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Blimmin Lights


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Last week my right headlight stopped working but the side light was still fine. Today the other one has gone so all I have is side lights, or whatever the lower power ones are called. If I flash someone I still get the bright light to flash them with though. Does this suggest a wiring problem or a fuse maybe?

Cheers for any help.

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Sidelights are the dim little lights

Dipped beam lights are the ones most commonly used

High/full beams are the bright ones

I'd be inclined to say the bulbs have blown. It isn't uncommon for them to go in pairs.

Take them out and have a look at the filament. Replacement bulbs can be bought for a couple of quid a piece.

(Or about £15 for a pair of Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited lol)

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bulbs should always be replaced in pairs,

When one blows; the other is never far behind.

I recommend osram NightBreaker H7 dipped beam

And Osram NightBreaker H1 for high beam

He see dipped beam And high beam are separate bulbs on the focus

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Cheers both of you. I wasn't in the mood for some random electrical problem especially in the winter.

happy to help,

For optimum results I recommend having headlight alignment done after bulb change,

bulbs can be fitted upside down;

I'm guilty of this myself was picked up by garage on alignment.

Spring coil inside bulb should be on bottom when fitting 😕



I purchase osram on eBay and bring to local garage for fitting and alignment 👍

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