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Old Focus: Think I Need A New Battery - Advice Please


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I have a Y reg ford focus with just over 100k on the clock and runs really well usually. I've been away for 4 days and now the car won't start.

Initially I heard a clicking sound behind the glove compartment area (near the battery then I guess). I also saw the dash board warning lights were illuminated as usual but very dim.

Now, there is no clicking, car doesn't make a noise, no lights, etc... From online searches I believe I need a new battery.

I do have access to the AA via my GF but I have in the past paid £100 for the battery and after became aware that they are available for half that cost.

I've searched online via my registration - at GSF Car Parts, and other sites, and the prices vary from around £33 up to £100ish. Is there any reason to pay more? What is a reasonable price? Any recommended websites? I can fit it myself, and the car isn't needed immediately so can do next day delivery and just wait till it comes.

My Focus btw is:



No modifications

Nothing non-standard as far as I know

So requirements are fairly basic.


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Try tayna batteries. They do next day delivery and I got a higher capacity varta silver calcium battery with 5 years warranty for 45 quid.

Best thing to do is to measure your old battery (w, h and d) then check their website for something similar.

The only thing to be wary of is whether you need a silver calcium type as the alternator may over voltage a 'normal' lead acid type. They should be able to advise this, though.

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Do not install a Lead Acid battery on this Car

It may lead to charging problems,

The car has a smart charge alternator system

Calcium Batterys are reccomended.


p.s 14/15 years is MEGA good for a car battery (if its the orignal)

Bosch Batteries are good as are Yuasa (from personal experiance)

If you become a club supporter you get a %15 Halfords discount card in your membership pack which can be used against the price of a new battery

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Good advice.

On the subject of Halfords, I've got a trade card and a battery equivalent to the one I got from tayna was still nearly twice the price.

They're great for convenience but if you're not in a hurry, you're paying for the privilege.

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Halfraud's retail prices are often scary - some good deals to be had now & again though

so are their trade prices these days too. I avoid at all costs now. used to get good deals on wipers and batteries, filters etc through trade but its not worth it now.

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