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Ka 6000Cd With Cdej Aux Input Hack


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After searching high and low on the internet to try and find a quick and cheap hack for an aux input on this old time standard cd player I almost gave up until I found a post by some guy that had installed a switched aux socket and pulled and reinstalled all sorts of capacitors to get it working.

I thought I would give it a go so pulled my unit out and had a look. It seems there are multiple versions of this unit and my one (Visteon with cdej button) did not have the identifying components to do the hack. However, when looking at the circuit board I did see something marked dolby_grnd and so I thought I would suck it and see.

Anyway to cut a long story short I now have an ipod connector working through the stereo after 2 minutes of soldering. Here is how I did it:

1. remove stereo

2. remove bottom cover to expose the main pcb (2 torx screws)

3. Get an old 3.5mm jack plug with a decent amount of lead on it (old headphones or an aux cable)

4. chop and strip the ends of the cable to get a Ground, Left, Right wire.

5. On the stereo pcb find the Dolby_grnd and solder the ground wire to it.

6. Find the TP523 point and solder the left wire to it

7. Find the TP524 point and solder the right wire to it

8. Hot glue the cable to a green bit of the pcb

9. put the lid back on running the wire out a suitable aperture

10. Reinstall the stereo and route the cable out the bottom of the dash.

11. This is the only tricky bit. You need to burn a cd with 80 minutes of silent mp3 tracks. Google it.

12. Put the completed CD in the stereo so it's playing, connect the iPhone/iPod and away you go.

Don't mention it.


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