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MK3 Phone Interference?


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Anyone else suffer from a "whining" noise on phone calls (it's not the missus) on the mk3 without sync (the nokia BT/VC stuff)?

The whining is worse with lights on, and changes if the indicators are used etc, and also a lot of throttle also affects.  I'm assuming the nokia bluetooth box is probably poorly located, but could potentially be moved.  Any ideas?

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27 minutes ago, Chrismawa said:

I get interference on mine as well. Used to it now so don't really notice it much. Was surprised to be getting interference on a stock setup.

And you have an early mk3 like me.... 

I reckon if we move the bluetooth module it might fix it.  I'm going to hunt it down!

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37 minutes ago, dans34 said:

if I turn the volume up high in quiet periods of songs & when using Bluetooth via phone  then I also get a white that increases with RPM

Also get this.  Which suggests its not fixable by moving the bluetooth.  However the phone stuff is always far worse.

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The noise is nothing to do with the phone. Sounds like there is some noise being created on the analogue part of the circuit i.e the head unit which I would think is likely to be present on all modes. Have you tried using an AUX lead and seeing if thats the same? Also do you have the phone plugged in with a car charger? These are absolute pain in the rear for creating noises exactly like this if they are cheap non-oem things. 

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