body building course to lift the Disklok on and off. I found mine to be very cumbersome and now use a Stoplock Pro. There is a steel safe available to secure the OBD port, about £160 fitted. They'll never break into it. But on a more serious side, how often do you need access to the OBD port? Just remove it from its mount and hide somewhere under the dash. Thieves don't want to get caught so will not spend time searching for it. Or they will be spending time somewhere else.
  8. kossofffan

    Goodbye ZS.....Hello ST

    Yes you're correct. The high beam is a lot better on the ST, but them 'fish bowl' projectors are a waste of space compared to the ZS
  9. Dan45

    Fiesta fuel problems

    We replaced the fuel filter forgot to say it in first post I was thinking injectors but as it runs fine after a manual pump I thought it must jsut not be getting enough fuel to the engine Thanks Danny
  10. jm231293

    Fiesta 2017 CarPlay issues

    As an update to anyone who might have the same problem (although not a particularly helpful one), I took the car back to the dealership who sold it me for them to have a look, they said as the SYNC software is up to date there is nothing they can do, so will just have to hope for an update in the future (either on the phone or the car) that fixes the issue. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  11. Stoney871

    KPG: I'm back ! (New Build Thread)

    Welcome back Fella [emoji3] Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  12. ThaiFiesta

    Fiesta mk8 ecoboost remap

    I see Revo has a Mk8 tune now also
  13. EddyOS

    Mk2 focus 1.6

    Doesn't appear to, it's ridiculous. A genuine Crank sensor for my MK2 is about £40 from the same seller
  14. zain611

    Engine Bay Bird's Nest!!!

    Lol that must of surprised you. If you saw a lot of cat fur on or in the car I'd suggest this 😂. Could see if it repels pigeons as well
  15. Hi all, So I have a problem with an annoying leak on a MK3 focus drivers side. The front and rear carpets were wet, however since sealing the rear flaps and replacing the light cluster grommets the rear seems generally ok. The front carpet is wet where the air vent to the rear seems to be gathering moisture - it's visible on the plastic housing and the carpet lining around the area also wet though I have to say almost feels a bit sticky to touch? I was concerned it may be coolant but the level is not changing so doesn't seem to be leaking. Could this be the dreaded heater matrix or another issue unrelated? I've ruled out a leak from the bulkhead as the carpets are not wet at all under the pedals, however nor are they wet directly under the centre console on the drivers side which if it was a leak from the matrix I'd expect? Any idea? I'll add some photos also... Thanks
  16. Dee_82

    Setup instant MPG?

    It might be something you can add with ELM config but I'm not sure, there is an option for trip computers... But looking at your steering wheel, you appear to have the Standard Mk4 wheel (with the directional controls!!) so there shouldn't be any barrier in installing a Type 2 or Converse+ unit Just remember that if you get the newer FL version of the converse+ you will been to install a paid for custom firmware to fix a few issues. the PreFL version (the one I posted a picture of) will drop in just fine. If possible try and get as later model as you can to ensure you have the 1007 firmware.
  17. Luke4efc

    Wipers don't work. HELP!!!

    Go Roadkill style (it's a car program on YouTube, they rarely have heaters, wipers or lights in their bangers). Get some rain-x and apply that to the windscreen. I'm guessing you're either northern Scotland or south west England as the rest of the UK seems to be scorching this weekend.
  18. Luke4efc

    Change injector

    You would need the injector removal socket, a modified ELM327 cable and a copy of Forscan on a laptop to code the injectors in.
  19. Auto wipers are instead of intermittent - put your wipers in Intermittent and after one wipe they should stop unless the screen is wet - you will also have a speed slider on side of the stalk rear wipers with reverse is seperate from auto wipers Auto lights - you will have an extra icon on the lighting control off/side/main/auto
  20. TomsFocus

    focus 2012 front parking sensor removal

    The bumper comes off without having to remove the undertrays, saves jacking the car up. I think the sensors are a push fit from behind so they cant be removed from the front.
  21. jace1969

    Things I Do Like

    That tractor is amazing,good way to start it.
  22. Morning Gents, While in the wifes car yesterday I noticed an issue that makes air blow out of the vents (similar to having the fan on setting 2) when the car goes over 2,000 RPM. Looking under the bonnet I found a split in this pipe as shown in the photo below. From your experience, do you feel this would be the cause of the issue? If so, can you advise what this pipe is called so I can obviously source a replacement please. Thank you in advance TDCI
  23. pbenroh

    MK8 ST Line Bike Rack

    Racks cause any issues going over the paint at all? Been put off getting a set due to not wanting to have them rest over the paint. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  24. pbenroh

    Deep impact blue

    Also gutted they discontinued DIB wanted it for ages so got it on my focus. Was thinking of getting a mk8 fiesta in it next until it got pulled... shame it really pops in the sun. Agree it's a bugger to keep clean though. It was rare in my area now everyone seems to have it. (Paradise Blue) looks good from pictures I've seen, need to see it in the metal though. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  25. Stoney871

    Dead electrics Help needed

    I second giving the gem connectors a check. It's very easy for a passenger to inadvertantly give the underside a kick and knock a plug off. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  26. Samish

    Chassis leg

    I've been able to getting a Streetka at a good deal but the chassis leg has completely corroded and needs replacing. I have had a hard time finding just a chassis leg for a MK1(2004) version of the car. I don't suppose anyone has any advice on what is best to do with a problem of this nature. Or anywhere I may be able to find a replacement, thank you.
  27. Stoney871

    Fiesta 1.4 mk6 changed ignition because of lost keys

    To match the donor ecu and keys you'll need the donor car speedo cluster as well as it forms part of the pats2 immobiliser system. Tbh you could have just used the new lock barrels and then had the key fobs coded to your existing ecu / cluster by an auto locksmith for about £80. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
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