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2010 Focus


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Hi I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the problem I have with the Keyless entry system.

Last week I went out to the car and got in the car as normal and car started fine , drove 5 mins stopping of at the shop . Came out 5 mins later and the keyless entry wouldn't work , key fobs wouldn't work . I had to use the key to get into the car . Then it wouldn't start . Saying the key wasn't recognised . I held the key close to where the ignition barely should be and it started , but flashing up saying " KEY OUTSIDE CAR ". It was a hot day with it showing 31degrees on the dash . The car had been sitting in direct sunlight all day . Has anyone came across anything like this ? If so is their an easy fix or is it expensive . My car is a 2.0 TDCI Titanium 2010 plate. Thanks in advance guys

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Hi Sandy, My manual advises holding the remote against the missing barrel too, under 'Failure to Start'. I agree with Andy that the first thing to try is the battery(ies). Remove the battery as instructed in your manual. There should only be one battery, CR2032. Clean it well with a tissue. Check that the contacts inside the remote are clean and intact. Replace the battery making sure that the -ive is uppermost. Try again after putting the remote back together. If it still doesn't work get a new, branded battery. Most supermarkets stock them, don't go to Ford!

Weird though as it's a different message for low battery which I get from time-to-time and fix by cleaning the battery and replacing.

Do you have 2 remotes? Do you get the same problem with both?

I've found another thread which may (or may not!) be helpful...

Good luck

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