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Upper half of rain sensor cover Mk3


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Would anyone know or be able to point me to where I can find the part number for the upper half of the rain sensor cover for mk3?

Mine has the auto mirror, lights and wipers and the lower section of the sensor cover near the mirror is there, but the section between the mirror and the headlining is missing and I can see ugly ugly wires! :angry:

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Thanks Ian. Knew you'd come through!

Of course I tried to Google myself but couldn't be sure if what I was looking at was the right thing as I didn't know what they were supposed to look like =)

I think I'll try asking the dealer I bought it from to supply for free as they sold me the car without it. If they want me to spend a couple hundred quid a year or servicing and hopefully buy another car from them in the future then they can swallow £12 I'm sure...

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yeh, definatly get your dealer to supply it to you foc, even if they have to borrow one off another used focus to sort yours, only a 30 second job to fit

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