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    • How low do you go before refuelling?
      How low do you go before refuelling?
      Normally I refuel when its 1/4 tank, with my new Fiesta though its been lower than the 1/4 gauge on the dash, is it bad to wait til the warning light comes on to refuel?

      And how many of you refuel to the top? Usually I put in enough to take it to 3/4 tank if doing a lot of driving. If not enough for 1/2 tank full.
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    • RS spoiler finally fitted.
      After two long years of deliberation, I have finally fitted an RS spoiler to my car. I am more than happy with it, and I think it concludes my modifications on the appearance. Hope you guys like it 🤞
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    • How long do you keep your car for.
      Do you just have loads of problems and fed up spending or fed up with the same look and just want a change.

      Had mine coming to 4 years and its my own car not lease/contract.

      I always seem to spend money on it just normal stuff like service stuff and new tyres etc then sell it for other peoples joy then see another one.
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    • Just wondered what everyone cleans their car with (what products you use etc)

      One product I have used is Autoglym Fast glass on the windows.
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    • I'm sure you'll have lots of fun together! Enjoy.

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    • Been 1 year in the ZS and enjoyed it immensely. Spirited, nimble & economic. However had the ST itch for a while and found this gorgeous well kept example which I collected yesterday, but boringly had to go straight into work from the dealer. Won't be to the weekend when I can stretch it's legs on a 200 mile trip to see friends. Will post up my findings/experience. Take care all. x
    • As said i have done just over 4k in mine and when the weather is cold, not particularly wet, there is a definite squeaking noise when i go over speed bumps etc. When it is warm the squeaking there. I am guessing it is just the rubber compound they have used that tightens or hardens when cold. Certainly don't think they have failed or need replacing, grease is probably the best idea to make the rubber move more freely against the metal components when it is very cold. I have also used a 2017 125 st line and that made exactly the same noise in cold weather. The 2018 fiesta st line x does not make the squeaking noise. The dealership also muted that it may be the oil in the shocks making the noise, especially when it is cold. Just one of the things that has to be put up with. Rarely hear it anyway with the volume of the music i have on. 👍  
    • Hello, welcome to the forum. 
    • That sounds great. Welcome to the community.