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Fitting Dab Aerial To 2010 Mk2 Ka

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Hi all,

I need some advice, ready for when I fit my Kenwood DAB radio/aerial to my 2010 KA.

I should be ok swapping the head units, but I have a couple of questions....

1: Is replacing the standard aerial with a DAB one going to be straight forward, or has anyone encountered any problems doing this?

2: the aerial needs a 12v ign power feed, can I just pick up the 12v supply to the cig lighter socket, or is there an easier simpler option?

thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer :)



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If the arial is same as other Fords then just get the Kuga one (antenna, base and wiring). I did this with my MK6 Fiesta when I put the Oem DAB Sony unit. Parts came to about £50. Keeps everything outside looking Oem.

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I have a guide for fitting a DAB to a Focus (link below my posts when seen on a PC).

There are part numbers included for aerial parts, I'm pretty sure that they are universal across the Ford range.

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Just had a dig around on Microcat and Ford don't list an OEM DAB aerial or radio for the Ka Mk2.

I think the options open to you are an aftermarket glass mounted type or a second non OEM DAB aerial mounted on the roof.

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Thanks for all the replies guys.


Radio installed and working now.

Head unit and amplified dab aerial were from an installation in my previous car.


head unit: Kenwood KDCBT73DAB
aerial: Kinetic DRA-6004
wiring harness adaptor: Connects2 CTSFO009.2
fascia adaptor plate: Connects2 CT24FD30

Roof lining was very easy to lower at front edge by removing part of door/front pillar seals and front pillar plastic trim, to allow routing of dab/fm/power cables and microphone for hands-free calling over lining, down pillars and through dash board to rear of head unit.

had to enlarge hole in roof, to accept dab aerial, to 14mm.

its also worth pointing out, that the Kenwood head unit had only 10mm clearance behind when fitted, so its important to make sure any large connector blocks etc are pushed to one side as the head unit is slid into its cage (to avoid obstruction or damage to any wiring). This was a little tricky to do, took a couple of attempts.

That's it..... I don't think there were any other issues/hints/tips worth mentioning :driving:

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