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Replace Front Badge

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Hi all, it has been an age since I last posted mostly due to a massive move from London to Cornwall. It was stressful but things are now settling down and, as suspected, my health is improving daily. So funnily enough is that of my car, nicknamed Noddi by my company's security team (and it has stuck LOL).

The mysterious rattle which Ford couldn't find turned out to be the aftermarket 'manicat' that had been fitted hitting the sub-frame as the new/old design is a fraction longer in the flexipipe - sorted by my new local garage and no big drama.

The ABS light not going out meant removing the ECU and sending it away. Unfortunately the fault was caused by a burnt out wire, which in turn wipe the ECU clean. It was tested, the wire replace and the ECU reprogrammed. A big cost at £250 but better than paying for a completely new ECU. Everything working fine.

Engine Management Light intermittently coming on, was caused by the coils being corroded. Probably caused when the heater matrix let go and sprayed the lot with water/coolant. New coils and leads fitted and all great.

I am amazed that a local garage and my brother-in-law were able to sort out these problems when a main Ford garage couldn't. I am so glad I went through the pain to find the issues as Noddi is running brilliantly and with a new strut-brace fitted is handling like a dream. I am in love again with my StreetKa. One careful-ish owner namely me. However, now I wish to give her a bit of a tart up and one thing I would like to do is change my front badge. Any ideas before I go and bother my poor belighted brother-in-law again? It looks like the entire front of the car has to be removed and I'm pretty sure that can't be right. Just for a badge? Madness if correct.

So in any event, I am hoping you are all well and had a happy Xmas, New Year and Easter.

With love


AKA Tiggi (the cat)

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The badge is a sod but you don't have to remove the front end. Now it was a while back and so I can't remember the exact details but I seem to remember removing a small plastic plate to get down behind the grill where I broke off the 2 pins and prised the badge off. The new one just stuck on so didn't need the pins re-doing. We don't have the car now so I can't check but have a look as you may see what I was able to do but you certainly don't have to do any major panel work. Sorry I can't be more specific.

One tip with Ford badges - use clear varnish or nail varnish all over the back of the badge before you take the sticky tape off and this seals it to stop the damp getting in which is what causes them to go bad or you will find you will have to re-do it again in a years time !!.

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Remove them with a cloth or something and a screw driver to stop you damaging paint/bodywork or badge. Then remove the glue if there's any there from the badge.

Or new badges can stick over the top of the original badge.

Hope that helps


Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC gelbadges@gmail.com

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Try DMB Graphics.

Hmmm just looked on their site but can't see them but was sure they did them.

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DMB lost the licence to produce Ford badges a month or so ago.

Sent from my SM-G900F using Ford OC mobile app

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