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05 cmax not starting please help


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Hi all enjoy the site,I'm new and appreciate any help you could give me.i have a 05 cmax 1.6 tdci that ran dry of diesel,I found a fuel line that worn through from vibration and was letting air into the system.i bought a primer kit and got all the air out up to the injectors and back to the tank but she still wouldn start.had 1 trouble code pending u0073 wich I cleared.i found that I don't get any volts on my multimeter to the injectors,checked all fuses but none was burnt.could anybody please give me some ideas.a friend brought me a different scanner witch we got the following codes that wouldn't clear

p128b glowplug control module (system volts)

p0251 injection pump fuel metering control "A" malfunction (cam/rotor/injection).

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ok so you have definitely got different issues here.


First off whats the voltage of the battery?

second, what battery do you have in it? 

third, when you ran dry and you found the bad line, did you replace it or patch it?

fourth, how did you prime it? bearing in mind Pug engines are notoriously evil for priming fuel filters :p

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