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2002 Ka Not Starting (Firing Up)


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Hello Folks my Daughters Ka is having problems starting at the moment I cannot start it at all now

It had a misfire / stutter, it was then stolen We found it empty of Fuel couple of weeks later It was recovered to police compound then we stuck a gallon in collected it and drove it home next day I could not start it at all It just spun and spun with only a very small cough I recharged battery and tried again no luck 2 days later I arrive to read the codes only one showing is Cyl 1 Misfire so I try starting it again It starts first time . I clear the code and drive it home it drives fine but with a stutter under load Now a day later I want to start it again to check the misfire codes , it is turning over and will not start / fire I left a gap of several hours in case it was flooded still no luck

Evidence so far

1 No codes after spinning it over

2 I can hear the fuel pump energise / pressurise as key turned / ignition on

3 The Red immobiliser light in the clock goes out during starting

4 very small cough evident after some spinning but very small

What Should I check / how do i check

Spark without removing plug ? I dont want to remove a plug cold as they need changing and this is best done hot to avoid breaking a plug :-(

Fuel Pressure / delivery ????

Anything else like Crank Position sensor / any electrical connections

Guess fuel and spark as basics are the first

Help :unsure: & Thanks


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Try disconnecting the throttle position sensor, the connect next to the cable, and try starting it, sometimes they play up .worth a go.

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Dont think it has one? I cant see it? ? its a 2002 Duratec 1.3 I have just taken the fuel and return pipes off the injector rail and when ignition on it chucks a pulse through so looks like fuel is getting through at what pressure who knows without a guage and checking on the spinover .

I have also just connected spare plug to No 2 HT lead Held against ground ( that was hard to find in reach cos its all b*****y plastic )

There is a spark there hard to tell how good but looked ok

I'm wondering do i check all HT leads and the Fuel Rail pressure Next or an injector ? How do i remove an injector?

any suggestions gratefully received

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remove plugs and fit new. they will come out even if cold. if they dont make any diffrence replace the ht leads as they fail. as it was run to empty i would change the fuel filter as it most prob needs doing. its located under the car near the rear nearsid wheel. it looks like a soft drinks can

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I am getting fuel pulse on ignition position 2 at the Injection rail, so filter cannot be prime cause of none fire non start

Same goes for plugs one or even 2 could be dodgy but not all 4 it would cough 7 splutter

I have sprayed Bradex easy start in the intake and still not a cough weird????

attempt a plug out to check compression perhaps on no 1 ( is that the one at the drivers o/s end?)

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decided to do the plugs eased em out cold slowly 1/4 to 1/8 th at a time back and forth not taking any chances

All 4 new in now just waiting for the battery to finish charging also airbox is off as next load of easy start is going straight into the throttle body

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Spark at all cylinders checked using a laser 5655 adjustable spark tester ( checks not just the spark but the strength of it -available at machine mart

Decided to attempt plug change as wanted to see if a plug got wet on cranking and to check compression.

I eased all plugs out slowly 1/8 to a quarter turn at a time forwards and backwards . coppa eased the threads as the new went back in

All 4 plugs were well er extremely worn ohmy.png Turned it over and Lo & behold it started smile.png I kept it running and went for a short Run nice and smooth no misfire or hesitation went back home to get the fuel can to top up again and on starting the Engine management light is on, so I get the Foxwell Code reader out and it shows

P0340 Camshaft Position A circuit bank 1 or single sensor .

So looks like I am going to be getting one of those tomorrow

Good news really, I was beginning to think the worst that the ECU was to blame Always look on the bright side of life as they say smile.png

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When I looked at the camshaft sensor it was unplugged I had knocked it off when replacing the plugs so that code is now gone but after another run I have P0420 Catalyst below threshold reading up on it it could be a dozen things I need to inspect the Exhaust for Damage but most likely cause is the Lambda -do the upstream one first

I'm amazed they are not as cheap as expected New Bosch for my 1993 Mercedes 220TE was £40 New Bosch for a KA £70

who'd have thought that way round guess the KA is a heated one ?

Any difference between the myriad of makes ???? after all Ford dont make them they rebadge

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always check plugs when getting any misfire etc. glad she is running now. clear all the codes remove battery for 24 hours then refit & restart then check if any codes come up as it maybe just a code that was generated when the car was running badly and not burning properly. if a code come up leave the code there and run the car too and from work etc for a week to give it a good run then remove the code & see if it come up again as it may clear and stay cleard and save you money

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