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Help With Rust Round Petrol Cap On Ford Sportka

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Hi there would appreciate any help from anyone..... :)

Recently had car vandalsed - scratches up the passenger side of car - and car is now at the bodyshop for repairs through the insurance.

Guy from the repair centrre called me today to offer help with the rust around the petrol cap as an extra - obviously this is a well known problem with Ford KA's and I have been told before that this problem comes from underneath behind the petrol cap so any repair or preventative treatment needs to start there.

When I said this to him he started to say something about a seal - but I dont know enough to comment.

He has offered 2 prices - one at £100 plus vat and one at £150 plus vat to repair with a guarantee.

Can anyone help or give any advice on thsi?

I have never had a quote to repair this before so have nothing to compare it with.

many many thanks

Fiona :unsure:

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to be honest, those are pretty good prices either way for the job, depending on the extent of the rust its either a sand down, spray and treat, or a remove that area, weld in a patch and repair job.

I would certainly be asking for more info on what he is doing for that, but it can stop you failing an MOT and also can add more value to the car if you come to sell.

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Hi James

thanks for that it helps - yes I have a friend who knows more than me who will be calling them later to find out more about exactly what they will be doing for the repair for each price

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Yes it seems there is a sponge around the filler neck behind the wing that absorbs moisture and starts to rust. As you say a well known problem. Also check the sills and floorpan and bulkhead as these can also rot from the inside out.

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thanks for all replies - have decided to go ahead with the more expensive guaranteed option - this will be including treating the rust instead of just painting it and also has a 3 year guarantee also they reduced the price to £150 inclusive of VAT instead of 150 plus VAT so I am well happy and looking forward to seeing my beloved Sportka back to me looking gorgeous!!!!!

Thanks again


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