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Cigarette Lighter Does Not Work


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Hi, guys!

First, Happy New Year!

I have recently bought a Ford C-Max 2006, which looks and goes very well, at just 60,000 miles.

But the cigarette lighter does not work.

How difficult is to fix this?

How expensive?

While I have reconditioned a Ford Kent engine, electrics is my weak point.

I have used the boot power point for my sat nav, but it is not ideal, having an extension running across the hand handles up on the inside.

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Hi Paul

Happy New Year

Start off by locating the accessory socket fuse in the fusebox :-) check your manual

I know that deserves a punch as its so obvious eeek :ph34r::ph34r:

If that fails check that the lead that connects at the back of the socket is connected.

Then report back hehhee

Jamie :-)

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Hi Jamie, I looked for anything in the manual about the cigarette lighter, did not find that.

When I get home I will look at the fuse list and check in the fuse box, in the electrical section.

If it is just a fuse, what a pleasure!

I will definitively report back, :D

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Hi Paul

Check - F47 15/20aCigar lighter,accessory socket,trailer control

its in the passenger side under the glovebox (inside the car)

:-) did some searching for you


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Best wishes! I will let you know after i get home, round about 20 of January.

I have the good fortune of being further otherwise detained while away...

As they say in the classics,

Keep the shiny side up, and the oily side down! ;)

And may the radar detector force be with you! :D

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