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  2. Hi! Thanks for the update and do let us know how you get on. 👍 A pity you couldn't get to the egr... it's a bit too parky out there at the mo to be working on engines!
  3. its a standard feature... they all do it, motoring mags turn it off but u still get an audible warning that'll irritate clearly Ford think they got the balance right (so it can react in time to miss whatever the engineer thought he was trying to) but motorists obviously drive towards things more enthusiastically then they realised.... three ideas spring to mind 1) quite likely they used a cheap radar that produces a beam suitable for the safety feature they wanted, but not good enough to differentiate common driving conditions 3) the idiots haven't tuned the beam correctly for RHD 3) its an unfixable restriction of nasty components (which I think seems likely or they should have sorted by now)
  4. Just been out again with my scanner, and found out at idle the fuel pressure is around 200 bar (seems a bit low?) and that even when the engine is running at constant RPM, the pressure will bounce from around 180 bar to 220 bar. When I press the accelerator the pressure increases quickly, however when it drops back down it drops very low, to around 120 bar, where I feel the engine judder, then bounces back up to 200 bar. When the engine is running there is also a lot of vibrations in the cabin. Hope this helps.
  5. Was going to do an oil change this weekend on my sons Focus, its a Mk 2.5 1.8 diesel, not lowered or anything, I got the jack in there and virtually to the top of its lift and managed to get a jack stand underneath but even on the jackstand(whch was on its lowest setting) there was still hardly any room to get underneath to undo the undertray. So has anyone had any success with ramps? I mean the plastic ones, do they provide more height to get underneath or will I need a bigger jack!
  6. Sure you can turbo it, but it will cost you about as much as what you paid for the car in the first place. Alternatively sell yours and buy a 1.0L ecoboost. Only a couple grand more, but will have about as much power as what you'd get out of turboing yours. You really can't get much power out of the 1.25 without spending serious money on it. Remaps won't get you more than about 10hp increase (even then you'll struggle to notice it).
  7. After fitting upgrade bulbs to all our many cars over the last 15 or so years, I have had to admit temporary defeat on our Fiesta. I've even managed it on a Zafira where I had to access the bulbs through the wheelarch. One the 3 Mondeo mk4 I had it was according to the handbook similar to the Fiesta with the headlight being removed, but no joy so far on the Fiesta. The headlight just doesn't want to release.
  8. If your middle sensors are in the black rather than body coloured plastic on a mk8 I'm not surprised they don't work that well. The Black plastic is much lower than it was on the mk7 Fiestas
  9. Hello im new to the site hoping that someone might be able to help me with my knackered lock problem. Basically the drivers door lock is toast and the rest of them are quickly giving up the ghost. A new set of locks is around 250 quid from the dealers. Ive already bought a set of ebay but they don't fit and the set was missing its passenger lock. So anyone know where I can buy a complete set of locks for my Mk5 Fiesta?
  10. I'm going to apply some of that angelwax H2GO glass sealant on my car. Will see if it might reduce frost.
  11. It probably appears stuck as that's the biggest (1.6GB) file. I succeeded with help from scoggy. The file you mentioned always seems to get corrupted in the zip file, so when you unpack it, you get an error and it's only 234MB instead of 1.6GB. Others have succeeded by following scoggy's instructions above. See latest comments in:
  12. I have same problem. Push button start & since this morning says Engine start pending it’s a C Max 2013. Just won’t start.
  13. Hi, I recently crashed and repaired my fiesta and I thought since I’m already working on the car, I’d spruce it up a little on the inside. But I can’t find anywhere to buy some nice looking aftermarket seats, I want something that isn’t just the seats out of an ST, I’d prefer leather or faux leather but I’m open to anything so long as it looks smarter 🙂 any help is appreciated
  14. Yes I do mostly low mileage trips but no one in the dealership asked if I did LOW or HIGH mileage so I presumed that the Vehicle was suitable for both.
  15. Today
  17. Good afternoon So for 6 months my traction control light has been on my dash. With the mot coming up i decided to get new sensors. After fitting them the Abs light has come on and won't disappear. I put the old sensors back in and the lights still stay on (abs and traction control light). Any ideas at what it might be, or how to clear the lights... I've used my DTC to clear codes and there isn't any codes remaining. Forgot to mention, Its ford focus MK2 tdci Tia
  18. Apparently 'they' is the correct term 🙄. 😃
  19. That spring looks horrendous for 4 years old, are you sure it was definitely changed then? If the other side looks the same I would expect that to fail in the near future too. The lack of use won't help tbf, it'll mean the suspension parts stay damp and stationary for large amounts of time compared to a car that gets daily use. Do you also park on mud or grass at all? I note your location as Cambridge so salty sea air shouldn't be an issue like in coastal areas. Creaking sound could be related, I'd also want to check the top mount bearing(s). Cost really depends where you go and what parts you use. I'd expect around £50 a spring and £50 fitting at an independent garage as a rough estimate.
  20. Got the condensation again this morning. Car was completely (but not too thickly) iced over to start with, then cleared slowly as the sun came up. Rear of car was towards the sun, and by the time I was ready to drive off only the windscreen still had ice. The heated screen dealt with that quickly, but there was still a lot of condensation on the inside, on the passenger side, covering about 30% of the screen. That cleared fairly quickly after moving off, with max demist. Funny thing is, I've had much thicker coatings of ice on the outside, but got no condensation on the inside - can only think the car has to be parked a certain way round relative to rising sun for it to occur.
  21. Focus or Fiesta? Have you got the work description on an invoice at all or did they give no paperwork?
  22. Hello Long story... about a year ago the car started up a bit ruff and there was a bit of a smell after 2 minutes everything was fine but black smoke when I kicked 1st and 2nd gear. On the way home one day the car stopped and the engine management light came up so I pulled over and restarted problem and its never done that again and management light never come on again. Drove my mates car (same as mine) and his was more responsive but thought his might of had work done to it. Had the ECU remapped on Friday and he did a diagnostics test and 6 faults 5 was battery related (Need a new bat) and one which is P2263. I blocked the EGR yesterday but its not fixed the problem. Anyway remapped it to 185bhp but when I'm in 4th from 18000-22000 there's a judder. I'm thinking it was the injectors but the error code made me think it could be something else. Was reading some of the other threds that it could be a split in the intercooler pipe or the control arm on the turbo. Had a quick look at the intercooler pipe (think it's the 3" one at the bottom at the front) looks ok but could be looking at the wrong pipe. Spent about 15 minutes looking for the turbo until I gave up and looked on the net and realised its at the back of the engine so I've not checked that but always thought the turbo was fine. Never thought I had a problem with the power but maybe the problem was there before I bought it and thats why I've never noticed it. Might buy a leak of test kit off the bay for the injectors but I dont think its going to sort out the error code. Any ideas anyone where I should start? How do I make sure there no rips in the intercool pipe?
  23. These.
  24. I had a lollipop key which i do not like ,a local lock smith supplied me with a genuine 3 button ford flip key ,programmed and blade cut for £100.
  25. I own a Ford Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost (100 HK)with manuel gearbox from 2013 and have a problem, with the illumination in the instrument cluster. The illumination change in brightness, it goes down for between 10-20 seconds and than change to full strenght again. I have an error code on the instrument cluster Er0705. Is there anyone there have any ideer what can cause this and what that error code means.
  26. Thanks again. I just tried pliers but it is not budging.. would you say i should take it back to the dealer that sold it to me to investigate? I paid probably top end of what the car is worth as it has full history etc so i fully expected everything to be right with the car.
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