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SportKa cylinder 2 misfire - PLEASE HELP

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Hello fellow Ka owners... I have a SportKa 2007 1.6 manual... bought it only a few days ago and drove really well but had a battery light on. battery was tested and fine as was alternator but the problem was a wire to the alternator that was loose so was repaired with a new loom and now no battery light. Soon after, it started misfiring and I got a p0265 which indicated injector 2 needed replacing which I did and then ran fine. However now its misfiring really bad again so I got new spark plugs, leads and got a new Bosch coilpack... made no difference as misfiring. The mechanic said the compression on the cylinders were fine also and re-tested the injectors and said they were fine so he thinks it cant be anything other than the ECU. Im now getting the ecu tested amd will see how that goes. within a week uve had more problems with a car thats my first ford than in my entire lifetime with cars. Does anyone know what they think the problem could be or experienced anything similar? Many thanks...appreciate all comments.


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the ka rage are usually pretty good.

i recon you got one thats had issues in its past and they sold it on and you got it.


try disconnecting the battery over night then re connect it for the ecu etc to reset it's self

it maybe the ecu or it needs remapping .

keep us posted as this maywell help others in the future

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