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Engine oil burning problem in C-Max, 2006, 1,6 petrol

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for some advice or help what to do. I have an oil burning issues on my Ford C Max 2006, I did some research and found some tip on that:

1. Look for spillage under car (not my case)

2. Check PCV (but don't understanding which one Purge Control Valve or Positive Crankcase Ventilation has to be checked and where are they located)

3. Internal engine failure (I hope this one is not my case)
Could anyone give me an advice or tips what to do and describe the point No. 2 in more details and which one PCV I have to look at.


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This problem has plagued the 1.6 sigma engine for years.  These engines can sometimes use oil which is sometimes caused by lack of oil changes.   How much oil is it using?  Personally I would keep topping the engine oil up rather than start major work on the engine.  From experience this engine will run forever in this state with no ill effects.  They are generally very reliable tough little engines.

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