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Are Front Sport Ka Springs Different To Normal Ka Springs


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Hi there I'm looking for a bit of advise, I have put my sport ka into farmers to have a front spring fitted as it failed its mot because of a broken spring. However I asked the guy if it was a different spring fitted to the sport ka as opposed to normal ka's.........according to him the are the same.

I have my doubts and it's currently there getting a new spring fitted.

Dose anyone know if they are the same springs or not

And have any advice as to where I should go from here.

Many thanks in advance xx

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Hi Stef

Yep friend of Brian's :-)

We thought so when we got back to the garage and Brian did ask for details of the actual spring they fitted they couldn't tell us????

They just said something beginning with a K and said that it didn't come in a box ????

Don't know what to do ~ Brian and I drove it and it seemed ok

Thanks Stef

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I find it hard to believe they have ordered a spring from their suppliers and can't even tell what it is or what they've ordered. It sounds more like they are keeping it quiet!

I have bought a few springs of different brands over the years, all have come boxed - I would think they are all boxed to protect them and to bear a part number, nevermind advertise..

I'm not sure what the difference in the springs will be, it could be rated the same but perhaps a slightly different ride height to give a sportier look? I can't imagine the streetka is any heavier on the front?

It's no problem :)

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I know that's what we thought - rubbish they were telling us - thing was they had fitted 2 new tyres for me in the morning and were really cool about discount and also I needed a new anti roll bar suspension clip ( sorry to be blonde but I think that's what it was) and they didn't charge for it so.......

Money very short just now so talking to B I think I will just have to suck it up and next time get 2 proper Sportka springs - don't know if the Sportka is the same as the streetka but they are both deffo different on suspension than the normal Ka that's for sure....

Anyway thanks again Stef take care :-)

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