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Engine Overboost Condition & Loss Of Power


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Dear all,

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

I have a 2009 (59) 1.6tdci, I bought it 18 months ago at 99k, it has now done 118k, as far as I can tell it has not had the timing belt changed and it was serviced just before I bought it, yes I know its overdue a service but I am reluctant to spend money if this issue is a big one!!

A few weeks ago the engine warning (yellow) light came on, after a few days it went out and I thought nothing more of it.

Then it came on again, the only thing I can say is I noticed the light on after I had completed an overtake, both times it was on a national speed limit road, so pushing it up to 60-70mph.

On both occasions I should add that I did not notice any loss of power or any other indications that there was a problem.

I have borrowed a mates OBD reader and the following codes were present

P0234 - Engine Overboost Condition

P115A - Low Fuel Indicator

P0234 - Engine Overboost Condition

(I'm assuming here that these were the 2 x the engine light came on and the low fuel light)

Again, after a few days the light went out.

I have checked the waste gate actuator and it appears to be moving freely, the turbo spindle shows no signs of lateral movement, I did notice that there was a fair bit of oil in the air intake, this lead me to the air filter which had a pool of oil lying at the bottom.

There is a pipe coming from the top of the engine into the air pipe between the filter and the turbo, this appears to be where the oil is coming from by the looks of it.

Today I was driving on the motorway, I came off a roundabout and joined a dual carriageway, I was doing about 50mph in 4th gear and there was virtually no power, this presented in all gears even around 2000rpm, there was no feeling of the turbo kicking in.

after stopping for a few hours all appeared to be ok.

On my way home sat at 65-70mph, I tried to overtake another car but agin no power, going up slight hills i had my foot on the floor and it would barely keep at 70mph.

Stopped for 5 minutes at the service station and the rest of the journey (40miles) was without any loss in power.

No warning lights this time?

Any ideas where to start would be great!

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The fuel warning light came on between the 2 engine warning light activations, so I was assuming that was what that code referred to, although I normally fill up when the light comes on so I suppose there should be more codes that that in the system.

As for the fuel filter, the car was a lease car before I had it, it was serviced in April 2014 and then sat around until I bought at the end of last year, there is no mention what was actually changed at the services so I am assuming that probably not changed for a while if ever!!

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The P115A may be a stored code - try deleting it & see if it comes back & I advise change the fuel filter a.s.a.p.

If this is the DV6TED4 engine, they are notorious for turbo issues caused by carbon clogging & there's plenty of info' on this forum & the net in general on the causes & methods of rectification

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