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Focus mk3 Clicking noise help


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Hi folks, new to the forum and looking for a bit of insight if anyone can help.

I have a 2016 focus eco boost. It's recently developed a clicking noise from what I believe is coming from the front passenger side. It only happens when the car is moving and I lift off the accelerator and about to dip the clutch to change gear. I'm convinced it's not the pedal as it doesn't happen when the car is stationary. So it seems to be when the chassis arches forward when I lift off the accelerator pedal. It's not a loud noise, just like a click/pop sound. Once the car is up to speed you don't really notice it after 3rd/4th gear...

Now... it's been back to Ford as it's under warranty, they couldn't work it out either - they changed a shock absorber but to no avail. Has anyone had a similar issue or any ideas? Ultimately I'll put it back to the garage but it's doing my head in a bit! 

Cheers in advance 

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