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2004 2.0 Tdci C-Max Power Issues


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Hi There, Newbie Here!

I have a 2004 diesel Cmax that has an issue on acceleration and idle. It seem seems to fluxuate the revs on idle and slow manoeuvring, like its being run on 'Kangaroo Juice'. Also when it drives along, it will get to around 3000rpm before it feels like there is some kind of restrictor on the engine and reduce the revs. Cogging down the gears has no impact on this to re build the revs as it appears to go into Limp Mode. Yet if I continue to drive with the restriction it does seem to momentarily perk up and carry on again until the issue re surfaces. I have had a new DMF, clutch and clutch cylinder, along with new fuel filter, and replaced an intercooler hose which was damaged and taped up. Have been told to check the other intercooler hose for damage too. Have had diagnostic checks done and it brings up issues with a couple of sensors(not sure which ones though) So far its consumed around £700 to get this far, so I don't want to be spending a tonne more.

Any Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the site Dave. Post the fault codes that you have found and we can point you in the right direction. Faulty sensors will cause all kinds of problems so they need addressing.

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I had similar issues, I've disconnected the egr, the Orange engine management light is constantly on but runs perfect. I have a 2.0 tdci 2008. I tried various additives etc but I've not had a single issue since July, previously this was a daily occurrence

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