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    • Ford GT at Le Mans 24 Hours
      Chip Ganassi Racing will be competing with four Ford GT's at the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours race (16th-17th June), two representing the USA and two representing the UK

      #66 - FORD CHIP GANASSI TEAM UK - FORD GT (Stefan MÜCKE, Olivier PLA, Billy JOHNSON)




      In previous World Endurance Championship races, the Ford Chip Ganassi team has been very successful in getting podium at many events, the burning question now with many new vehicles such as BMW and the new Aston Martin entering into this year's series, is 'will the Ford GT be competitive enough to take a win?'

      Here's a breakdown of the cars and drivers in this year's Le Mans 24 Hours race

      Team UK Drivers

      Andy Priaulx WEC No. 67

      Andy Priaulx is best known for his three FIA World Touring Car Championship titles but what is less known is the fact that the likeable Guernseyman gambled his house on succeeding in motorsport in 1996, then did it again just three years later!

      Read more about Andy

      Olivier Pla WEC No. 66

      Frenchman Olivier Pla is one of the world's top sportscar racers. His career began in single-seaters and his talent took him all the way to GP2, just one step from Formula One. When Pla made the switch to sportscar racing he soon quickly became one to watch, known for his incredible precision, speed and consistency.


      Read more about Olivier

      Stefan Mücke WEC No. 66

      Stefan Mücke is a championship-winning sportscar driver. The German started his career in go-karts and single-seaters before honing his craft in the German DTM series. After eight years with Aston Martin, during which time he has won many of sportscar racing's biggest events, Stefan switched to Ford for 2016. He was one of the first of the WEC drivers to get his hands on the all-new Ford GT by competing at Daytona in January 2016.

      Read more about Stefan

      Harry Tincknell WEC No. 67

      Considering the fact that Harry Tincknell only made the switch from single-seaters to sports cars in 2014 it can be surprising to hear that he is already a Le Mans winner.  For those who have seen him race - especially those who have raced against him - it is no surprise at all.  Harry's LMP2 class win at Le Mans in 2014 sealed his reputation as a fast and mistake-free driver.

      Read more about Harry


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    • How low do you go before refuelling?
      How low do you go before refuelling?
      Normally I refuel when its 1/4 tank, with my new Fiesta though its been lower than the 1/4 gauge on the dash, is it bad to wait til the warning light comes on to refuel?

      And how many of you refuel to the top? Usually I put in enough to take it to 3/4 tank if doing a lot of driving. If not enough for 1/2 tank full.
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    • RS spoiler finally fitted.
      After two long years of deliberation, I have finally fitted an RS spoiler to my car. I am more than happy with it, and I think it concludes my modifications on the appearance. Hope you guys like it 🤞
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    • How long do you keep your car for.
      Do you just have loads of problems and fed up spending or fed up with the same look and just want a change.

      Had mine coming to 4 years and its my own car not lease/contract.

      I always seem to spend money on it just normal stuff like service stuff and new tyres etc then sell it for other peoples joy then see another one.
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    • Just wondered what everyone cleans their car with (what products you use etc)

      One product I have used is Autoglym Fast glass on the windows.
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    • Hi all......had my car 3 d tracked to sort out alignment, car still drifts of to left, mechanics have inspected the car and particularly the front hub of n/s where problem may be coming from. They say all parts look ok and it may be a case of replacing certain parts as I go along as theirs nothing obvious that is causing it eg no rattles knocks or worn parts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance for reading or previously posting advice .
    • I just use the "hot spot" feature of my phone, but I guess it depends on your mobile provider and allowance.   I think you will need a mobile phone or other hotspot device to act as a self contained mobile hot spot, which doesn't require any connection to the Sync system anyway.    
    • My last post ended in Almaty, from here I travelled the surprising 'good' quality road north. A 2 day drive resting in Balkhash situated to the shore of Lake Balkhash - this remained univentful and straight forward. Car runs fine. With the 10pm setting sun I reached my destination with open arms from locals.


      I write in capitals to emphasise my enthusiasm reaching Astana the capital of Kazakhstan. Im not one for 'bucket lists' mainly due to the fact I forget what my items are, however somethings have been goals of mine for decades. 

      Banff and the Vancouver area of Canada has been the #1 place in my life Ive always wanted to see (and eventually will)
      #2 In close second was visiting Russia. A feat accomplished in August 2016
      #3 Is specifically to see Astana.

      You will likely all be unaware of the career I have taken a hiatus from, but I am a CG artist/visualiser specialising in Architecture. A niche job and generally speaking people in my position don't fall into it by chance. We work with architects and architectural drawings on a daily basis and its only natural one has a genuine interest for architecture. In fact it is not uncommon for Arch Viz CG artists to be former or dropout architects who have fallen in love with the creative/artistic side of things as oppose to the more technical engineering side of the field.

      Kazakhstan is oil rich, cities such as Atryau only exist due to the close proximity of large oil fields and this money is being poured into Astana. Dubbed the Dubai of Central Asia this city is literally being built in the vast Kazakh desert and is a brand new city at only 20 years old.

      The city is being designed and built as we speak, with gardens, parks,skyscrapers and flower beds everywhere there's no shortage of picturesque photo opportunities. 
    • actually .. if you were seeing all of that info and it was not using ETIS, perhaps it was some other site piggybacking off ETIS and maybe that's why Ford altered ETIS to stop other sites doing that
    • at least we can tell what it is about, some people putting very vague things like - a problem