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Ford Ka Zetec Tdci 2009


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I bought my new Ford ka yesterday and have noticed that when the car is going through its initial checks when warming up the dpf light does not go on and off, the booklet that comes with it says it should come on and go off again, could someone please tell me if it should go on and off as it is under warranty at the minute and if I have a problem then I would like it sorted sooner rather than later

Thank you

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it's a computer check light that your on about that runs an initial check of main electronic components and it should go off within a couple of seconds so i would take car back to get it checked out

as it's indicating you have a problem.

the particulate filter warning light on indicating a partial blockage of the filter in the exhaust system so it sounds like the filter needs changing.

It should be possible to start a complete regeneration and clear the
warning light by driving for 10 minutes or so at speeds greater than

If the regeneration is unsuccessful the extra fuel injected will not
burn and will drain into the sump. oil quality will deteriorate as a
result of this and the level will rise. It is important that you check
that the oil level does not increase above the maximum level on the
dipstick as diesel engines can run on excess engine oil – often to the
point of destruction.

If you continue to ignore warnings and soot loading keeps increasing
then the car won’t run properly and the most likely outcome will be that
you will have to get a new DPF costing at least £1000.

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Sorry should have made myself clearer it doesn't come on at all with the rest of the lights when it does the initial check. I was just wondering should it come on to do a check or stay off until you have a problem


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