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Why are women like cars?


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Women are like cars - they are great from new - no problems no hissy fits but as soon as they have been with you for a while they start to complain about things that were great when you met, break down every so often , fail to do what you want and nag nag nag you with constant ever present problems that just wont go away no matter how many new shiny bits and parts you fit.

Any ideas on how to fix a nagging women/car?

Cliff and over the edge springs to mind!

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Agreed new younger model required preferably something fast and sexy

See my parts for sale on thread "philf1s Spirit Blue Fiesta ST180 parts for sale"

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Ok thanks guys time for a new model.

I knew it really just didnt want to admit it¬

Hmm i think its going to have to be an economical 4x4.

Any recommendations?

Got a nearby Italian restaurant - guy has agreed to give me all his oil sdo thinking of buying a second hand VW 4x4 apprently they work well with

the old Kerosense and filtered cooking oil

No more petrol bills and nagging car problems for me!


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