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    • Lenny's Guides are back - now with previously missing Photobucket images back in place - great work Lenny!

      Guide to Fitting Genuine focus Mk2.5 ZetecS rear Diffuser
      Guide to Fitting Genuine focus Mk2.5 ZetecS Front Lip spoiler
      Full ZetecS Kit Fitted to Mk2.5 Focus
      Custom Laser Cut Interior Parts For Your Ford
      Guide To Storing Vehicle For Long Periods
      Guide To Activating Single & Multi Door Unlock on your Ford
      Guide To Spraying Rear View Mirror
      Guide To Changing Lower Front Grill On Mk2.5 Focus
      Guide to Fitting Custom Built Climate Controls on Focus
      Guide to Fitting New Ford Mist Type Jets on all Models
      Guide to Wiper Blade Change Focus Mk2 Mk2.5
      Guide To De-Wiper Rear Of Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5
      Guide To Fitting Boot Door Umbrella Holder Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5
      Guide Tow Strap style boot handle Ford Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5
      The Ultimate Rear Seat Protection
      Guide to Fitting additional Boot Light
      Guide to Fitting additional 12v Socket in Boot of Focus
      Guide to Converting Rear Fog Light To Clear
      Guide Fitting Mud Flaps to ST, RS & ZetecS Focus
      The Ultimate Reverse Bulb
      Guide To Fitting Second Reverse Light Ford Focus Mk2.5
      Guide To Fitting ST Gauge Pod To Focus Dash
      Guide to Fitting Auto Dimmer Unit to Gauges or DRL's
      Guide to Fitting Footwell Lighting In Your Ford
      Guide to Induction Filter Upgrade in Your Ford
      Guide to Fitting Custom Bonnet Dampers Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5
      Guide to fitting Ford puddle lights Focus 05-12
      Guide to Fitting Genuine focus RS LED tail lights Mk2.5
      Guide to Fitting Aftermarket headunit focus Mk2 & Mk2.5
      Guide To fitting 10" HD Flip Down Monitor Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5
      Custom 10" Sub enclosure & Amp panel Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5
      Guide Installing Reverse Camera Focus Mk2.5 2008 - 2011
      Guide Fitting Dual Camera DVR System Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5
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    • DRIVN - would you rate your car?
      DRIVN  invites you to review your car and to let others know how you really feel about it....whether you love it, hate it or simply happy to just drive it

      What annoys you about it, what aspects do you like, and would you recommend it to anyone else?

      It's very easy to submit a review, it won't take more than a few minutes and it is your chance to sing your car's praises or slate it into the ground

      Drivn has made it easy to select the best and worst features of your car to truly express your feelings…and by clicking the relevant Buzzwords it makes it easier for someone to find their ideal car by searching the ‘Buzzwords’ which you have selected during your review

      Whether you love or loathe your car - Review it now and share your experience with others
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    • Blinded by Glare? Focus solves the problem
      Technology that was first developed for fighter jets is helping to improve the driving experience for the new Focus – that offers our first Head-up display for Europe.

      The display will make it easier for drivers to keep their eyes on the road as they monitor information including speed, navigation and road signs on a display that is projected to overlay the view ahead.

      For some existing systems there can be a drawback – that for those wearing polarised sunglasses, which counteract glare, the display can be rendered almost invisible. Our Head-up display also emits the kind of light that polarised sunglasses are designed to eliminate from view. But a carefully tuned filter “bounces back” polarised light to the driver and effectively solves the problem.

      “Wearing polarised glasses can make a massive difference to visibility for drivers affected by glare, such as when stretches of water, snow or even tarmac reflect sunlight. Our Head-up display also offers one of the brightest screens and has among the largest fields of view,” said Glen Goold, chief programme engineer for Focus.
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    • Ford GT at Le Mans 24 Hours
      Chip Ganassi Racing will be competing with four Ford GT's at the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours race (16th-17th June), two representing the USA and two representing the UK

      #66 - FORD CHIP GANASSI TEAM UK - FORD GT (Stefan MÜCKE, Olivier PLA, Billy JOHNSON)




      In previous World Endurance Championship races, the Ford Chip Ganassi team has been very successful in getting podium at many events, the burning question now with many new vehicles such as BMW and the new Aston Martin entering into this year's series, is 'will the Ford GT be competitive enough to take a win?'
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    • How low do you go before refuelling?
      How low do you go before refuelling?
      Normally I refuel when its 1/4 tank, with my new Fiesta though its been lower than the 1/4 gauge on the dash, is it bad to wait til the warning light comes on to refuel?

      And how many of you refuel to the top? Usually I put in enough to take it to 3/4 tank if doing a lot of driving. If not enough for 1/2 tank full.
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    • Thanks guys for the replies as I said I wasn’t sure if this was a final version or even real. I’m sure I got this from autocar. Well guess we will just need to wait and see what the final car looks like.
    • I know what the problem is. In Spain they don't have yet the maps for some reason but I can get them of ford uk. I just checked now with my vin and they give me the maps update.  The maps are not only for uk no? They update the whole EU maps ?
    • I did the update yesterday from v2.2 to v3.0. The file has about 2.7 GB. Download it to your PC and unzip it into your PC. You should have only 3 files (  Sync my ride folder with 8 folders inside, autoinstall.Ist and DONTINDX.MSA) and that's it . The  usb needs to be formated to exfat and to have at least 32 GB just to be sure. (i RECOMMEND HAVING A usb WITH SOME SORT OF LIGHT INDICATOR).  Open it and drag and drop the 3 files into the USB without doing a folder or anything. DO NOT try to unzip these files. I will post a photo so you can see.  After it's done, safe remove the usb and go to your car. Unplug and disconect all your devices, usb cables, usb with music, turn off bluetooth, and in the menu turn off auto updates. START the car and when the screen is fully on plug the USB into the car. THE UPDATE HAS TO BE DONE WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING. If you have a light indicator on your USB you can tell when it is working. On the screen you will see a prompt after about 2minutes just be patient. After about 5-8 min the system will reboot.  When the system will restart, if you turned off automatic updates it will tell you....AUtomatic software updates ...or something like this, and you have to press NOT RIGHT NOW...do NOT press yes or no. AFter this it will continue to install. It will finish in about 20-30 min. When it is done it will say finished instalation or along this lines.  You are done.  Remove the stick turn off the car, get out, lock the car, wait about 2 min, enter the car and start the sync 3 and check the update version to see the version. Then go back to your pc, insert the usb and enter on fords webpage https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/ and press I have successfully instaled the software and it will ask you for a folder that sync installed on your usb in SYNC MY RIDE folder. On the bottom there will be a new file with your vin number at the end. That is the file. Job done.  
    • Does your stick look like this, if it does you should be ok the files in the sync my ride folder should look like the second picture im presuming you have updated the software to v3 before trying the maps update. Ate you using a 32gig or bigger stick.
    • Lots of factors come into it, battery condition, engine temp, outside temp, the most common one is low battery, if you are still on the original battery it's probably on its way out as its about 6 years old according to you profile. The short journeys wont be helping with the battery life Now either