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Temperature Warning Light


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I was just wondering if anyone could help me please. My temperate light has started coming on my dash on my street ka. Its not flashing it's a steady red and kicks in about ten mins into the journey

Ive checked the oil and it was a bit low but not majority and topped that up, I've topped my water up and still it's turning on. I'm not too sure whether it's because I top my rad up with water not coolant could this be a reason for it? If so does anyone know if it's quite easy to drain to put coolant in or is it worth a trip to a garage!

Alternatively does anyone know any good garages in the Manchester area who won't be too judgemental of a girl and her ka and charge the earth!

Any help would be much appreciated

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How often are you topping it u? Topping it up regularly would indicate you have a leak..

Could also be a faulty thermostat or blocked radiator amongst other more serious things

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If you're not maintaining a 50/50 mix of water to coolant then you will have heat problems.

Get a garage to test your mixture with a hydrometer and add coolant to balance it up.

The last thing you want is the engine to overheat and seize up. (big expense for the cost of a bottle of coolant).

You'll probably find most garages will happily check your coolant for very little cost, if not for free.

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