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Another Problem - Whining Noise When Accelerating And Idle


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Started the car up yesterday and again this morning. I'm getting an odd whinny noise while idling, quick high pitched. I will get worse and higer pitch while accelerating. after about 4/5 miles it disappears.

I have no clue. I'm starting to regret spending £2000 on the car!

Ford Foucs MK2 1.6 Sport.

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Ok so i have recorded the sound from inside the car. This was me going around 40MPH on a B road leading to a A road. I have other recording if needed.


The noise is coming from the left hand side of the engine down by the belt system.

Any help will be amazing!

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My guess would be the alternator as mine went 2 weeks ago and I now realise what I thought was a noise on the gearbox was the alternator slowly failing can't open your link to listen tho

2005 2.0L Petrol Focus

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First test would be remove the auxiliary belt and run briefly. If the noise goes it's definitely related to that. You can also turn the pulleys by hand with the engine off, if any feel 'loose' or rough that's probably the issue.

Alternative test is carefully lubricate the bearings in the pulleys with wd40 or similar while the noise occurs, if you lube the alternator pulley for example and the noise stops then it's likely to be that at fault.

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TomsFocus WINS!

PAS Pump. quoted £320 for replacement. Going to by the part myself as I have a mechanic friend who will fir the unit.

Just need to check i'm buy the correct unit, from some it looks like it makes a difference if you have air con. Mine DOES.

Is this the unit? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-MK2-POWER-STEERING-PUMP-2005-TO-2012-With-A-C-GENUINE-RECONDITIONED-/171580834816?fits=Model%3AFocus%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+II&hash=item27f303c400:g:eiQAAOSwPe1T9Hsy

Look though tutorials on how to fit the unit, looks like just under the PAS is the thermostat, I had a thought this was on the way out. I'm guessing its the right unit


Anything else on the way to the PAS that could could be and worth replacing?

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