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Turbo uderboost help


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My turbo keeps cutting out after the boost starts and I loose all boost.


Forscan says it's turbo uderboost but I do not get any eml, if I clear it it just appears again.

I have change MAF sensor intake air temp sensor, I have checked all pipes for air leaks and found nothing.

I'm going to check the boost sensor or what it's called I'm not sure but it bolts on to the back of the engine block.

Any advice would be helpful.


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Have you checked all your connections & hose clips are tight as even a slightly loose clip will gradually work loose

Check your wastgate actuator it could be sticking open,
Boost solenoid could also be at fault, not worked on ford turbo units so not exactly sure what the setup is like but does sound like large leak somewhere,

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I had a leak when I brought the car and this feels exactly the same but I have checked all pipes as there is a slight whistle.

Is there any parts that can make that sound other than the pipes?

I have checked all clips and are all nice and tight, I have also used washing up liquid and water to spray the pipes ect. 

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