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Central Locking And Electric Windows Problem


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Hi guys I'm new to the forum and I'm hoping someone can help me out.

Bout 1 week ago got back into the car 06 focus 1.4 petrol and it was displaying on the dash drivers door open as it clearly wasn't, then I noticed the electric windows weren't working. I can't lock the car with the key but If I lock manually I'm able to unlock it with the cental locking control on the key.

I did a bit of research and some people were saying it was a door module problem and I did the obvious thing by changing the fuse.

My question is is the problem a door module or is something deeper.

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If you have a door open warning the remote central locking is inhibited from locking but as you've found out it will unlock.

The door open switch is incorporated within the central locking module, so yes, looks like the locking module.

Seeing as your windows are not working either it could be unrelated or possibly the fault is around the wiring to the drivers door.

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There is something mounted in the drivers footwell to the right in the mk1 that controls central locking which you can unplug to reset find it in yours and unplug it to see if it helps ?

2005 2.0L Petrol Focus

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