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  2. If anyone has a similar problem, almost 2 years later I've found the cause of this. The rhythmic sound comes from the brake pads touching the discs. If I brake hard a few times (or run a few seconds with the handbrake on) enough for the pads and discs to be hot, the sound disappears or greatly diminishes. I guess the fact that the brake disc touches the pads when turning is another issue (maybe some play in the bearing or the fact that my rear rims are a little damaged). So if anyone has this issue, make sure to also check the brake pads/discs.
  3. I've read somewhere this can be turned off, I actually find it a little annoying.
  4. Ive had my Kuga PHEV for a year now and since the Major rework was completed I have been pleased with the overall performance. I have one problem that is still to be resolved this being the intermittent operation of the remote Open / Close, Engine start when using Ford Pass Connect. Has this been experienced by anyone else. Stop Press Just been advised by my dealer at time of the annual service that a further system download will be required, That's another day I will not be able to use the Kuga.
  5. Or an aftermarket kit... For starters, there's no provision for you leaving the car in gear. Your insurance will be void should you choose to fit an aftermarket kit. As you can imagine, it's a bit of a security risk having a running engine with nobody in it. All it takes is a smashed window in order to drive off. Same goes with turbo timers.
  6. Hy everyone. I need help for my 1.6 petrol c-max, 2009! For few days some electronic components in my car don't work. Until now those are that I know: - electric windows left/right - fog light front/rear - reverse lights - can't move mirrors - watter for windshield not spraying - rear wiper I checked all the fuses and are all ok. In hood space and in interior box. How can I check if condensators are ok? If that could be a problem? There is also one interesting thing with front wipers!! They work, when car is on. BUT.. when I start the car, th
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  8. The FoCom (now called F-Com) software requires the FoCOM diagnostic interface. Despite being based on the ELM chipset the FoCom diagnostic interface is not compatible with any other diagnostic interface.
  9. ah i misunderstood why you said that, just didn't see the mention for reverse cam. wondering why you said it haha
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  11. shouldn't be normal at all , this oil leak has only two probable sources, either the camshaft position sensors or the valve cover gasket, if you can find traces of oil on or around the camshaft sensors then they are the culprit, if not then its the valve cover or its gasket or both , I have encountered both scenarios , first an oil leak from the camshaft sensors, which was sorted out by just retorqueing sensors bolts, and then an oil leak from the valve cover and the dealer changed the cover and its gasket under warranty, this is common on early ecoboost engines. you should speak again wi
  12. As Andy mentioned, 2 years or 18,000 miles are the maximum recommended intervals so it just appears the first service was done slightly early. So the second service would normally have been due at 34k/September 2021 as suggested. However the dealer seems to have confused the issue by doing a service, so I would be inclined to check what was actually done. Like Andy, I have had the annual "convenience" check between services and added an oil/filter change at the same time. However the dealer does not normally stamp the book for that, only for a "full" 2 year/18k service, so again I wo
  13. It's a tough one as it seems to be inconsistent, the repair guy is solid tbh and has work extensively on this for me. He replaced all of the solder and the mph motor, the needle got stuck for him before repair and not once after. As soon as I got it drove for a bit, it started to creep above 0 on stationary so I did a sweep and then it got stuck on 20mph. He said he would repair the cluster FOC if it isn't fixed but I can't afford to be without the car any longer. He's arranged for some test clocks to see if the car is causing it, if not then he will get me a new key as two are required a
  14. Hi after rounding off wheel bolt then having to drill and hammer off the remains, I know need to get a new stud. Any body know the correct length of stud for a MK4 2007 2.0 tdci thanks
  15. That's the problem with low mileage cars unfortunately. Usually means the car has only been used for short journeys and therefore just builds up condensation rather than getting hot enough to evaporate it all. You only have to look at a few cars around town before you see one with water pouring out of them when setting off.
  16. Cars can kill people, always remember that when you`re driving........ is that a bit like saying: Guns can kill people, always remember that when you`re shooting....... but then it has been argued that actually its not guns that kill people, its that people kill people and that its sometimes done using a gun. I'm now withdrawing from this thread for the sake of my mental health.
  17. You need to plug your IPhone in: Waze integration will work via Ford's Sync AppLink platform, which means iOS users can plug their iPhone into the USB port of a Ford vehicle and have the navigation app appear on the car's screen, along with a full set of controls
  18. Try this: https://www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk/ford/ford-1446567-tube-fuel/ £42.92 inc VAT
  19. Hi all, Today i installed powerfold mirrors to my mk7.5 ecoboost 138bhp 1 litre red and black edition. I only have one relay in my fuse box. The mirrors working great on the manual button i also installed like for like. Iv turned it all on in forscan - with retractable mirrors without memory. With puddle lights. However i dont have any autofold options? They have worked a few times opening and closing but wont do it permanently. Anyone know the fix to this? Btw anyone looking to do it its ***** easy and i will help anybody but i am stuck
  20. Careful buddy, you're turning into someone just as cynical as I am LOL
  21. Can anyone please help by pointing me in the right direction for a compatible android player? all the ones I have looked at don’t seem to cover the Titanium model which has the awful built in Sat Nav system, and the facias look different. any help greatly appreciated 👍🏻👍🏻
  22. I hope this helps you. Good luck 👍
  23. It does have keyless ignition and door locking, problem is the key is really far away from it 90% of the day. Our car is ~150m away from our house, so I doubt it'd be draining the key, we're close to it only when we're driving (actually not that much and not for long distances). Seems weird but I'll try the little experiment Unofix suggested.
  24. Since your car didn't have phone connectivity, in theory what you bought should be pretty much plug and play into a pre-facelift that already has it?
  25. My dad had one (2012) until last September when it was written off (cat N) by insurance company.
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