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1999 Ford Focus 1.8Tddi Glow Plug Light Flashing


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wonder if someone can help, i was happily driving along the motorway and all of a sudden started losing power with the glow plug light flashing, the engine did not switch off and it was still idling just little power, so i switched it off and on again and all fine back to normal ?.

now my clutch does need replacing and is slipping quite a bit could this be the reason, i've checked for any codes using the inbuilt reader ie holding down the trip button etc and it says NO DTC

anyone help, only had the car about a month.


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So driving home from work it did the same again, glow plug light started flashing, car idled but wouldn't rev when pressing the pedal, switched car off and then on again, back to normal so drove home, i've read this points to the pedal.

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