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  2. Lebadoo

    Can keyless entry be disabled by the dealer?

    I have heard of people using forscan to disable keyless remote entry. They did not disable keyless ignition though as apparently disabling both will wipe the keys from memory.
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  4. Jonro2009


    Aftermarket LED/HID are going to be a very grey area with all the new MOT changes. Some testers will fail the car, others will fail it and take great pleasure in doing it too. I’m not going to get into the exact legalities of it but it’s going to be hit and miss with them. Out of the two I prefer HID over LED, they seem to perform better in the aftermarket fitting. OEM LEDs are better if you spec them from factory but after it rolls off the production line the quality of aftermarket bulbs is inferior. To change the whole unit for OEM dynamic LEDs will be very expensive, require coding via Forscan and may require extra wiring if it’s even possible as they should have the sensors on the suspension etc
  5. The Dark Knight

    Cut up by Santa!

  6. ShaneAnze

    mk2 Focus Noises

    Hi All, So iv been having some weird noises of late with my Focus. It first started with a loud kind of whining noise anytime I went over 40km/h and went off when turning. After much hassle i eventually got it looked at by a decent mechanic who changed the hub bearing. The good news is that solved that issue but after that I started hearing new noises. 1: strange whining (similar to the whine of the hub bearing) at slow speeds or turning left. Over the last week (mechanic said to slam on the breaks) if noticed that it now comes on when i press on the breaks, im thinking that this might be the brake pads but open to other ideas 2: even with the whining of the hub bearing i notice on hard lock at slow speeds that the car felt like it was pulling or jumping with a knocking noise (it still doing this) kinda feels like something is being pulled out of place during the turn. While I was sitting in traffic today I started turning the steering wheel (ya know to pass the time...) and heard a knocking noise when the wheel is turning to the left. Sounds like its coming from inside the car but i dont know for sure. This is driving me utterly mad. Could anyone give me some idea what the heck is going on? Any help is greatly appriciated Cheers Shane
  7. Have a 2006 ford transit connect, heating does not get hot, blows completely cold air. Two pipes which go to the matrix, one is hot and one is cold but I have flushed it out already incase of a blockage and this is still the same. Any other suggestions on what else could be causing this? I also have intermittent issues with the front brake calipers sticking on one side (i think) and the ABS light is on, not yet had it taken for diagnostics but is there anything obvious this could be as well?
  8. Luke4efc

    Mk7.5 External courtesy lighting question

    It's your sidelights that come on when you unlock the car rather than the DRL's. You won't notice a sidelight bulb being blown as most people go from straight from DRL's to dipped beam. Turn your headlight switch to the sidelights and see if the bulb has blown.
  9. F0CUE

    Power steering pipes

    Has anyone got a diagram of the location of these I know it's in the chassis it's just so I know exactly what to sort out?
  10. Hi I am new to this site and I am not sure if I have posted my questions in the correct area of the site. I purchased a used Ford Fiesta Titanium EcoBoost last week and have noticed that the boot light does not come on. Is there a switch or something I have overlooked? Also does the auto start stop work straight away when stopping at traffic lights and in heavy traffic or does it just work in certain conditions? I must admit I have been driving the car since last week with the auto start stop turned off (which I personally prefer) but enabled it this evening to test it and the engine did not cut out at traffic lights or in heavy traffic. Thanks in advance for any constructive answers to the above.
  11. Gommy

    Fiesta mk7 St-3 (St180) Honestly am shocked at now incredible the upgrade is. Driven it for around an hour, an I just love it. It's incredibly firm, pulls in any gear, the response is brilliant, the braking and the noise and sound, the roar of the engine. I could sit here writing wonders about it but I honestly, love it. Heated seats are heaven, the set up and audio is great and definitely feel the difference, even the red dash, kick plates, glove box strip. There is so many great little features, and I don't even want to mod it right now, for a while at least, such a great car. (yes I know the headlights look strange, I've trad up about the condensation inside the headlights when temperatures are freezing like now, lights are fine. ) And here she is:
  12. Stoney871

    Things I Don't Like

    The EU is not the benign entity it was meant to be but it does have many good points. I have a saying that is relevant here- It's better to be inside the boat trying to pee out than outside the boat trying to pee in. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  13. Stoney871

    Focus Mk2.5 ignition key problem

    Quite often it will be the steering lock. Try putting some turning pressure on the wheel before turning the key. It may also be wear'n'tear on either the key blade or lock barrel itself. Is it possible that the key blade is slightly bent in any way? Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  14. Stoney871

    Ford Mustang Sync 3 Upgrade

    Sync2 and Sync3 use the same screens but afaik they have different APIM modules and run incompatible OS. IIRC there are some here that have done this upgrade, hopefully they will chip in with all relevant info. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  15. Paul80

    1.6 tdci engine noise

    well, I wasn’t brave enough so my local indie did it for me. £300 but the noise is gone. He did advise that the cluch is high and the flywheel makes a noise, which I noticed myself but that’s £790 that I don’t have right now. Thank you all for your replies.
  16. Botus

    Door trim clips

    not a single clip broke on mine... most stayed on the car and flexed there way off the actual door trim another trashed the door trim. but nicely glued back together with araldite both rears where only to replace the blown rear speakers (one at 8 years the other at 10) - DTF!!! the design of the trim clips would hold the roof on in a force 12 hurricane (idiots)
  17. Botus

    Coolant Leaking In Spark Plug Hole

    are u winding us up? one picture is of the oil filler cap? if it just had the oil changed and the variety of oil used was coloured pink.... water is water, water with pink antifreeze is still very much like water but a little more slippery engine oil is engine oil
  18. I have recently bought a 2007 ford galaxy with mb-8000 dvd player and everything works except being able to insert a dvd in the under seat dvd player
  19. Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk7 Fogs/DRL on a Style trim? Mrs doesn't do that in a year!😀
  20. Russ

    Rear Parking Sensor

    Just an update on this, bought a £12.99 sensor from the above e-bay seller, tested it in the car, removed & painted it Avalon colour, refitted it and it’s now working perfectly. Not bad for a £12.99 fix and there’s no visual difference 👍🏼
  21. CrustyTheFordLover

    2007 1.3 KA coolant drain

    great job !
  22. Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk8 Fiesta St Line X - Further Issues

    Thanks for the update, glad you got some progress, though surprised at the cut and shut on the brackets. I'll have another good look at my bonnet when I get chance though as I've got a narrowing gap at the offside rear the rubber stop trick might not work. I may just leave well alone provided there remains no actual rubbing!
  23. Jonro2009

    Focus Bulb Lists

    Think that's right yes, the connector is a 3 pin setup. I looked but couldn't find anything online (didn't look hard) and I am not competent enough with a soldering iron to rig something up. If you come up with a part of a solution I'd love to hear about it
  24. Edge of Reason

    Whooshing Sound from Rear N/S?

    I assume the fans are for the cooling aspect as my heated seats (cloth not leather - so heat only) don’t make any sound at all.
  25. Edge of Reason

    Keyless Entry Theft

    Bit of a pain though.
  26. Luke4efc

    Help malfunction!!!!!

    You need to read the codes really. Chances are it will have stored one which will make this process a lot easier.
  27. Rich A

    Heated front Screen

    Also is there another fuse box smaller in the engine bay? see : Engine Bay fuses?
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