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mk2.5 air con


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i had my air con recharged 2 years ago as it was cold but not really affective at the time in around 35 degree heat, it worked fine for 2 days before gradually getting worse over the next 2 and stopping all together on the 5th day.

I took it back to the garage as it had a dye in the gas but there was no leak and told it would be a expensive job but no explanation so I left it at that.

decided this week it was time to get it looked at so I paid for a full leak test, vacuum, dye etc,  condenser,dryer, Pump and pipework, with no leak found. there was actually still gas in the system from last time. I had a refill and now it's working.

but now it's bugging me, why did the aircon just stop working and now it's fine?

just looking into the possibility of having the system pack in on me again for no apparent reason, has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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maybe the garage you had it filled it at the 1st time around never put enough gas in the system, time will tell now that you have have had it re-gassed again. use it once a week for 15mins to keep the gas moveing around the system

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