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i have a 2004 focus c-max 1.8 petrol. every now and then the engine management light pops up. the car its self is driving fine.

i got this code generated p2008 but not sure on a fix or is it a garage job. i just had the reversing light switch replaced and its started sice then. was it the garage at faul for not fitting a hose back on properly or it just one of those things

any help with piccys will be great as i am more than happy to try the fix myself.

the other thing thats been happening is the boot seems to have a mind of it's own to open and  lock on it's own

sometimes but only if were in the car

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If you still have the issue, then you can read around the issue there are a few mentions of P2008 on 1.8's on this site.

There are also a few good images in this post (below) of a part that seems to be a common fail point for this error:

Hope this helps.

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