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Practical Focus- sorted my towing electrics :)

Wookie Monster

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Been playing around with the electrics on my mk2. It had a towbar when I bought the car but the bracket for the electrics was rusty and it generally needed tidying up. On investigation the 7-pin socket had just been spliced into the wiring to the bulbs which I gather is a bit of a dubious practice on this car. Now there's a bypass relay powered from the boot 12v socket so the trailer lights have their own feed, and the original light circuits only provide a small signal. I also managed to get hold of a new type 13-pin socket as a take-off part, so decided to hook that up too- the two sockets are simply wired in parallel. I do a bit of towing for Scouts and this way I can handle both old and new trailers without messing about with adaptors.

Not connected up the auxiliary power feeds on the 13-pin yet (that means running a cable all the way to the front fusebox) but I did get the fog/reverse cutout working via pin 12. When a trailer's hooked up, this pin goes to ground. This triggers a couple of relays which switch off the car's fog light, reversing light and by extension the rear parking sensors- so no annoying beeping when backing a trailer. All in all a productive couple of hours :)




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