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Preload wastegate 1.6TDCI


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I have a focus 1.6TDCI, I have a turbo issue.

When driving i notice my boost Pressure (20psi) drops to 10-12psi if i reach 3,500 RPM maybe a coincidence as it is normally uphill i reach 3,500 RPM but has happened a few times on the flat.

I also have a turbo underboost issue (no EML) Forscan shows code, But occasionally more so uphill my turbo will pretty much cut out, There will still be pressure but not noticeable.

So far i have done.    

Cleaned DPF

Replaced all sensors on DPF and intake air temperature sensor.

Checked all turbo pipes for leaks (removed and inspected)

Cleaned MAP sensor.

Is there anything else i can try?


On another note i have read about preloading the wastegate and wondered if anyone had done this, I was thinking of doing it to counter the under boost? But im worried about any damage it might cause.


Thanks in advance 


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