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Help!!! Fuel Pump Problem/loss Of Speed

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i really need some help. At the beginning of January, my car became very sluggish, i managed to drive to the supermarket, but on returning the car would not start at all. AA came out and put his diagnostic machine in and it said the o2 sensor had gone. We got it towed to garage where they changed the sensor, however the car still wouldnt start. The garage finally found that it was the fuel pump so they put a second hand pump on and it seemed to go ok. However when i went to fill the tank, i filled the petrol forecourt with petrol, took the car back and they found they hadnt put the fuel line back on properly. once that was done it drove ok apart from when hitting topend of gear box/speed the car would lose power, car went back and the garage didnt have a clue what was wrong, so after giving them 4 weeks to fix it i had enough and said i will take it to fords to diagnose the problem. I gave the garage once problem has been found they can fix it or fords can, they obviously went for the cheaper option. Fords found that the fuel gauge wasnt working, so if the car went under 1/4 tank of fuel it would go. hence they suggested new fuel pump. Took it back to garage they paid for the diagnostic bill and said they would fit new pump, was told car was fixed and when i went to pick it up this monday the garage said they werent happy as when they went out to test it again on the drive back the car again lost power. I have been having so many problems with the garage just for info in the process ofchecking under the car when they done the pump the garage were putting car up on ramp and didnt realise they left the drivers door open so it was crushed on the opposite ramp !!!! Its been nearly 2 months now and I have had no car and still the car is not fixed. please please can you give me any advice on this????????/

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Well obviously the garage is responsible for repairing any damage they have caused.

The car was in their care so they can't argue on that side.

Due to the inconvenience they have caused they should also take responsibility for supplying at least a courtesy car and covering any other out of pocket expenses you may incur, that's why they hold liability insurance or should do by law anyway.

In regards to the original problem, it is apparrent that they admitted that the fault was still there and were trying to rectify it when the damage occurred so they are obliged to resolve that problem but at the original costs quoted.

Hopefully, due to all the trouble they have caused, they may either repair the original fault at no cost or at least a reduced rate as compensation.

If they get funny then a call to trading standards or citizens advice may be useful.

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