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Acceleration Reduced & Limp mode


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My 2005 mk2 1.6 tdci focus suddenly today started to jolt a little while driving and a message acceleration reduced popped up then after about 500m engine system fault flashed and the acceleration got even worse then after i pulled over and left the car running for a few mins while phoning a friend the accelerator stopped working at all ( car still on and idling normally) also at the same time my OBD reader stopped showing any data on my android radio and showing no faults. After turning the car off and waiting a while and starting it again I got it home with no problems but later when I took it out again i was in a car park and made a tigh left turn and as the steering wheel hit max the messages popped up again and it was popping in and out of " limp mode" the whole way home and this time the whole dash was turing on and off with steering assist failure flashing up too along this airbag light and maybe others too

-10 months ago when I brought the car it had a problem with the battery light being on and sometimes the airbag light and steering assist failure would come on but I "fixed" it by Reattaching the batterys wires and after that no problems. Could it be something to do this this.


Any ideas?

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Just a shot here but do you have an OBD adapter plugged into the socket at all times?

I ask this because mine does the same thing if i leave the bluetooth OBD adapter plugged in, Not sure why but as soon as i take it out it runs fine.

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Figured it out just now but thank you  :)  It was the OPD adapter doing it...wondering if I buy another one will it do the same thing as it is nice to have it as i have an android radio so you can see all the info

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