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A few problems...


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Hi Everyone!

So, I am new to the forum but not new to the ford ka! I am however new to the streetka which I bought in December last year (2016).


I have noticed a few minor problems here and there as to be expected with age but after a quick google search of fixes I have come up with nothing! I am hoping someone here can help, and please explain as well as you can - I am literally girly when it comes to cars, I know basic parts but not much else to please be patient :laugh:

1 major peeve is the heating. Everyday around 30mins into my drive to work, the nice temperature of the car disappears and its suddenly like a tropical forest or sauna, even when the dial is turned to the cooler side it stays red hot! Up to this point it seems to work fine but then I have to resort to opening windows to keep cool! (there is no engine warning light) I can only think it would be thermostat or heater matrix but I REALLY do not know..


Secondly, the passenger side headlight has condensation in which bugs the hell out of me, looking at it - it seems the only way to take it off to blast a hairdryer in there is to remove the bumper and I really don't want to do that. I don't even know how I will change the bulb when it comes to it, I always changed my own. But I will cross this bridge when I come to it.

Please bear in mind with your replies: I have no special tools or anything, I don't even think I have a jack!

Any help much appreciated!

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Hello and welcome,


Regarding the heater problem, it is going to be the HCV (heater control valve), it is very common problem with all Ka/Fiesta cars. You need to get it replaced, make sure the garage fits a genuine Ford one. After market ones are very poor quality and doesn't last long (between 1 hour to 3 weeks usually). It shouldn't be an expensive job, the HCV costs around £50 and 1 or 2 hours labor (depend on the garage). 

You can try to replace it for yourself, it needs only a few allan keys, spanner to remove the window wipers and a special plier what you can get from Halfords for £5. Plenty of video on YouTube about the replacement process. 

The condensation is most likely caused by some crack on the light (or a failed sealing). Yep you have to remove the headlight and yes it is a pain in the nuts:


Have a good luck and let us know how it is going.

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Hi im new to the forum too, regarding your headlight, i cant realy add anything much to what the last member told you, but ive got the sportka with the SWR 120 kit and my spotlight seal failed - its a common problem with headlights and spots and like the other member told you - they are so not easy to remove or get at to just replace the bulb - personally id get a garage to replace it and get a new replacement from eBay - have a good look at second hand from scrappers if moneys tight -  but you run the risk of ending up with same problem again in a few months buying from scrppers.


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Hi both, 

Thank you for your replies, I have been meaning to come back on and remember everytime i get in my car. As soon as I'm out its forgotten :laugh:

SzabiKa - I had thought as much - looking under the bonnet it looked like a bugger to remove! I may just buy another headlight, I dont fancy taking it off to dry to find it coming back again!


As for HCV I'd thought I'd be best replacing it tbh, would it still cost that at a proper ford garage? The car being tropical all the time is getting a bit annoying now :angry:

Thanks stillwaters69 I think i'll have a browse.. i just don't want 2 different looking headlights if ones newer! 


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