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Headlight levelling on mk2 focus


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Hi, replaced my headlight bulb recently and since the change it is now brighter than the other side (also recently replaced in last couple of weeks) think it's definitely a headlamp levelling problem. 

Does anyone know how to change headlight level on actual headlight ? In my manual it says that there should be a lever next to the bulb holder which you can set to either level 1 or level 2 but can't seem to locate this anywhere. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this 

regards, fordfootforward 👍

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I would first of all check you have put the bulb in correctly as it a common problem that the bulb is not sitting square 

if it is then wait until it's dark and drive up to a wall and check the lights for level if one is incorrect for height then you need a 7mm Allen key and adjust the plastic nut like adjuster that is located towards the bottom or the lamp assembly 

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The white plastic nut in top of the headlights adjusts the beam right to left the one at the bottom of the headlights is the up and down adjustment hope this helps. This will also adjust the main beam at the same time. 

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