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    • Ive started something now The thing is i don't of a lot of pics of stuff like engines so ill just watch and learn.
    • Renault 5 GT Turbo ? by any chance . Bonus point for the reg H880 WGC
    • I have, I think, the last of the mk3 estates, Titanium X 2.5 auto on a 56 plate. Exhaust falls off, try all the 3rd parties, dealer part only, go to ford, none in the country, in Germany apparently (not convinced anymore) have to pay upfront, 2 weeks lead time....... That was four weeks ago!!! Every time I chase they tell me they have sent an email but have had no reply and will send another one!? When I ask what happens if they don't have one, you'll get a refund. Ummmm....... But I have one of your cars with no exhaust! Can't you do something? What do we do?? And they have no answer!! Pls, someone help or give me some advice. Can ford do this? Surly I don't have to now buy a custom made pipe? That would probably write the car off! What are my options? Thanks
    •   It is pretty spotless to be fair, I’ve only had her a week though!  I’ve noticed a high pitched ‘beep’ which lasts for about 20-30s after you turn the ignition off, I’ve no clue what it is. I may start another post about it cos it’s bugging me, as is the small diameter pipe just hanging under the back of the car. It seems to come from behind the NSR wheel arch liner 
    • Register on the forum Here   your request needs to be accepted, that can take ‘up to’ 5 days, there are some handy guides and lists of changes you can make on the forum so have a nose about it. once you have done that go over to Here and request a license, which you receive instantly. The license only lasts for 2 months, you can apply for another one after that.