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  2. Still waiting to see if cylinder deactivation is being cancelled on all 1.0L/1.5L Ecoboosts (as an article from AutoWeek in the Netherlands 3 weeks ago seemed to be saying). This new UK price list also has quite a few changed CO2 emission ratings. Some go up and some down... I can't see a pattern that would indicate this might be due to cylinder deactivation being cancelled.
  3. Wondering if anyones done this before and has any advice. Currently got a Mk6.5 (Without the heated windsheild) and plan on getting the button cluster that has the button for the heated windshield and wiring it to the LED's I've put at foot level. Basicaly wondering if anyone has wired anything like this and how they did it. Is it even possible?
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  5. Not sure if you made a spelling mistake ‘seat’. Mines would randomly come and go also but more so when raining. A scan will confirm what sensor has gone faulty but most likely the drivers side front.
  6. Many thanks for your explanation - it makes a bit more sense now...
  7. Check the inside tyre walls, look for buldge/egg. I once had the inside tyre wall badly damaged by a car wash, lucky for me I spotted the "egg" sized bump on the inside just because of the way I had parked the car.
  8. Hi I was looking to get a front splitter side skirts and maybe a rear disfussor for my 5 door tdi zetec is the body the same on them as the st or is there anywhere I can get a kit the seller on ebay said that it won't fit
  9. Well I'm going to assume you mean tyre pressure here. The fronts are different pressure to the rear, and both those pressures change depending on what size tyres you have fitted. Then the pressure will also vary depending on how much weight you are planning to put in the car. As said above, the label on the inside of your door will tell you what pressures you should to be at. If you can't be bothered to do all that then a general rule of thumb for most normal cars is 32psi on the front and 30psi on the rear. Unless you're an eco-mentalist it'll be fine at that.
  10. Hi, my mondeo stopped talking to the proximity fobs. Fault was traced to the ccu. Got 2nd one, they managed to talk to fobs and ABS but not immobilser. Got another ccu still have same issues. Replaced Original ccu and it is recognise immobilser. Garage is at a loss on what to do. Does anyone have experience of this?thanks
  11. White smoke on a diesel is usually unburnt fuel, maybe due to an injector overfuelling. Check your coolant level isn't dropping, although it's unusual for head gasket troubles on a diesel, its worth just checking just to eliminate
  12. Hi, my 2020 active x estate which has a pano roof, had a rattle from the roof liner which I lived with for almost a year. I tried to track it down and eventually gave up and took it into a Ford Dealership . The rattle was plastic/metallic rattle, especially in cold weather. The dealership told me it was subject of a TSB (technical service bulletin ) and cured it . I did have to return to the dealership as the sunroof blind needed resetting afterwards. My rattle was passenger side L H but seemed to move forward and back, mostly to the rear. Help this helps
  13. Thanks, will get the break fluid done then.
  14. My wing mirror got clean taken off whilst parked so I've been looking to get it replaced. I found one that was from a car being broken down that matched the colour. I've bought it and now I've realised it's a power folding mirror and my car didn't have one before. They just were manual fold. In with electric mirror moving and heated I think aswell. I'm not bothered about the power folding element Is it going to be an issue or will it just be the same to fit as a manual one.
  15. Hi I'm just wondering if anyone know if the 1.6 tdi zetec has the same body as the petrol ones I want to buy front splitter, side skirts and a disfussor along with honeycomb grill set but the seller on ebay said that it won't fit. Has anyone moded the zetec or know if there the same?
  16. I'd just like to offer my 10 pence worth here. I also have issues with poor halogen projectors and DRL/High beam. I resolved the projector candle lighting with Osram LEDriving 6000k H7 units. I chose these after spending hours and hours trawling the internet for testing and reviews in the US. They are available on Amazon.co.uk for £75 a pair and I rate them at 9/10. They are so good and the build quality is fantastic and not a cheap chineseium crap. The improvement is equal to 50w HID and I would highly recommend. The second but most problematic is the DRL/High beam. H15 is a fairly
  17. No I haven't tried any other phones yet, it has been working perfectly since I got the car and has only just started doing this. I haven't upgraded anything on the phone either, just seems a bit puzzling. Thanks for the reply.
  18. Thanks Trevor, this is proving to be invaluable...thank you
  19. Hi, could anyone help with an icon that comes up on my new mhev fiesta. It comes up next to the bit that tells u to go up ur gears...it’s like two wavy circles one inside the other with three little lines at the top left of it. I’ve googled it to death and no idea? Thanks
  20. Damn i cant believe i missed that! messaged them to see if they get anymore but thanks for the link
  21. Hi,yes I have looked on eBay they are not cheap,I hope I have only damaged the switch and nothing else. regards
  22. Apologies for the delay but you are perfectly correct, sir, thank you. Unfortunately this was something that never occurred to me.
  23. Hi. Hopefully this won't effect your insurance but if you do have any issues then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
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