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Ford Ka Overheating


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I recently purchased a 57 plate (Jan 08 build) dealer part ex Ka, and apart from a few bulbs and the standard Ka rust beginning in places it appeared to be a good car. Just over 60k miles and a decent bit of service history to go with it, although I did my own oil/filter/air filter change as soon as I got it.

After a week or two I started to notice it was losing a bit of water, not massive but noticeable when looking in the water top up tank. I kept an eye on it and topped it up when necessary. Then this past weekend I noticed the fan has started kicking in, and the car was running relatively hot (but I never got a temp warning light) so I decided to do a bit of troubleshooting. I started with the thermostat, and noticed that the entire thermostat housing was leaking quite visibly, so I removed that, cleaned the area and put on a whole new unit. While I took that off I noticed the thing was coated on the inside with what looks to be radweld, making me worry a little and it would explain why this isssue appears to be getting gradually worse if someone chucked a load in before they part ex'd it in.

Long story short after all that, the fan's still kicking in, the water pump seems to be okay as when I removed all the hoses to get to the thermostat housing and tested her she spurted everywhere. The only things I can think now are radiator issues, an airblock, or worst case a headgasket. Now the car does put out a little water out the back, not a massive amount, no oil in the water or water in the oil (no gunk) and power seems fine. I'm a bit stumped as to my next step and any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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So it seems after dropping the car off at a local garage I trust, they narrowed the issue down to a pipe that runs from the tank of water, to the thermostat housing. It looks like some type of overflow pipe. Truthfully I wasn't that convinced but i've been driving it around all day and no sign of the fan kicking in or anything, so it may have just been something that simple. £45+ VAT.

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Funnily enough I did exactly that but assumed I couldn't blow through due to perhaps what felt like a non return valve. Which to me would make sense with it looking like an overflow pipe. But hopefully problem solved.

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