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Streetka Hardtop Brackets


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I've managed to get my hands on a hardtop for my Streetka but not the mounting brackets that the roof requires. Does anyone know where I can get the brackets from or have any they would be willing to sell? Ford have quoted me £200 for a set, but considering I only paid £300 for the roof, I'm loathed to pay nearly as much again for a couple of bits of metal. Thanks in advance.

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A few months ago I managed to purchase brackets of eBay for £199, and a month ago someone had some for sale for £150.

IV just managed to put the brackets on myself and only took about 5mins

Keep your eye out on eBay some will suddenly appear but some people have managed to fit the hardtop on with other brackets and yea I wish I knew how and where they got the brackets from

But when you do get some fit them on yourself it's so easy

Don't go paying out ford prices

But I would like to know when you tighten the bolt of the hardtop to the bracket, what does THE TOP bolt to the hardtop do as there is a gap between the hardtop and car!!!!!!!!! HELP

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Can't quite remember what the top bolt does -I usually keep adjusting both until the rattling stops! However there will always seem to be a gap between the metal of the hardtop and the car as the rubber seal sits inside a little and this is what touches the car.

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