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A Positive Experience with EH


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Just had the car back from my local Evans Halshaw (where I bought it from, 2 months and 2k miles ago).

I had sent it in to have the trip computer corrected, as it was always showing 99.9mpg on the avg setting which was not really helpful.  Also, one half of the rain sensor cover was missing and the front and rear ford badges were damaged (the rear one had that white crazing appearing) and needed replacing.

At no time had there been any mention of price, cost or quote, they simply took the keys and told me they'd ring when done.  A couple of hours later, Paul rings to say its done and I toddle down after putting my arguing hat on, ready to contest the surely outrageous bill they want to land me with.

When I arrive, my keys are returned to me with an explanation of what has been done, basically a cluster software update.  Also told that sensor cover and two badges are on order, should arrive tomorrow and their guys will happily fit inside of 20 minutes.  I asked if they would supply the parts for me to fit myself (as I wanted to seal up the badges properly so they didn't delaminate again) and I was told that was no problem, but otherwise their guys would be happy to fit - and that crazed badges were down to a bad batch and should be fine now.

Again, at no point has any mention of cost been raised.  I take my keys and walk out to find my car freshly valeted inside and out and waiting for me.

I would expect the cluster and the rain sensor to be done for nothing as they were like that when I bought the car.  The badges were also damaged but Ford stopped their "replace on 10 year old or less cars" warranty at the end of 2014 so I would sort of expect to pay for those as that's my choice to have them done.


It may all be for nought after tomorrow, but if this continues, I'm a Ford man for life. Ahh, so THIS is what customer service feels like...

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Well I guess it just depends on the individual dealer then.  My latest with EH was as follows car goes in for a service.  Nothing really to speak of.  Couple of days later dashcam suddenly falls off windscreen.  I then decide to look at footage and discover that while at EH someone has ripped the dashcam from its adhesive mount to get it off the windscreen so that they can FORMAT the memory card, wiping any footage that I had saved for later.  When I asked EH about this they initially admitted to messing about with the camera.  When I got Ford involved they told Ford it was because they had been swearing whilst near the car.  TBH I am not bothered about that.  I am simply amazed that they formatted my memory card and chose not to tell me.

I would have had no problem removing / turning off the cam either it's been there for nearly 6 months and I just didn't even think about it!



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Well I never got the call, but giving them the BOTD, I've had crappy signal all day and I didn't really expect the parts to turn up the next day. If I don't get a call tomorrow I'll chase, but doesn't look like they'll charge me if they aren't hounding me over the phone. 

@jmacp1808 that is such an invasion of privacy I'd be going up the wall!!

I had a service done with an independent on my T reg mk2 mondeo some years ago and when I picked the car up after work (having left it with them since the morning) I noticed an extra 140 miles on the odo and one of the front wheel bearings was suddenly screaming! 

After an immediate 180 back into the garage they denied having done any miles in it but hurriedly said they'd sort the bearing while I waited and at their cost. 

I then rung the local parts supplier (I knew a guy that worked there fairly well) who said the same guy had picked up parts from them several times that day in a silver mondeo. 

Needless to say I never went back there...

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2 new badges and the upper half of the rain sensor cover fitted in about 10 minutes, free of charge. 

Trip computer now behaving itself, but I miss seeing 1200 miles til empty tank =D

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Well, I must have realised it was too good to be true.  Yes, they fixed the dash.  Yes they clipped the sensor cover and yes they seem to have replaced the rear badge properly.  But when I look closer at the front (when fitting my DRLs), guess what I see?



Yes indeed, they couldn't be @rsed to take the front badge off (it was the rear one which had started to show the white crazing.  The front just had a big dent in it) so they stuck the new one on top!


Me, a hairdryer and some nail polish remover (thanks, love!) and 5 minutes later the job was done properly. Tut.

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