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Dodgy car - uninterested dealer!


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So I got my Streetka in Dec 2016 and it has some minor problems and what i see as a major problem:


  1. Heating is always red hot and unable to turn down (no temp control).
  2. Never even seen the soft top as dealer wasn't willing to show me it (is hardtop version) so for all i know it could be absolutely ruined or not be there at all.
  3. Fans are noisy as hell when on, don't know if this is a StreetKa issue, or issue associated with heating issue.


  1. This car is guzzling petrol (i have been told to accept this :laugh:)
  2. it is also GUZZLING COOLANT.

I have been back to the dealer about the coolant issue, as the minor problems cant be fixed later. And he was completely uninterested. He opened the cap on my coolant tank, closed it again and says its fine.

Let me just add here that i have filled it fully once and topped it up 3 times since getting it and noticing it go down.

Now i went back to the dealer a week after getting it as the passenger window didn't work, and the heated windscreen was funny. He topped up the coolant then and also the wiper fluid so i thought nothing of it. He MUST have noticed it was low at this point.

I have been to a reputable MOT garage nearer to home and they cannot find a leak, though they did say it may be radiator as it smells like burning antifreeze when bonnet is open- The dealer also dismissed that saying he cant smell anything - which i could!. They also said with the amount it is using it is NOT NORMAL and has nothing to do with how i drive it etc. it had to have been a problem with the car before i got it.

I know with consumer rights act that within 30 days i can reject the car and get a refund, but as it is after that the dealer has one chance to fix it or give me a refund (30 days to 6 months) minus an amount for me 'using' the car. He seems uninterested in helping as he says the car is fine and its not 'used that much coolant in 6-8weeks' of me having it.

I am being fobbed off here. What do i do? 

Do i tell him i will seek legal action if he doesnt have a proper look and fix it?

Or do i fix it myself and send him a bill - to which if he doesnt pay i will seek legal help?

Hes fobbing me off because im a girl and im not standing for it! I gave him my perfectly working 10 plate Ka and took a loan to pay its finance off for a car NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.






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The heating issue is the heater control valve. They cost about £40 and take around 20 minutes to half hour to fit.

The Ka fans are noisy especially on the older cars.

The coolant leak is likely to be the thermostat housing which is top right side of the engine as you are facing it. You will need to take the battery out to get to it. These are plastic and warp over time. One of the pipes from this goes to the heater control valve which is in the centre of the bulkhead.

If its not leaking from there (which it probably is) sometimes the expansion tank splits causing a leak under pressure.

The 1.6 engine is not very economical. We had the SportKa which has the same engine. The best we ever managed was 32 mpg.

I cant remember ever seeing a Streetka with a hard top. Only in photos.

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Hey hey, 


Yep, the issues are familiar. :)

How btmaldon mentioned above, HCV replacement is easy job, but make sure you will buy genuine Ford one and not some cheap aftermarket. Cheap copies last between 3 hours and 3 weeks...

Same with the thermostat. Change the whole with housing, stuck thermostat is common fault with them and cause leakage. Mine one was consuming half a litre of coolant on 50 miles. 

When the weather is better, take off the hard top and inspect the soft one. Don't open or close the soft top under 10 degrees and be careful with the far window. Most likely you will need a new rear window. Best to get someone to replace it for you, some people offering mobile service around £180. 

Petrol wise, mine one is the same. Eating more than my friend's V10 S8. 

Heated window... check the cabling, common problem, the window wiper mechanism eats away the wire of the passenger side. Mine one has a dead passenger side, but look like it is fault in the glass and not with the cable. 

Fan noise? Turn up the stereo :D

It is a very fun car to drive and most of the problem can be solved with a little money and some work, if you have a bit of mechanic vein. 

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Hi both, Thank you for your replies.

There are some things to be expected with an older car as I know.. I am glad they're common problems and it's not only mine! :laugh:

I paid 1495.00 for it so I expected it to be good quality. Anyway It's been a while since I posted this, time flies!

I took it back to the dealer with an official complaint saying he needed to look at it and fix it - he fixed it in a day or so (or his garage did anyway!) Apparently it failed a 'pressure test' and there was a leak in the coolant cap so he has replaced it. That is what has been done apparently and since then, no coolant going down quick and temperature seems to be fine now :smile:

The mileage is terrible compared to my previous cars but it's all worth it when the roof goes down!!

I have taken off the hardtop and looked at the soft top - to my surprise it looks almost brand new! there's a little cut in the fabric on the drivers side which looks to me like it has been pinched by the mechanics of the soft top frame. Other then that its great. I initially planned on taking it off to check the soft top but I haven't put the hard top back on yet and I don't think I will for this year until winter!


Any tips for treating the soft top fabric to keep it nice? and is there a solution that keeps the rear plastic clear?

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hi rachy

like the guys said hcv is approx £55 from ford and in all honest you should of insisted ths be sorted.

the soft top its going be hard to proof the damage was there

thw indow can be adjusted, but in such a short time I personally think he should sort.

drinking fuel is a think with these, change fuel filter, oild filter and oil for new, will cost around £25 to £30 for aftermarket  or a bit bit more if you get ford parts.

treating the soft top get auto glym stuff and use this about £20

If his replaced the coolant tank it should look like new but again there £20 ford

I hope this helps as i also have a streetka as a 3rd car


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