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hit pothole, no drive

Goldie Hawk

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hi all,

heading home on Friday evening, 

dark wet night, so, i was at a roundabout, behind another car, as they pulled away, I started to go also, looking too the right, then an almighty thump, I went into a creator, and back out again, but, I was still moving however, the engine revs went up like, riding a clutch in a manual car, coasted to the kerb side, stopped, switched off, had a quick look at wheels, tyres, driver side tyre had a slight scuff about half way up wall.

looked underneath, no visible, damage or leaks.

started up, into "drive" and all seemed out, changing up and down as normal.

the concerning part is why it starting revving, like it had no gears.

was it the almighty thump, that possibly, knocked it into "neutral"

any advice, appreciated.



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