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    • How low do you go before refuelling?
      Normally I refuel when its 1/4 tank, with my new Fiesta though its been lower than the 1/4 gauge on the dash, is it bad to wait til the warning light comes on to refuel?

      And how many of you refuel to the top? Usually I put in enough to take it to 3/4 tank if doing a lot of driving. If not enough for 1/2 tank full.
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    • After two long years of deliberation, I have finally fitted an RS spoiler to my car. I am more than happy with it, and I think it concludes my modifications on the appearance. Hope you guys like it 🤞
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    • Do you just have loads of problems and fed up spending or fed up with the same look and just want a change.

      Had mine coming to 4 years and its my own car not lease/contract.

      I always seem to spend money on it just normal stuff like service stuff and new tyres etc then sell it for other peoples joy then see another one.
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    • Just wondered what everyone cleans their car with (what products you use etc)

      One product I have used is Autoglym Fast glass on the windows.
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    • Yeah haha. 50% off is about the price you'd expect to pay everywhere else. Obviously works though as it makes people think they're getting excellent deals.
    • Did you read the post or just look at the pictures lol?  That last one was after resetting and on a hot engine between the filling station and home. However, I've currently done 500 miles and still got 150 on the range.  Average MPG showing as 63.3...  
    • mine is due to arrive at the dealer on the 12th supposedly. was originally 19th. idk how this has worked out tbh with other people getting theres before....*sigh* oh well, it is what it is
    • Ah that's interesting.  I was going to suggest that the oil can overfill itself if DPF regens keep failing, the unused diesel runs past the rings and into the oil.  However it can't be that in this case.  Was also going to suggest it may have tried to regen after the first hard push but again can't be that either. Lots of things can break if cars are driven too gently, particularly on modern diesels.  Cars are designed to be driven! With light grey smoke, it could be either oil or diesel though I'd lean more towards diesel tbh.  It may be that timing was put out by the faulty crank sensor.  Or that an injector got stuck open. It's difficult to be more specific without seeing the car in person.
    • That's an impressive leap in economy over 4 miles...