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Mot Advisories Mk1 Focus


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Somehow my mk1 1.8 petrol focus passed another MOT. I genuinely thought it would fail on emissions or brakes. But the slightly grumpy tester wasn't happy that I hadn't addressed an advisory from last year, so this years advisories have a note by them to say that if they aren't addressed, the car will fail next year.

1) Rear number plate deteriorated but unlikely to be misread.

2) Anti-roll bar linkage boll joint dust cover deteriorated, but preventing ingress of dirt nearside front.

1) is easy enough, Halfrauds isn't far from work so they can make the plate and I'll fit it. There is I think an independent car parts place that makes them near me too. But I figured even Halfrauds can't mess up making a plate?

2) I have no idea what it is or how to fit. Is it just a dust cap on a bolt? Easy/cheap fix? OR should I just get a few quotes from some garages and go wherever seems best/cheapest?

He also recommended I paint the underside behind the sill in front of the nearside rear wheel. Whether to prevent rust or to stop a problem getting worse he didn't say. Also suggested I put some grease or old engine oil on the brake pipes. Anyone done either of these? Any particular paint/grease I should use?

On a side note, where are the jacking points when using a trolley jack? It appears someone has in the past used the bits on under the sill where the scissor jack from the boot should fit, meaning that jack probably won't fit anymore.

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There is a rubber pad you can buy for your trolley jack,you can then jack up along the sill seam if solid.Although I tended to use the chaise rails but now I have a tilting lift which makes the job a lot safer..

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Hi ,search on ebay for car jack rubber pad,loads on there,gives you an idea what to look for buddy.

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They look like a bargain. Will be ordering one shortly!

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