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On the MK3 all configuration settings of the Central Car Configuration (CCC) can be changed with an ELM327 interface and the free FoCCCus software.. The Central configuration is stored into the BCM (main configuration) and the instrument cluster (backup). Basically every singe option of the car is configured by the CCC. By changing the CCC settings you can activate/deactivate functions of the car.

For example:

* Cruise Control (after retrofitting the switches).

* Hill Start Assist.

* DDS Tyre Deflation Warning System.

* Start/Stop deactivation.

* Configuration of the wheel/tyre size.

Next to this it is also possible to update the software of a limited number of (CANbus) modules. However you should only do this if you have the skills and knowledge. This is a very powerful function which can easily brick a module if something goes wrong.

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On the Focus MK3 you can only use FoCCCus and Forscan. The other programs you mentioned do only work on other/older Ford models.

The FoCCCus software can be used to read/configure the Central Car Configuration, show the hardware/software versions of most CANbus modules and (not recommended) update the software of some CANbus modules.

The Forscan software can be used for diagnostics. This program can read/erase most DTC codes from most CANbus modules.

Note that despite the fact that the Forscan software is developed specifically for Ford it will not show all Ford specific DTC codes. Some Ford specific DTC codes can only be shown with the Ford IDS system. Next to a decent ELM3287 interface and the FoCom diagnostic system I also own the Ford IDS system. The Ford IDS system shows several DTC codes that are not shown by the Forscan software or Ford specific FoCom diagnostic system.

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