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    When you have the soul – when you have the spirit – it doesn’t matter if you choose to take time out of the spotlight You can pick your moment to make a comeback. And you can do it with style and swagger. Introducing the new all-electric Ford Capri. Rewired for the EV generation.

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    The newest chapter in the story of a true performance icon and the world’s best-selling sports car 2 introduces a cutting-edge digital cockpit, an advanced new V8 engine and fresh, edgier styling to captivate a new generation of Mustang fans The Ford Mustang celebrates 60 years of continuous production in 2024. During that time more than 10 million Mustangs have been sold, it has made thousands of appearances in film, television, music and video games, and has become the world’s most-liked

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    Ford Pro today revealed the new Ranger Wildtrak X and Ranger Tremor – two exciting off-road focused models for the best-selling pickup’s most comprehensive line-up ever in Europe Targeting customers who require enhanced capability in challenging off-road conditions, both models feature a substantially reworked chassis with unique suspension upgrades including advanced Bilstein dampers as standard. Off-road focused driver assistance systems 1 provide enhanced confidence, while the two new Ra

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    New Ford Puma ST Powershift Expands Performance Appeal with Electrified, Automatic Powertrain

    Responsive, rewarding, fun-to-drive Ford Performance dynamics are now set to be enjoyed by even greater numbers of SUV customers as Ford today revealed the new Puma ST Powershift 1 – introducing the most powerful version of Ford’s multi-award-winning 1.0‑litre EcoBoost engine ever Enhanced using 48-volt mild hybrid technology to deliver up to 170 PS peak power and 248 Nm peak torque, 2 the multi-award-winning 1.0-litre engine is combined with a paddle-shift-operable, seven-speed, dual-clutc

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    Ford Performance electric SuperVan 4 to reach new heights at 101st running of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

    For over 100 years, Ford vehicles have been competing in the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) held just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. For 2023 and the 101st running of the event, Ford Performance is heading to America’s Mountain with the all-electric SuperVan 4. The race was first held in 1916, and a Ford Model T made the climb up to the finish line sitting 14,115 ft. above sea level in a time of 28 minutes and three seconds. SuperVan 4 aims to continue Ford’s

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    Europe’s Best-Selling Pickup Goes Platinum; New Ford Ranger Model Lifts Luxury to New Levels

    Ford Pro today revealed the ultra-high specification Ranger Platinum pickup 1 – raising luxury to a new level in the Ranger family. The new Ranger Platinum joins the exciting next-generation line-up of Europe’s best-selling pickup 2 at the pinnacle of the on-road range. Exclusive exterior detailing and finishes enhance the Ranger’s already characterful design, matched by a stylish and contemporary leather-trimmed cabin. Ford’s powerful 240PS 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel engine and a drivet

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  • Best headlight restoration

    Hi guys Lately I've noticed my light seems bit dim. Had a look at my lenses and they seem cloudy? Please see attachment. The left one seems worse than the right one. So was wondering which kit you all get please? I havent got a drill but that is next on my list to get. Many thanks guys 

    froggy8 | 
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    Am aware of team orders, but am absolutely disgusted at the way Norris was treated on todays Hungarian Gp. 6+ seconds infront and forced to hand over the lead to his team-mate who was blatantly slower. What happens to all those that placed a bet on a Norris win, i did not so its not sour grapes. If you can win then you win, soured my whole season, especially with Verstappen trying to take Hamilton out. I've turned the telly off.

    Jimpster | 
    General Chat

    Stereo randomly turns itself off & on.

    Has anyone ever had this problem before ?  Stereo just randomly turns itself off & on when it pleases, it's not all the time like  Saying that it sounds like the missus  So it could turn off after being on for just ten minutes or being on for two hours with it being unable to be turned back on no matter what we try, be it by button or ignition keys, then it might be half hour of being on and it turns off, maybe for 5 minutes at the most it kinda plays dead  Then it will work continuousl

    Ian Lanc
    Ian Lanc | 
    Ford Fiesta Club 2

    Headlight bulbs?

    Which bulbs are best for a 2011 focus? Any recommendations? Or HIDs? Standard or need the reflection bulbs? Leds?   Thanks 

    Nsp91 | 
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    Sync 2 Updates (not map updates)

    Hi, I think this has come up once or twice in the past. i have a 2016 mondeo with sync2.  Sync 2 is ok but has its flaws.  Logic in the sat nav being one. I don’t think the software has ever been updated.  Surely Ford must have released an update (bug fixes etc) at some point? when I attach a usb cable to the car, from my phone, the phone says “there is an update for your computer “.  If I select to update it gives a usb error and turns the radio on (bizarrely). Has anyone in

    Tammer1969 | 
    General Ford Related Discussions

    Ford Focus 1.6TDCi mk2 - error code

    Hi all,   got a issue with my 2011 focus, getting error code P244D.   any suggestions?, car has EML and low on revs 

    NE0OBE | 
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    • Mr E
      Had a Dash Cam, still do, unfortunately it is powered down. My reason is that the Ka Mk2 I have has an interior with the structural integrity of dust. Started to use the prying tool for the wiring and knew that if I carried on I'd be driving in an empty biscuit tin with some rubber mats. So I had the radical idea of leaving the dead camera up, my 'dashcam on board' sign in the rear window and see what happened. And I have to say, not much. People ignore the sign just the same as always and drive past like a Cheetah with a bum full of dynamite. I have a theory why, but that's for another thread. 
    • Rob101
      As I said before, I wasn't being sarcastic.   Use the search bar, at the top:     ... if you wrap the search term in in quotes, you'll narrow the hits, as it'll return hits that include all of the words, within the quotes. I hope this is of help.
    • Nsp91
      Being new to this forum, I'm not sure where to look for particular posts.. so assumed it was easier to start a new post and get people's person opinions rather than telling me to look within this site.  If people could tell me where to look and search id be grateful, rather than sarcastic replies telling me to look within. 
    • Mr E
      Beautiful work. Was in a model club years ago. The guy who ran it made diaramas for which got onto the covers of Airfix magazine. One of his best ones was a group of German infantry soldiers in a bombed out house around a lit stove. He used a modelling saw and milliput to reshape arms and legs. A guy lighting a cigarette doesn't sound like much, but when your 12 it was genius. He also got commissioned to make replicas of peoples motorbikes, like to the nearest carbon scoring and dent. One thing he did do was put small bolts through the tyres. This way he could give the model the appearance of weight. No such thing as a perfectly round tyre. He passed a few years ago, but I went on to do nothing more than paint D and D figures. But keep the faith, all power to your capillary action glue.
    • Mr E
      Totally agree. I was one for 3 months, 530iSE. It tried to kill me twice and ended up turning its automatic transmission into a bucket of grey sludge as it exploded on the A1 next to the Metro Centre Gateshead and lifted me 2 feet off the road slamming me into limp mode and making me amazingly popular with many Geordies. Was in a Ford Focus Ghia 1.8 a week later. Had her 15 years. On the upside I have a totally legitimate reason for hating Beemers. (Oh and the inside of a G plate BMW had all the class of a cut in half wheelie bin that had been covered in glue and kicked through a Russian tractor scrapyard. Worst decision, car wise, I ever made.)

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