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New member and after some help


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Hi all I've just joined and am in some major help after an awful week of mechanical car failures.

So long story short my gear box died on my VRS Thursday night, as a result I had to do a deal to get my old Focus TDCI ST Replica. 

When I sold it a few years ago if was amazing, after a few dodgy owners it's been neglected and someone decided to drop it I think 25mm so the drive is awful and I'm getting a slight wobble when accelerating hard. 

The lowering was done last weekend, sadly the offender binned the springs that were on it so we can't go back. 

We know it's not a drive shaft as he tried that and the wobble was there still, so like with a computer I want to go easy and take the last update away and hope it fixes the issue. 

With that said I have gone through the cars service history and it looks like it had the sports suspension pack on it when sold from new. 

I've tried to find details out about this pack, but am unable to find anything. 

With this in mind can anyone help or better still give me some advice, as I'm already doubting my trade decision to trade my broken vrs with my old car and part with cash.....total buyers remorse, but limited options as I need to get to work :biggrin: 

An for a visual this is where is sat before the lowering. 


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13 hours ago, usersteve said:

have you used the FORDETIS website that will confirm all originality

No I've not, I spoke with Ford yesterday who can see what was put on the car as extra options from new but they can't see or tell me exactly what the parts where. 

I know cars can be dropped, but the amount this has been dropped is ridiculous and has ruined the ride completely and is causing this noise, which can't be good for the car. 

As you can see it's a tad low now, compared to when I owned it last



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17 hours ago, usersteve said:

Wow that is way to low I agree

Tell me about it, can't believe his done it totally ruined the drive quality you drive over anything that is not smooth as silk and your are thrown all over the place. 

I'm thinking of just getting standard Titanium springs and having them put on, which I think will sort all issues including the noise that's coming from it every now and again when driving along. 

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