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Ipod Conection


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I have a new KA. I have both a IPod touch and Ipod shuffle. Neither will work with the USB cable?What is the problem?

Mate you need a "Y" cable ! Goes into your iPod and then one goes to USB and the other into your 3mm jack socket in the car ! They are about £25 from for or £8 off eBay ! The USB charges and the 3mm transfers music !

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not sure of the exact reason why but, the ipod touch uses different technology and does not get recognised (not sure about the shuffle)

The only ipod that works is the nano, again, don't ask me why.

Using the "y" cable will not make any diffence, it still will not work.

I did read something about dividing the touch hard drive into parts and then it will work, but you have to record the songs twice (something like that)

Finally, if you read the small print in the manual, it does tell you the touch does not work.

Hope this helps.

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