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Random Ka Mk2 Petrol Dash Light


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Joined up to ask a question if thats ok? A friend of my girlfriend has a light coming up on the dashboard of her 2010 1.2 petrol Ka. I'm more of an older car fan tbh, so not quite sure what's wrong with it!

The light in question is this


The light to the top right of the temperatue gague. Looking at the manual, I can't find a reference to it. With the keys out, when the dash turns off after a few seconds, it goes off too. Firing her up brings it back on again and it doesnt go off


Apparently (and this comes from the naive owner), the coolant low warning came on, so she topped it up. This light may have come on at the same time. I checked, and after eventually being able to figure out the coolant level (why is the bottle not transparant?) it was a tad too high, so I siphoned it down slightly (couldnt find a drain tap on the radiator...) so it's spot on now.

I;ve hooked my OBD2 reader up, and can't see any codes, whcih doesnt surprise me as it doesnt look like that sort of warning light, but it is perplexing!

Anyone have any ideas? Makes me glad to own a 1994 Citroen ZX, much more room under the bonnet and nowhere near as much electrics!

Thanks (and apologies for making my first post a question! I did own a Puma for 2 years if it helps, which I absolutly loved until the rot took hold too much and I broke it for spares and weighed in the Shell!)


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I may be wrong but recently on modern cars they seem to have a similar light. This usually acts as a warning that the car isn't up to temperature. On lotus cars the light is red on start up then goes blue when the engine has warmed up to state that it's at the correct temp. So could be a similar system

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Just looked at the KA owners manual online. I would get the car straight to the dealer if I was you. The light you are talking about is the excess temperature warning light. There is something wrong with the cooling system on car that's why the light is on.

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