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Strange beeping tune coming from car


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Hi all,

As funny as this may sound, I have a strange jingle coming from my c-max which appears to be through the Speakers.  I initially thought it was the radio until I changed channels and then turned the ready off and it continues.  It's Happeninf whilst ignition is on every ten seconds or so.  No obvious issues, no warning lights, literally a jingle down coming through Speakers,

anyone have any clue or am I going mad?

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Aliens.. !!!!



Get ya tin foil hat on and I'm sure soon enough they'll realise your mind cannot be controlled and leave you alone.

You ever wonder how you got somewhere but can't remember driving there?????



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I also had a strange jingling sound it took me 3 months to find it.  The back seats were not secure properly.  Once pressed into place the noise stopped. Worth a look especially if had the seats down. 

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