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Hello I hope somebody on these forums can help me as I'm at my wits end even with the lead technician at ford itself!

The issue I am having with my ABS light coming on is the following :

- The light only comes on when going over 40 MPH I can drive around allday at 30 no light will come on

- When it comes on I get the following code on the dash "EBD error please see handbook

-When you turn the car back off and on the light goes off until I go above 40 mph or break from quite a high speed 

- Amazingly the mileage count on the car (currently around 75,000 STOPS GOING UP when the light is on !! I've driven 2000 miles and the car only thinks I've done 300 miles from when I've been driving before the light comes on 

My ford KA mk2 broke down on me around 7 weeks ago and needed A LOT of work doing to it it has had the following work done :


New Break pads / New break shoes / Offside rear Spring replaced / New Water pump / New can belt / 4 New Tyres / New CV boot (was caught by the first garage that had it they replaced and put right) / All the wheels re-welded as they were buckled / Brand new clutch / both offside break cylinders replaced (only 1 was leaking break fluid) / New ABS hub / rear sensor / All Wheel bearings changed.


The first garage the car went into was useless (it went to them 5 times) they decided to change the ABS sensor and wheel bearing as when they used there diagnostic machine it came up with an interference code they then cleared the cache of previous messages coming on- this didn't fix it so I took it to Ford to diagnose - they first tried to do a wire repair on it - that failed! they then said that the ABS modulator had water ingress in it they said they needed to dry it out and re test it - again still the same - the HEAD technician has looked at it and said did I have any new tyres recently ? I said yes I had 4 new ones but the rear ones were still the size for the KA just a different brand so he said that the circumference between the front 2 tyres and the back was 11mm difference (it should only be around 3 according to them) they said I should have both rear tyres changed to the same as the front which I have done today and the problem is still there !!! Does anybody have any clue what so ever as I love my KA I've had it resprayed belladonna purple ( it was a colour in the mk1's and always wanted it on a mk2) I've spent over £2500 getting it fixed and this ABS issue has only occurred after the first garage touching my car never had An issue with the ABS at all before that and now not even fords main technician is giving me hope of diagnosing this - it's been in between both the first garage and ford 10 times now !! I'm due a phone call off the lead technician at ford on Monday anything I can mention ?! 


i look forward to your replies I've Included some pictures of my baby - my mums named her Kacky the KA now lol






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just because its a for badge on it does not mean its a ford ***** this car uses a lot of the fiat 500 running gear.

perhaps do a search online for you problem but state its a fiat 500.

perhaps try the fiat 500 owners club ?


you say you had a new abs hub fitted

is this the correct one for this car as that maybe the problem or the abs sensor or wires off the abs sensor damaged


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