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Street Ka - Rear Screen Replacement (& Few Other Small Issues)


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Hi chaps, got a car in yesterday, needs a new rear screen. I've ordered a new one just wondering if there was any guides, pictures, tips or hints about to help me along the way.

I know it doesn't come with a zipper, can I just yank one of an old coat or does it need to be a specific size? How do I cap the end once zipped in or will it hold alone?



P.S. Not essential but if you could help with the following small issues!

Rear centre bit where the boot lock is, doesn't lock, nothing missing off the lock but I think the inside is where the lock twist into, how much are these to replace? Easy?

Passengers storage compartment, won't !Removed! shut, doesn't looked snapped, again easy to replace? Or common faults that can be fixed?

Radio Code - Anywhere to get this for free?

Thanks again!

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Hi Simon

I got a guy who specialises in these to do it, I found him through ebay and I'm sure he's based near Hereford. Took the car in, he did the job while we had lunch in a local pub (his wife took us in the car) and cost £120. Did a brilliant job and the replacement is much better than the original, much thicker vinyl. Plus he put in the zipper so that next time I crack it I just have to have one sent to me.

The glove box clip is a pain when it brakes but get a new one from a KA and it is dead simple to replace. I did mine in 5 minutes, removed the old clip and put in the new one - job's a good'un as they say. Only tool you need is a pair of thin nosed pliers.

As for the radio code, I can't help as I changed my radio and actually still have my old one and code. I understand from my brother-in-law that any good garage should be able to help.

Take care


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