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  2. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP - my 14 plate fiesta ecoboost (125 bhp titanium X) will not go into first gear unless I fully stop and sometimes won’t even go in then unless I take my foot fully off the clutch and back on. Had this problem for months and it’s really bugging me now but don’t wanna go out and buy a new clutch if that isn’t the problem. Really would appreciate the replies if this has happened to any of you lads.
  3. from the owners manual ... ... it's all in there!
  4. I bought my focus mk4 with 2600 miles on the clock ,I reset the oil change counter on my mk4 at around 5000 miles know I was in for a service soon, had a service at 6000 and now at 8000 the warning has come on again. There is no way in hell a car needs an oil change every 2000 miles, back to the dealer at the weekend to see what they say and already informed FordUK via twitter about it. Not happy at all, with the problems I've had over 6 or 7 months of having the car think I was sold a lemon, I was in two minds whether to get the focus or a golf, jesus I wish I'd gone VW.
  5. Did you find out the issue mine is doing the exact same thing i haventa clue wot it might be.
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  7. thanks for these information actually you strengthened my point of view 🙂 unfortunately I don't have FORESCAN in reach, but as long as they are history I will wait for the next due service and tell the dealer to erase them ( my next due service is after 4000 km ) , in the mean time I will watch for them periodically if they are going to move from history to current 🙂 thank you very much 🙂
  8. on some occasions I have seen a failing steering joint shaft can cause the not-centering issue. ( that's the joint shaft not the whole steering column )
  9. its fitting to the screen that you'll struggle with.... the mount is totally different
  10. But sensible doesn't have to mean dull
  11. Getting set for my first service on this car and searching the net brings allsorts up, so can anybody tell me what plugs you recommend for this 2008 2.5T engine? or do i just go to the local dealership? TIA
  12. Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the hill start is not selected.
  13. im new to this club site im after some parts for my car im in the middle of finishing mine now i currently own a fiesta style 2007 model in red steering wheel red seats headlights red trim on the doors parcelshelf red mirrors red dashboard
  14. Dozy question I know but I do not have a manual (and the Ford download is no help). How do I change the bulb on the bumper mounted reversing light please?
  15. Ah ..... !! Different pins ! Found some info on MSCAN-H and MSCAN-L here MSCAN-H is pin 3 (as opposed to pin 6 for HSCAN-H) MSCAN-L is pin 11 (as opposed to pin 14 for HSCAN-L) MSCAN runs at 125kb/sec whereas HSCAN runs at 500kb/sec Think that I know where I'm going now - thanks to all !!
  16. Hi. If you do have any issue with insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
  17. Hi. If you had any issues with insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
  18. I use Bosch Aerotwin as well, best wipers I have ever used, had them on my last 3 cars
  19. Can you advise what you are trying to do? Are you upgrading from Sync 1 to 2? Or do you already have Sync 2?
  20. Hello all help needed , I have recently purchased a 2004 ford maverick V6 just had the exhaust /front brakes /disc done for the MOT which passed with no advisorys happy days I thought ! 2 weeks ago started up and could the engine fluxuating followed by the engine management light flashing up , pluged in the fault finder and came up as cylinder 6 misfire had the plug and coil changed by mechanic all seemed well ,week later same thing but now cylinder 5 took back again took for a spin all good went to go out yesterday same problem but now cylinder 2 at a loss any advice would be appreciated cheers P.Kenny
  21. Dear friends, my regards from Greece. I have a Smax 2008 with IVDE the front right shock absorber has an oil leak and need a replacement. Genuine shock absorbers cost 500 € each. I found and on the internet which is completely compatible with my car, has been posted by a friend we know something. Thanks in advance for the help.
  22. Cannot remember what people dressed like in the 00's - apart from me - who dressed horribly 😂 You're right though, skinny jeans didn't exist back in the 00s, maybe fashion was more casual back then? Felt like hoodies and hats were more popular too back then .Now button up shirts and chinos and stuff like that seem to be very common, although I'm not a fan of it personally.
  23. They're VERY easy once you have done one. It's an absolute git to fathom at first though if you've never done it but it isn't hard, it's just tool and technique 😅 That part is actually completely separate to the rest of the mirror, so can be swapped quickly and cheaply.. The I have a Panther Black myself and picked up the 'Smoked' sequential ones. They do look good... Although there are two versions of led, one is a standard strip of LEDs and the other is a number of separate ones. Take a peek online and you'll find them pretty quickly. Worth noting, the Mk2.5 is the same mirror unit if it makes your search end up a bit cheaper 😉👌
  24. Ah, at least it's sorted now so you can advise on future threads!
  25. Indeed it is a h7, something that I wish I knew earlier hehe (you learn something new everyday) unfortunately in my eagerness and frustration at the plastic that the 2 bulbs came in ( it would be easier to escape from prison than it would to escape 2 bulbs from that packaging!! ) I simply did not notice until i had the bulb in my hand that it had 3 prongs!!! I had entered my registration number on the GSF car parts website and these came up so assumed (naively) that they would be fine.... have now brought 2 new Neolux 50% brighter ones for £8 which I have been told is the best I’ll get with out breaking the bank.. so if anyone is wants to reallly treat the other half this Christmas... I have 2 H4 Ring Xenon150 +150% 12V 60/55W 472 Halogen Bulbs brand new, opened but untouched (glass bulb) with packaging £14 free delivery .... Worth a shot 😉 thanks as always for all replies!
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